Index of Vol. II [1946]

011946JanuaryVincent Gaddis on "Electrical Ghosts" (Startling semi-materializations in magnetic fields) • Attorney William Randall on "Field Theory and Survival" (review and critique of two articles in the ASPR Journal) • Dr. Charles J. Ryan, contributing editor of Theosophical Forum, on "Ball Lightning and the Elementals" • Meade Layne's "A Twice-Told Tale, or Mosses from an Old Hant" (story about an unpublishable story, or, things that can't happen but do!) • "Do You Hear Voices?" (Shaver Mystery) • Clips and Quips: Albert Payson Terhune, Dowsing, Henry C. Roberts translation of Nostradamus, Cayce Foundation, "The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell", vitamins, summations of recent journals and newsletters • With our Correspondents (letters from Associates)
021946FebruarySo You Want To Know Your Future! (Editorial) • Communications from Sir Oliver (Common-sense message from the great physicist) • One Dozen Liars (another fiasco in the anti-spiritualist campaign) • Dr. Philip Haley on "Spiritons and Spiroculons in the Light of Psychic Monism" (Part 1) • The Country Beyond (a Forum book review, and difficulties of Dr. Ryan) • Is It Telepathy - or Pcg? (Difficulties of Dr. Rhine) • Researches in Reincarnation (BOOK Review) • Oahspe -- and Mr Anderson's TestamentRecordings of Trumpet Voice • With the PeriodicalsRound Robin Feature and Note About DerosOur CorrespondentsThe WellPublication Statistics of Spiritualist BooksA.R.E. Expands Its Program • This n' That
031946MarchSunday Episode • Hereward Carrington on "What Constitutes A Psychical Researcher"The Vau Communicators - Recent Clairvoyances And Clairaudience (Reported By The Editor) • A Word Of Warning By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1928) • The Great Houdini As Revenant (Phonographic Recording Of Trumpet Voice) • Dr. Philip Haley on "Spiritons And Spiroculons In The Light Of Psychic Monism" (Part 2)A Note From Thomas Sugrue (Editor & Author) • Vitality Globules - An Explanation from the writings of C. W. Leadbeater • Letter To The Editor by Attorney William G. Randall • With The PeriodicalsClips And QuipsAcceptances (Verse) • The Atomic Bomb Experiment  • Our CorrespondentsThe Holy Tarot (The Old Celtic Spread Of A. E. Waite; Our Question And Its Bodeful Answer) • Attention Please - A Few Words For The Convenience Of Book Buyers • Announcements
041946AprilPEACE - OR WAR • Erwin Krieger on "The Aura" (1946 status of investigation) • Jack Webber's "Through Gates of Horn" (remarkable experiences of the continued dream type) • William G. Randall's "Reflections Concerning a Future Life"HUNA: the Workable Magic of Polynesia - summary by Editor of pamphlet by Max Freedom Long • The Departing Spirit (the VAU communicators and a letter from Dr. Charles Ryan) • Livre des Revenants (phonographic seance record by Warren G. Harding)  • Ed Bodin's "Eheu Humanitas!" ("the most remarkable letter I ever received") • C.C.C. - or Correspondents, Contributors, and Collaborators - and PublicationsThe Holy Tarot, and our monthly inquiry (also, Thumb-tacks) • Prognosis - and Acknowledgments
051946MayRetro Me, Sathanas! • Vincent Gaddis on the Mediumship of Jack Webber • E.C. Krieger on "The Aura" (Part II)Huna (Part II): resume of Pamphlet by Max Freedom Long • Page des Revenants (Seance Memoranda) • PublicationsThe Struggle with the Elemental by Harry E. Yetter • Miss First & Miss Second (And the Voice of the Old One)  • Morituri Salutamus  • Dionysus Endendros  • VariorumNot Famous Last Words  • It's Time to be Afraid!
