(In my opinion, as a student and novice of occultism and the physical sciences, this is the most important material of its kind which has yet appeared in Borderland Science publications. I shall not try to evaluate it here, but I hope that whoever feels the faintest stir of interest in this subject matter will read it twice, or three times twice, until its implications bear fruit in his mind.

(Because of the great urgency of the situation now confronting all races on our planet, we devote the larger part of this issue to this single subject. Gerald Light, better known to our readers as Dr. Kappa, will be remembered for his singular and unhappy adventure with Etherian visitors (described by us three years ago - Transcripts IV & V, 1950). He is a man of rare gifts and unquestionable integrity, and in my opinion a very great occultist.

(Here we have, in the NOTES and the Brochure named above, the sketching of a cosmological scheme which deals specifically with the Etherian worlds, and which is given to us by Etherian communicators - who are not excarnate humans. This representation I believe to be new to occult thought.

And here for the first time we have a psychological perspective, subtle and difficult though it may be, on the mentality of these highly evolved Etherian races. If, as seems certain, we shall have to deal with them at first hand, such knowledge is of incalculable importance.

(For the first time, the role of concentration with reference to density is given emphasis and logical exposition. By this means a great number of obscurities in occult theory and practise are clarified. Until now, neither spiritualism nor occultism have met the problems of the coming of the Guardians.

(Gerald Light is well aware through past experience, how violent the reaction to his statements will be in certain quarters. Nevertheless, this seed must be sown. First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear - unless indeed all such knowledge withers and fails into nothingness, as turns the Wheel of human destiny).


Note: The 27-page brochure SIGNS IN THE SKIES, can be attained by sending one dollar in currency (only) to Gerald Light, 954 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 6, Calif. ("Currency only").

ETHERIC NOTES are as yet obtainable only from BSR Hdqrs (in Round Robin or separately) and contain more advanced exposition of Signs in the Skies material. RR singles, and/or unbound pages of IX-5: .50. These latter may be issued in booklet or brochure form, later.

** We except the M.P. Controls, who are always sui generis.


Etheric Notes of Gerald Light

(First Letter)

. . . To reach into the heart of the Etherian proposition immediately & somewhat technically, I am forwarding you the enclosed sketch and a few lines of commentary on it. The sketch is the best I can do at the moment, but may serve to explain what seems to me the fundamental concept of the nature and locale of Etheria.

(Note: It is impracticable to reproduce this sketch in color, on a mimeographed page, but the enclosed page may convey the basic idea. ml.)

The colored circles ABCDE are to be understood as the traditional divisions of the "Inner planes", according, of course, to the ancient Oriental or Hindu conceptions, and thereby including most of the Theosophical, Rosicrucian, and Illuministic groups, not to mention the many incidental groups (Swedenborgians, Mormons, etc.)

These Inner planes must be distinguished very exactly from the circles numbered 1-2-3-4, which are "the Etheric".

The jagged lines are the mountains of our globe, rising as you see into the Etheric, and descending into the central circles A-B-C.

It will be observed promptly, and possibly with a certain exasperation, by those even casually acquainted with the traditional hypotheses of Theosophy and its sister societies - that our metaphysical universe has 'gang aglee'. So, according to this chart (one for which I hold the deepest respect and veneration - according to this map of the inner planes "heaven" is at the center of the globe, rather than straight up, as we have all been planning to go eventually. (If Christian consistency really demands a place for the devil and his tribe, I can only offer my private opinion that he will probably be found in the dark blue circle "A", which is our physical plane. The Etherians seem totally ignorant of this gentlemen and his kingdom, and up to now I have not had the temerity to ask Them about him).

Seriously however, this simple feat of reversing the age-old alignment of the invisible zones instantly unravels a thousand riddles, answers as many more questions, and brings a magnificent sense of clarity into the musty labyrinth of occult theories and postulates. . . Anyone who is aware of the endless ramifications of occult maneuvering in the various hierarchies of the Illuminati, can understand how personally shattering this radical change in the "cosmic system" has been to me. To be obliged to cast overboard conceptions gained through a half-century of study, is no simple and easy thing. . . Had I known nothing of these transcendental kingdoms of thought and emotion, the mental surgery would have been quite painless. . . As it is, I shall henceforth talk to the laborer in his vineyard, if I can interest him in a few elementary aspects, essential if he is to escape the animal panic that will fill him when he sees the Etherians landing in his pasture-fields. . .


