Index of Vol. I [1945]

"Our idea is, to be ecclectic, highly receptive, at the same time discriminative and critical. Nobody can do that in a way to please everybody, perhaps anybody else. But so far as this IDEAL is concerned, we think everybody who reads the Round Robin at all will agree with us."

Meade Layne, director 
R.R. (Vol. 1, No. 2, March 1945)

The polestars of the first period of BSRA activity were Psychicism, Occultism, and Spiritualism, marking out a focus on efforts to conduct practical experimentation with Vitic and Spiritons, and to open channels for discussion about the techniques of Qabala, Yoga, and other occult forms. Toward that end and in service of such purpose, the Round Robins of 1945 shuffled occult and psychic research notes and letters from associates alongside book reviews and feature stories of Forteana and mediums the likes of Edgar Cayce, Franek Kluski, and Carlos Mirabelli, the final product interspersed with Meade Layne's oft-biting editorials and copious quotables from his favored poets, scientists, scholars, and thinkers.

011945FebruaryAn Explanatory NoteVitality Globules or Spiritons, an overview of the mysterious substance, referring to the work of Dr. Philip Haley & others • Romain on Paroptic Vision or EYELESS SIGHTSpectral Appendectomy in Brazil • A Few Definitions - of Science and Religion • Closing Remarks, a personal note
021945MarchMemorandum for Anybody • The Power of Attention ControlVitality Globules AgainOccult Review for January 1945 • Carbon Force or Vitic as described by Arthur E. Baines • Quips of Charles FortPre-Cognitive Telepathy report from Psychic Observer • The Case of Edgar CayceTry Anything OnceThe Tree of Life, a diagram and detailing of the Ota Chiim • Loaves and Fishes, remarks on Dr. Haley's work • Time Loves its Crow [follow-up to the Spectral Appendectomy article] • Last Notation
031945AprilSo What?!, an editorial on scepticism of spiritualism and psychicism • Excursus Psychologicus • Franklin Merrell-Wolfe's Pathways through to SpaceVITIC AGAIN [notes from E.C. Krieger] • Forest Fires in the Ozarks • the Forteana of Tares and Thistles, including— Giants in Dressing Gowns; 1944 Weather; and an Earthquake in Monterrey, Mexico • Theos Bernard's Hatha YogaSome Postulates of Occultism, an editorial • House of Mystery in Southern Oregon • Prophecies on the War from Sir Patrick Geddes & St. OdileConcerning Psycho-Physical Theories [Interaction, Epiphenomenalism, and Parallelism] • Journal of the ASPR for April 1945 • Simple Simon Hears Things, an editorial on "trumpet" mediumship • Good CompanyA Word for Our Spiritualist Friends
041945MayIs Psychic Research Worth While?PK Effects • Prof. F. W. Pawlowski's report on The Kluski Mediumship (Part I) • Hail, Blithe Spirit! [Poltergeist activity] • Meet the MeteoritesSeance MemorandaIdioplastic Production of Foods [from Dr. Philip S. Haley's "Modern Loaves and Fishes"] • Occult Review for April 1945 • A. R. E. Activities [Cayce Foundation] • Flowers in May [reader commendations on the RR] • And, For Your Information---
051945JuneThe Great Simplicities, an editorial on ethics • The Kluski Mediumship (Part II) • Re Vitality Globules [continuing research on Spiritons] • Tares and Thistles [items of Fortean interest] • Bedtime for Adults [thinking dogs and horses] • paragraph on Dr. J. Paul William's "Belief in a Future Life" from Yale Review of Spring 1945 • Mind Digest for April and May 1945 (Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2) • Winchester HouseSpontaneous Food Reproduction [more from Dr. Philip S. Haley's "Modern Loaves and Fishes"] • Psychic Observer for June 1945 • Letter to the Times on Dr. Alexis Carrel and the existence of psychic powers