061946JuneA SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT  • Organized Stupidities • Huna: the Psycho-Religious System of the Polynesians (summary of pamphlet by Max Freedom Long)  • Invitation to Wrath - and - The Fate of the Suicide  • Fire-Walking - and the Huna Instances, by Philip Rasch  • Affidavit to Phenomena . . . More Spirit Surgery . . . Bikini Business . . . The Flight of Mrs. Guppy . . . Winchester HouseSpiritons and Spiroculons, by Dr. Walter Gordon • Theodore Illion and the Tibetan WisdomThe Mystery of the DoubleIn Defense of Huna, by Max Freedom Long • The Undiscussables - Mr. Gaddis on the Coming Spiritual Era - Stop, Look, Listen - Racial FanaticismThe Holy TarotTabellarius Rings TwicePublications, Notes and Quotes
071946JulyThe Hidden TwinDr. Fodor Goes Hunting (Study of source-energy in Poltergeist cases) • Report of Case of CarcinomaHuna (Psycho-religious system of the Polynesians) [Part 4] • The Disaster of the R-101Witchcraft in Pennsylvania, by Ann Howard • Self-Induced Telepathy, by William Oberfield • Voice from the Wasteland (or a bas and Ah Bah with spiritism) • Notes and FlurriesChapter I at Bikini - and - Avatar Prediction of Dr. DorealComments from Dr. Haley (re fire-walking) • Of Unreviewable BooksUsed Books and PublicationsAn Analysis and Report on the FIRST ATOMIC BLAST over WATER, by Walter Graham.
081946AugustOf Our Common AcceptancesOf the Love of Philinnion (A "ghost story" from antiquity) • FIRE IMMUNITY (Contributions from Dr. Philip Haley and Professor Charles J. Ryan) • ReconciliationVoice of the RobinTHE PIONEER FRINGE - by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Circle of ArteTabellarius Rings Twice (RR Mail Box) • PeriodicalsWhat-Not PageBikini, et. cet.VerseUsed Books and PublicationsConcerning the Flying Roll
091946SeptemberConcerning SolitudePRACTICAL ASPECTS of PENDOLOGY, by Dorothea Frood • Vials of Magicry and IconoclastThread from the LabyrinthOF THE VOICE OF AUMAKUA, by Jon Sonall • BOOK CLUB, by Mrs. H. M. Graham • Among the PeriodicalsMEMBERSHIP IN ORGANIZATIONS, by F. G. H. • With our CorrespondentsTHE THREE UNIT CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN, by Max Freedom Long • Used BooksOther Announcements
101946October"From the Mouths of Babes", by Vincent Gaddis • WELCOME, KAREETA! (News-scoop on things to come) by Meade Layne • The Hydro-Jet: Project or Prophecy? by David Dagmar • Time Swings a Scythe, by M.L. • Witchcraft in Pennsylvania, by H.O. Waltermeyer (tr. by Anne Howard) • SEX AND MEDIUMSHIP, by Dr. Nandor Fodor, M.D., Ph. D. • Experimental Transference of Signatures, by Dr. P.S. Haley, D.D.S., Pres. C.S.P.R. • Concerning Spirit Possession, by Clarkson Dye • Thread from the Labyrinth, comments by F.G.H. • Letter from Margaret R. (Pendules & Papayas) • Society for Investigation of Mysterious Phenomena: Committee ReportThe Case of Abou ben Adhem - Times Advertisement - note on Astral Projection Experiments"Gold of our opinions"HUNA: ITS FORTEAN PROBLEMS AND PARTIAL ANSWERS, by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Omissions and Commissions
111946NovemberOf Darkness, and Light, and the shape of things to comeKareeta BusinessRadiesthesiaConcerning TalismansProceedings of the Atlantean Club - an excerpt from the records • Future of Psychical Research - the SPR sums up results • Side-Lights on the Huna (Comments by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F.) • Notes from CorrespondentsDown Poppycock AlleyNew Crackling of ThornsTelepathy - Involuntary transmissionVox Clamantis in Deserto: Dirigite Viam Domini!Variorum
121946DecemberA Pleasant Thought for the Year's End, by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1888 • The Problem of Essential Dying, a letter from Dr. Franklin Merrell-Wolff • Correspondence from J. Edward Morgan (Tuttle, Darwin, Psychic Research) • Hypnosis and the Psychic Powers, by E.C. Krieger • Hawaiian Kuehu Treatment - the Healing Prayer - furnished by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Here, There and Everywhere - Some Entertaining Comments by Max Freedom Long • Coming Catastrophal End of Our Civilization, by F.G.H. • Loci Critici -Selected- • An Affidavit of Record - Use of the PenduleClips Lately Received • Kareeta Problems Again • One Christmas Morn, by Meade Layne • Used Books - Announcements - Miscellanea
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