Frequently, when I am speaking to groups which feel themselves entitled to a scrutiny of my academic credentials, I am challenged with the question: "By what authority do you present these ideas?" etc. There may be many in your BSR group who will be inclined to make the same query, I can give no references, of course. I can present no proofs - as yet. I can only declare that the Etheric kingdoms exist as I have indicated on the chart.

There are several conditions that must be explained, and I believe I can do so satisfactorily in the latter paragraphs of these notes. The Etheric planes DO penetrate to the center globe marked E - but for all practical and effective action they must be regarded as terminating at the point I have marked F. The condition in this case, stated as simple as I can, is that Circles E-D and part of C constitute the area of Universal Mind, or that part of the Planetary Logos which is undifferentiated, unindividualized. No entity, either human or etheric, under normal activity, is able to function in these Zones unless highly illuminated and intensified in its sense of Individuality.

The dimensions of the Etheric Circles should be much larger on the chart.

There are a number of points which, at first hearing, sound very unlikely, or at least strange. For example: from the chart the Etherian would seem to be living upside-down, since their highest mountain summits touch the greatest depths of our oceans. This is no stranger, however, than the fact that at Cape Horn, and in some parts of New Zealand, one would, by viewing a globe, seem to be walking upside down and defying gravity. But these points can be clarified easily enough when there is time to do so in my notes.

Upon our highest mountain peaks one finds, according to the mystics, a much greater atmosphere of astral or other-world qualities. In view of the place into which the mountain tops project (the Etheric world) it would seem logical enough to go along with the Yogis in their statements that the snowy peaks contain a "greater amount of God". Certainly the legends which the primitives, living at the base of these mighty mountains, associate with the summits, suggest an instinctive recognition of this truth.

Turning to the other direction, that is the bottom of our oceans the greatest heights of the Etheric mountains are to be found in the deepest part of our seas. That part of the chart marked F finds its actual corollary in the Mariana Trench, near Guam; the Philippine Trench, and the Japan Trench, all around 35,000 feet in depth. (Reference to the unusual mental and emotional experiences of such deep-sea explorers as Dr. Beebe and Dr. Picard provides much material for conclusive thought relative to the influence of these same etheric vibrations, but at ocean depths rather than mountain heights.

- - - - - - - - - - -     (more)

Note: The age-old preference of Yogis and mystics for mountain heights was not merely a desire for solitude... The descent of the "flying saucers" into the sea, and such phenomena as the great luminous wheels within the sea, now become at least partially intelligible. - ML


These heights and depths are at all times points of great sensitivity between the so-called Inner and Outer planes. Most psychics and sensitives seem to prefer the mountainous solitudes, and the reason is not apparent. The fact that Mark Probert is near the Catalina shelf, which sinks to around 5000 feet I believe, is to me of much interest, for it is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for his superior contacts with the etheric planes - superior certainly to the usual mediumistic contacts and information. Also, there is a potent relationship between the impressionable contacts made by the "mental mediums" and Mark's deep trance, together with the lack of all harmful effects. The great age of several of his Controls is also highly meaningful. I mention this because the connection between an enduring consciousness on the astral planes and these points of Etheric-earthly contact are important.

There are four basic vibrations or forces with which, I am told by the Etherians, our mankind and most Etheric kingdoms in, on, or near our globe must contend. These, in a completely crude and hasty summation, are: Fire, Air, Water, and Solids. In each of these elements there are great tides of substance moving in perpetual motion around and through the globe. The mountain ranges, both above and below the Waters, have great importance together with the various magnetic currents that surround the earth.

My instruction is: There are four basic kingdoms, each one built in, of, and upon a particular vibration or element which we, for the time being, will have to identify as earth, air, water, and fire - completely misleading terms in themselves (and I am NOT getting involved in the various elemental kingdoms of the Devas, Nature Spirits, etc.

