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Vol. 01 - 15 (1945-59)

"We have all to specialize, more or less -- but whoever boxes himself in, tries to find the whole truth inside his box, knows nothing of other approaches to knowledge or is merely contemptuous of them, is working with only one hand and hopping on one foot, when he doesn't need to."

N. Meade Layne, M.A. 
R.R. (Vol. 1, No. 2, March 1945)

Under the editorial direction of Meade Layne, the BSRA "Round Robin" set to the task of finding the great overlaps in the unusual variety of damned subjects that would quickly come to define the borderland, including Spiritualism, Mediumship, Illuminism, Occultism, Shaverism, Dowsing, Radionics and other Alternative Therapeutics, and, of course, Flying Saucers. The following table includes the first fifteen volumes of our journal archive, totalling 107 issues (over 3200 pages), each issue serving as an open door into the weird world of Borderland Sciences. Are you prepared to face what is waiting for you inside?

I194511Psychicism, Occultism, and Spiritualism are the main focus of the first year: articles and notes about experimentation with Vitic and Spiritons; techniques of Qabala, Yoga, and other occult forms; letters and Fortean-type clippings from associates; book reviews, P.R. journal summaries; editorials on survival of the spirit, psychism, and their deniers; and feature stories about mediumship, including pieces on Edgar Cayce, Franek Kluski, and Carlos Mirabelli.
II194612Year two continues the focus on Spirits, Mediumship and Psychicism, while adding to the areas of interest such subjects as the Shaver Mystery, Max Freedom Long's "Huna" Research, and growing fears of Atomic Catastrophe. Also in this year, the yet unnamed "Flying Saucer", here referred to as Lokas, is brought into the borderland view by the San Diego sighting of "Kareeta".
III19478Year three is where the Flying Saucer and the Ether Ship Mystery begins. The general focus remains on Psychic Research and Huna for the year, shuffling in materials on the pendula and radiesthesia, the mystery of Mt. Shasta, the Bell Witch, and the apocalyptic prophesying of Frater F.G.H. (and the response to it from associates).
IV19489The Mark Probert seances become of greater focus in year four, as the Inner Circle guides the BSRA through the Ether Ship Mystery and the Cavern World. Alternative methods of healing, the esoteric wisdom of the East, Theosophy, Saucers, and, of course, a dash of Huna.
V19496Huna, Fire-Walking, Hoxey & Koch Cancer Cures, the Probert Communicators, the Astral and Etheric realms, etc.
VI1950-516The Aeroforms (flying saucers), Interplanetary Communication, Higher Dimensions, the Inner Circle, Hett & Koch Cancer Cures, etc.
VII1951-526Dowsing, Vitic, Radiesthesia, Project Hermes, etc.
VIII1952-536The Telano Communications, Mediumship, the Ether Ship Mystery, the Human Atmosphere, etc.
IX1953-546Gerald Light and the Etheric Notes, Aeroforms, Pyramids, Atmospheric Phenomena, etc.
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