061945JulyConditional Immortality (Survival, reincarnation, and escape) • V-G Department - What Are They? (An interesting contribution from a reader - and an editorial nut-note) • The Mirabelli Mediumship (Xenoglossia, Xenography, Skulls). Part 1. • Inedia - Psychic Fasting (three to 40 years without food). Dr. Haley's compilation • Mind Digest Article, "Science Meets the Supernatural" (V.H. Gaddis) - and editor's comment • Poltergeisten - Heiber (Agitations of the Hon. Ralph Shirley). • Noah's Ark - MaybeHibbert Journal Article (by L.W. Snell, on the nature of the mystical experience) - comment • Anybody's Halo - and How to see It (Summary of Cannon's instructions for observing the aura) • Clairvoyance of Edgar Cayce (Modus of the trance state, and the "explanation") • The Psycho-Kinetic (PK) Effect - and After (Possible Developments in telepathy-research) • L'Abbe Constant - and the Prayer of the SlyphsThe Golden String (Shall we choose shadow or substance?) • A to Z Notes (Dog story -- Foo-fire -- Vitic -- Peas from the Tomb -- Chinese Eggs -- Critics and Comments)
071945AugustProspice - 1945 (and shapes of passing things), an editorial on the atomic bombing of Japan and the future it heralds • The Razor of Occam (Objection to the abuse of a principle of logic) • Fire over Almeria (Fortesque and grotesque happenings in Spain) • Mysteries of the Altitudes (What goes up may not come down) • Comments From Readers (Vitality Globules and other topics) • How Do We Know? (The question of the contradictory assertions by clairvoyants) • May-Be Useful Department (For avoiding lector-spasm or readers' cramp) • True Story of Mr Roberts (Reincarnation episode from Max Heindel) • Excursus Philosophicus (The Qabalistic Absolute) • A.R.E. Activities ("Cayce Foundation") • The Mediumship of Carlos Mirabelli (Leviathan, apports, materialization). Part 2. • The Davis Anniversary (and problem of his later years) • The "Reparation" of Mr DeFord (Maybe the earth is spherical, but just try to prove it!) • The Song of the South Gate Holder (Flecker) • Wanted A Road-BuilderRound Robin ProposesWith The Round Robin (Titles from last six issues)
081945SeptemberThe Modern Man (Ideas of Dr Jung, and comments) • Occult Review for July (Mr Crump's Replenishment, and astral projection) • What! No Mystery? (Physicist Hayes on a debunking expedition) • Hibbert Journal (Telepathy - and an "unknown force") • California Society for Psychical Research (Note on history, by P.S. Haley, Ph.C., D.D.S. President) • With The Periodicals (Notes and Comments) • Experiments for AmateursThe TENNESSEE Mystery (of columnist O'Brien) • The Mediumship of Mirabelli (Seance at Santos). Part 3. • Secret Places of the Heart (Edgar Cayce, and the visibility of the aura) • Concerning False ProphetsVivisection Deferred - and Note from CorrespondentReincarnation Again (the evidences - and the nub of the doctrine) • Is Life Too Short? (Extract from a Cayce Reading) and Memorial Day in 1936 (verse by Mr Randall) • Otz Chiim, the Qabalistic Tree of Life (notes and diagram reprinted by request) • This -n- That
091945OctoberMediumship and MoralsCases of Evidence for Identity (Part 1 of 3) • Graveyard Ghosts (Occult Review) • Draysoniana (Nineteenth Century) • Mind and Matter (Aryan Path) • Dr Perucker's Lecture (Theosophical Forum) • Mind Digest for September 1945 • Society for RadiesthesisBrowne Landone (Psychic Observer) • Who Was Houdini? (Spiritualist Leader) • Rumpus Brewing (anti-spiritualism) • Vitality Globules AgainProfessor Pratt RegretsEggs-on-End FolliesThe Casual Triteness of Mme. CurieFire Over ArkansasNeed for a New Devil (Nineteenth Century) • Universal Station (book review) • Round Robin is Different
101945NovemberThe Motives of Right ConductOccult Teaching Concerning Spiritualism • Professor Murphy on Field Theory and SurvivalTelepathic Experiments (from Light) • Psychology for EverybodyThe Akashic Screenthe Autonomous Field Theory of Gustave Stromberg • Ritual Form for the Invocation of the Higher ConsciousnessCases of Evidence for Identity (Parts 2 & 3)
111945DecemberCHRISTMAS GREETINGSOf the Making of ComparisonsDark Weeping, by A. E. (verse) • Meditation Against SorrowCrossroads for Humanity (The world may yet be frightened into virtuous living) • Waiting, by John Burroughs (verse) • Awakening (verse) • Beneath What Stars? (letter from an occultist) • Venit Summa Dies ("A day comes and an unavoidable hour") • Aldebaran in Faery (verse) • "The Pleasure of Dying" (words of a Revenant, and comment upon them) • Letter from Seoul (commendation and question from far Korea) • Credo (verse) • For Violet, by Douglas Ainslie (verse) • Christmas, 1945 (verse)
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