Another point which I must mention while it is before me, though perhaps somewhat out of place here. I am constantly being badgered by those who ask why there is so little information coming to mankind from the spirit-world concerning the Etherian worlds and people. A glance at the chart will show why spirits know nothing about Etheria, except in extremely rare instances demonstrated by Mark Probert and his informants. The etheric planes and their inhabitants lie not only out of range in time and space, but also out of the range of the consciousness the average spirit possesses in the astral zones.

There are other kingdoms, it is true, twelve in number so far as we are in any way concerned with Etheria. But in order to keep the instruction as simple as possible it is thought wisest to use only the four with which our earthly students of cosmic matters are more or less familiar. These vibrations or streams of energy are in reality streams of life, densely peopled with living, self-conscious forms, all of which are not necessarily recognizable as human - but nevertheless highly individualized in a way, perhaps, that only the great Gurus of the Orient understand.

It has been noted by alert observers that any great national excitement is shortly followed by disturbances in one or more of these Elements. Contained in each is something I can only call sensation - the clue to Etheria and our only hope of escaping extinction.



Etheric Notes of Gerald Light

(Second Letter)

"I shall now try to struggle through the elusive fields of Etheria and catch enough of its essence to distill as realistic, and as potent, an elixir as possible.

"Perhaps the most fundamental distinction between ourselves and the Etherians is that of density 'if any fundamental can be modified by a superlative.' This is probably a very simple statement, but actually it is capable of an almost unlimited exposition -- for this term of 'density' concerns practically everything that makes up our own life, as well as the life of the Etherians.

"Let me say it this way: We are a very vague people compared to the beings of the etheric levels. we are vague, of course, because our consciousness of every aspect of life and nature around us is also vague. And our consciousness is vague because the substance of our instruments, our bodies, is so rarefied. We are actually light in weight (compared to Etherians) because We are so vague in our conscious reaction to the stimuli of natural environment.

"It may be remembered that in various testaments of the Yogis it is claimed that when the Ego is deeply, intensely, concentrated upon a single idea, there is a great increase in the actual weight of our flesh body. I can recall a number of instances in my own early instruction with Swami Jadrup, a marvelously intelligent Ph.D. at Calcutta University, in which he gave definite indications of understanding much of my recent instruction from Etheric Sources. This idea of weight, of intensity, of condensation (not necessarily crystallization) I can see NOW was the very basis of his Yogic secrets. Yet, in spite of these hints, given ever so casually, I fell into the usual mistake of most chelas and misunderstood his use of these remarkable ideas. I misunderstood density to mean impurity, heaviness in the sense of lethargy, and weight in the sense of a shadow, or darkness.

"Actually to go into 'the planes of light' was to suffer a corresponding loss of density, intensity, and also conscious awareness of my self, and all things. The closer one gets to 'God' in the 'highest spiritual plane', the less dense, the less aware, the less 'real' one becomes. Our recently outmoded system of tabulating the 'inner planes' and assigning certain zones as the places, or 'heavens of the Masters' is responsible for an enormous retrogression in the development of many students. This was certainly true in my case.


"The eastern insistence upon killing out all desire, desiring not even the splendid goal of spiritual attainments amounts, if persisted in, to literal and complete suicide; utter annihilation of the individualizing ego.

"My instruction from the Etherians is the exact reverse of this oriental idea. I was advised immediately to intensify, expand all of my senses -- if I hoped to ever attain true freedom, and immortality (as a specialized consciousness). Rather than regard this physical-chemical world as maya, illusion, doing my best to forget or ignore its many attractions -- and so, eventually return to my 'Source' freed from all matter, purified of all desire, etc. -- I was most emphatically instructed to achieve 'at any price' a highly concentrated and controlled awareness of everything my senses contacted. At no time was I advised to become sensual, or wallow in the mire of physical reactions. (Those who had fallen victim to their own sensuality were as repugnant to my Etheric Friends as were the million of earthlings who are hardly aware of the possibilities of their sense mechanisms).

"From the outset my instruction was slanted toward an ever increasing density (intensity, 'condensity') of consciousness --- which would, I was assured, result in a greater solidification of the substance of my body. This was the first step I was to accomplish. And I was to do this by using my five senses, hour after weary hour as if my very life depended upon it!

"In as actual and literal a degree as we can understand the word, the Etheric Kingdoms are kingdoms of SENSE. Instead of money, politics, religion or any of the other standards which we use to distinguish between our people, SENSE (or possibly AWARENESS is a better word) is the great element that determines one's destiny in Etheria.

"According to the degree that a being in Etheria can taste, see, smell, touch, hear --- and seven other 'senses' which I simply have no words to describe --- is this being great or simple, rich or poor, strong or weak, wise or stupid, and also loved, respected and admired, or pitied and despised.

"If we think of the animal kingdoms on this globe (that is the four-footed ones, those with tails, horns and other bestial appurtenances) the distinction may become more emphatic. And speaking of animals, we might as well face the situation now: there are Etheric Kingdoms populated by forms which our earthlings would immediately regard as bestial --- and therefore damnable and inferior.

"The Etheric Kingdoms, that is the 'lower' ones in the first four levels, have one element of sense in which they specialize. [8] The development of this 'sense' constitutes the fundamental element of their evolution. Consider the incredible development of the eye of our honey-bee, with about, I think, 25,000 segments, or lenses, which enable it to 'see' a tiny flower that is ten miles away, and if to 'see' comparatively, a bigger area than we get in 'Cinerama', the trick movie device that makes some faint away as the various dimensions are thrown on the screen.

"In each of these Etheric Kingdoms there is a fundamental vibration which we would probably call a number (One, Two, Three, etc.) There is a color vibration. And then there is what I will have to call a 'symbol-vibration' --- a Square, Triangle, Circle, Spiral, etc. (I know that we have had these ideas in our earthly systems of occultism and philosophy. But they have hardly ever been more than purely theoretical, providing the basis for endless intellectual speculation and a vast amount of mystical nonsense.)

"Then we must consider the chakras or psychic centers in our spines, the celestial flowers of the Hindus (about which there has probably been more absurdity and nonsense than any other feature of technical occultism.) Most of our earthly systems give these centers as the ultimate areas of sense reactions; that is, Smell is supposed to reside in the Root Chakra, at the base of the human spine; Taste in the Spleen Chakra; Sight in the Solar-plexus, etc. There are some important modifications of this system, according to the Etheric systems, but I won't go into it now, except to say this: To the Etheric Being, Smell is a Principle, rather than a faculty. So is Taste and the other senses, as we call them.

"And as absurd as it may seem to some of our earthly 'scholars', Etherian standards are based upon these 'Principles' rather in the same way that the idea or principle of Love, Faith, Courage, is admired and respected here (on earth). Great Teachers, Messiahs, Avatars, have come to the people of the Etheric worlds laying down a system of ethics or morality based on what we would call "sense". The saints, the holy-men of Etheria are those in whom the highest development of these Sense-Principles has been achieved. They have no 'Masters', no 'Christs' who are symbols of love, humility, virtue, etc., as have we of earth.

"One more point which I must mention is the relationship of these Sense-Principles to a certain organ in their bodies. There have been a few highly veiled references in some of our esoteric manuscripts about this occult connection between our physical organs and certain principles, ideas, or virtues, but very, very little information has been given us. I know because I have searched patiently through hundreds of these old manuscripts where-ever I could find them.


"In the Monastery of Mt. Sinai, run by a handful of moth-eaten monks (Coptics) we were allowed to copy a very ancient parchment which indicated that the author of the secrets it contained had some knowledge of this sense-principle-organ idea, or perhaps duplicated it from some source that did understand the hidden meanings. In the esoteric scrolls of the European Illuminati I have found absolutely nothing of this idea except in one manuscript of Robert Fludd. He draws a face, with radiating lines, over the part of the chest just above the liver -- an etheric center of great importance to the group of beings who move or evolve through the liver-principle (which we call instinct, as opposed to intuition, in the heart).

"This Etheric idea of sense is vastly more developed than among ourselves. They, the Etherians, attach many relationships to their senses, probably as difficult for us to understand, or imagine, as for example, what kind of consciousness the bee has in the use of its phenomenal eyesight. Might we not say that the idea of flight, or motion, is automatically a part of the function of sight as it operates in the bee. Certainly color and, evidently, smell form basic associations that produce what we probably must term instinctive reactions. If I remember correctly the shape of a cell in the honey-comb is a six-sided figure, and I believe the separate cells of the bee's eye also form a six-sided figure. Then there is our own occult reference to Venus as being the homeland of the bee; and the number six is, in many systems, associated with Venus. These same ideas of flight or motion are intimately connected with those Etherian beings who are evolving on the ray or power of six. Their entire civilization is founded upon the Sixth Idea or Principle.

"The idea of a Sense giving us the ability to function intelligently is not such a strange notion after all. There is the case of the dog (which someone has called a smelling machine on legs). This creature seems unable to recognize people, animals and objects without the associations which, somehow, come to him through his sense of smell. And there are authentic cases of dogs going insane when they lost their ability to smell.

"Our human animals are often as strangely constituted. For example I discovered that many primitive tribes cannot recognize a picture of another human unless it is in profile. (At least this was so with my black and white shots). Even when I tried pointing out the features of a face, taken in their presence, they could not see it for what it was unless it was a profile shot. And how often does our own civilized sight fail us when we are unable to make out a picture until our eye, or consciousness, recognizes one part; then instantly the whole picture falls into place and we 'see' it.

"Besides the five senses known to us, there are seven others used in Etheria. What they are, how they function, and to what purpose is a matter which, up to now, I have been unable to explain [10] to anyone. I know. But I cannot explain how or why I know, simply because we have no standard of ideas or objects that I can use for comparisons.

"These twelve sense-principles are connected with twelve vibrations in twelve zones of thought and substance in Etheria (or that part of the etheric planes which are related to our system), and there are twelve Gods or Authorities Who are somewhat like our planetary logoi. In other systems, I am told, there may be as many as forty-eight, or 148 vibrations, principles, senses, and Gods. The Pleiades, for example, has 144 vibrations, etc.

"To return to the idea of density, I was instructed to begin expanding my consciousness by 'densifying' my body. This was to be achieved by 'intensifying' my senses and thus causing my awareness of objective forms to be amplified, or centered, as They called it. This was not a completely new practice for me, since off and on during the years of my residence in the Orient I had dabbled with Patanjali's system of mental control. How often had I tried to control 'the modifications of the thinking principle' as he called it, Lord above! and failed. But this Yogi system was designed to eliminate all thought from the mind after learning the various characteristics of mental activity. There was certainly no 'densifying' in those famous sutras of the medieval mystic, and all emotion was to be ruthlessly crushed and annihilated.

"The force we call 'emotion' is understood by Etherians, but it is used in a much different manner than most earthlings ever dream it could be used. It is divided into twelve aspects (and these in turn have twelve divisions, making 144 elements all told. And again I perhaps should point out, twelve only insofar as our solar system is concerned.) These, for lack of any other words, I will call The Twelve Chemicals and their combinations, since they are concerned with substance -- having of course, atomic foundations. I am here reminded of Paracelsus who, apparently in jest, spoke of salt, sulphur, gold, silver, etc., as actual beings, even personages.

"The Etherian technique for achieving 'immortality' (relative, of course) is reasonably simple in the early lessons, and possibly quite enjoyable to some since it has to do with eating and drinking and use, generally, of all our five senses. (A treatise upon the senses can now easily be written; and not one in a million suspect the enormous significance of these 'senses'.)

"'That which ye do, with your WHOLE heart, WHOLE strength, WHOLE MIND and SOUL, shall ye do it.' From the Bible, in case one hasn't read it recently. In these words, supposedly uttered for the first time by the Man of Galilee, lies the secret of the incredible power and consciousness of the Etheric Races.


"Briefly, my instruction on this point was to taste every bite of food as though my future life depended upon recognizing all of the separate flavors contained in the food. - Smell, the same way. - Look, see, in the same attitude. Then, listen and bear with the same intense concentration of a gossip with his ear at the keyhole. It sounds very simple. But try it! Try only hearing the television and not see it, even though you are looking at it. Or taste and not smell. There will be fools aplenty who will promptly declare their ability to do these things readily. But I am referring to an absorption in sense-awareness that is something few human beings have ever approached.

"Let me refer you to Gurdjieff, that strange and mysterious man (and one greatly maligned) who attracted so many unusual people to his college at Fontainebleau. He was famous for his ability to consume tons of food, and not get unusually fat. His office was lined with shelves crammed full of exotic and peculiar delicacies which he nibbled on constantly. His ability to analyze substances by their taste and smell was phenomenal. He used to say he could smell a person five miles away. Asleep, his body could be lifted by two men; awake, a dozen of us could not budge him. To this day I carry a scar on my left wrist, the result of his hand being laid casually over mine. The pressure, inert weight, was so great it burst the tissues and skin of my left wrist. I have seen Gurdjieff crash through benches and chairs that would surely have supported the weight of an elephant. This used to infuriate him, since almost always he was lost in thought as he sat down, automatically.

"Gurdjieff was loved and feared and hated, often by the same student. And the violently unusual nature of his instructions has confused many of his students and friends and 'interpreters'. But, with some understanding of the Etheric system of mental and emotional intensification through the senses, one is able to gain a much more lucid comprehension of the work of some of his students, for example: Katherine Mansfield.

"I gather that the usual experience of an earth person, following these methods of increasing the density of his consciousness, is to first put on weight. This becomes more and more solid, and may remain so; but eventually there should come a transformation in which the body retains the heaviness, but loses the appearance of great bulk. (There are thousands of fat yogis!)

"Not being particularly interested in foods, my exercises were based on the faculty of sight and sound. I have gone through, as you may recall, some very painful experiences with my eyes, losing the sight of physical objects almost entirely at times. But today my vision is phenomenal. I can read newsprint at fifty feet if I have just eaten, or am in pain, or am in some way highly aware of my body. Intense emotion promptly increases all of my sense-faculties, and also is now adding a little to my bodily weight.


"Fortunately in my youth I was given a substantial training in music, and today I am able to touch harmonic combinations that I could never have understood otherwise. In perhaps eight out of ten times I can get absolute pitch. These are but items that indicate the results of my Etheric training.

"The feeling of heaviness or great density is, I think, a more or less common experience with certain meditative systems. I have frequently had the sensation of turning into solid stone when I was concentrating intensely; my body seemed to have become like lead. It never occurred to me to weigh myself, and in those times when a teacher was available he dismissed my questions by saying that it was a normal reaction of prana. But in this, like so many other points, the yogis miss the tremendous significance of meditative forces.

"One evening at Shanti Niketan, Tagore's college in Bolpur, a group of us were cooling off on the porch when a yogin, a woman, approached and offered to demonstrate her powers. A heavy cart stood near the steps and it held several trunks and many pieces of luggage. This woman took a sharp iron rod, used by the gardner, and placed it against her forehead with the point just between her eyes. She plucked a marigold (highly odoriferous flower) and smelled it with a dreamy look in her eyes. Then putting the blunt end of the metal rod against the cart she began to push it over the rough mud road. After shoving this heavy wagon with the point of the metal against her head about twenty feet, she stopped and bowed to us. Then, abruptly, she dropped down on the grass, saying that her head was very heavy. One of the students, more out of curiosity than compassion, went down and laid his hand on her head. 'It is very cold!' he exclaimed in astonishment, for the weather was almost unbearably hot. 'Or maybe it is very hot,' countered another student, 'its hard to discern heat from cold.' And immediately there ensued a typical Hindu pow-wow in which the poor woman was felt, pinched, pulled and pummeled in order to discover just exactly what her symptoms were. The majority agreed that her head was very heavy and very cold. (Most yogic techniques send great streams of blood to the head and cause much heat, and a sense of lightness and fainting.) I am sure smelling the flower had much to do with intensifying or solidifying the membrane of her forehead."



by Gerald Light

(We present various excerpts from the 28-page brochure entitled Signs in the Skies, published in mimeographed form by Gerald Light. It is in tended primarily for newcomers to the problem of the Aeroforms, and is concerned with interpretation rather than argument. Other booklets of this series will follow as occasion requires. Copyrighted 1953 by R. McFarland, Los Angeles. Address The Aquarian Society, Box 481, Santa Monica, Calif. $1.00 per copy (currency); or BSR Hdqrs. will forward orders and payments).

"I have much more to tell than I could tell in this first public approach to the tremendous matter of the Space-People. As the weeks pass, I hope to be able to get more chapters ready and in printed form of some kind, but when I cannot say. What I have done here had to be done between daily lectures, classes, consultations, phones, and the eternal business of just living, feeding, and if possible resting a bit . . .

"It is an old, old story, this eternal fear mankind has always had of that which it does not understand. And what mankind does not understand, it rejects. We will believe only that which we want to believe - but events are very close at hand which will compel us to accept certain he and strange things whether we wish to believe them or not . . .

"The modern, highly successful New Thought groups are today, in every sense, as intolerant and bigoted and orthodox as ever were the old-fashioned Churches. In the words of one of their leaders: 'We have become even more orthodox than the churches of old; we have become more bitter, hostile, intolerant and vicious than Nero himself'. . .

"If you are not informed of the situation which has seriously concerned our government officials, I assure you that for your own personal good you should immediately learn all you can about this very crucial and serious development - unquestionably the most important matter to come before the attention of our humanity in all recorded history. . .

"The flying saucers are real, they are truth-in-action. The skies are literally teeming with beings from other worlds; swarming with instruments and machines carrying living beings as real and vital as ourselves (and in some cases a thousand times more vital). And we must prepare to meet them at once! . . .

"I wish to go on record as saying that at this moment responsible men and women in positions of governmental authority are often near to nervous collapse with the terrible knowledge which they are endeavoring, for good reasons to withhold from the public ... but they do not know [14] WHY these strange creatures in their strange craft are here - nor what they plan to do to our earth. Nor does anyone else -- unless they are willing to listen to sources of information which are of a spiritual nature (i.e., mental, psychic, metaphysical, not religionistic in the usual sense of that word. ML). Yet many students of metaphysics, and many mediums, mystics, and clairvoyants refuse to listen, as well as the multitude who will not consider any happenings which may be personally unpleasant to them.

"Science tells us another interesting thing - that we are moving through a state of matter as dense as steel or granite or concrete - yet we know nothing of it. Right now you are looking at this page thru a substance more solid than metal ... Many of the thinkers who are aware of this are also aware of the Saucer Beings and accept their presence.

... (Encounter with one of the Higher Etherians): "This Being bore but slight resemblance to a human man. A single, solitary eye blazed in his forehead. It pierced me to the quick of my soul. The 'eye' was more than an eye. It is the one thing I remember most clearly about this astonishing personage from worlds beyond our own, This Eye, which seemed almost a composite brain in itself, was perfectly round and divided into hundreds, perhaps thousands of facets or surfaces, somewhat like a multicolored jewel. Surrounding this eye, which rested in the center of a large forehead, beautifully shaped and bordered with a kind of hair which looked more like fine metallic wires than ordinary hair, was a vivid circle of delicately contrived muscles. These were automatic in their action, similar to the pupil of a cat's eye, expanding or contracting according to the requirements of the light. This Being stood easily twelve feet in height, yet the body was not as large as our standards of proportion would expect. He was slender, almost to the point of delicacy, yet for some reason I sensed that his weight was enormous. I had the impression that I was observing a man of granite or lead, rather than of flesh and blood . . . And in a manner I cannot try to explain here, I knew that he was the embodiment of the principles of Uranus, the planetary Power traditionally said to govern the Sign Aquarius and its cycles. He was the Aquarian-Uranian, the Power to Come."

(NOTE: The reader must keep his perspectives. Gerald Light is not intimating that occupants of aeroforms such as have landed and have been observed at close hand, are necessarily Beings of such magnificence. Or whatever appearance they may assume in their own far habitations, they may take on what form and appearance they see fit for the meeting with earth people. Also, it is probable that these Etherian visitors include Beings of various types and races, and even that many of them walk our streets unrecognized - and have done so for decades and centuries past... Yet it is believed from of old time that the government of the Universe is Hierarchical, and the Great Ones exist and take cognizance of us. Never in human history (it is most likely) have generalizations and simplifications been more stupid and less wise. ML)

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