by Max Freedom Long, F. H. F.

While we are still wise to refuse to accept as facts the beliefs of the ancient pre-Polynesians, as now imperfectly understood, no harm can come from checking those beliefs against those presently current in the psycho-religious field. On the contrary, much may be gained.

As readers of ROUND ROBIN will recall, (or check articles on HUNA in Numbers 3, 4, and 5, of recent issue) one of the most startling and significant ideas to be found in the lately recovered native science of HUNA (pronounced HOO-NAH, meaning "THE SECRET") is that:


Because this idea is so new to most of us, its full significance does not appear upon reading for the first time the simple statement above. Neither did it show its full significance when Dr. William McDougall, of Harvard, in his book, ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY, pointed out the fact that ONLY BY CONSIDERING THE POSSIBILITY OF THE SEPARATENESS OF THESE TWO UNITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS could we arrive at a possible solution for the several problems met with in studies of dual and multiple personality cases, or of certain phases of amnesia. (The rejected alternative was to consider it possible to split one unit of consciousness into several pieces, with different pieces showing DIFFERENT MENTATIONAL POWERS, (!!!) such as, remembering in one, inductive reason in another, or lack of either faculty in still other pieces - an explanation which still lacks even slight support by known facts.) (Note: No success has been reported in efforts to combine the memories of the normal state of a multiple personality patient, with the memories seemingly brought over from another life in a different body and land, by one of the other occasionally dominant personalities - as foreign languages, and talents in dancing and other arts.)

Not only does SEPARATENESS of the two units of consciousness furnish an excellent explanation of many problems in multiple personality, it offers a most enlightening set of additions and corrections to the theories covering the existence of disincarnate spirits and their obsessional activities in multiple personality cases, mediumship, certain forms of insanity, and phases of psychic phenomena in general, including poltergeist activities, etc. In supplying these better explanations, the idea of SEPARATENESS; derives, in return, a degree of proof of its own correctness.

Whether entirely wrong, partly correct, or entirely correct, this belief found in Huna in its most fully elaborated form, seems to be the Farthest North yet attained in any age in the explorations of human consciousness.

Our lack of control over our own memories, which is self evident, is best explained by the theory that the subconscious, entity does all the remembering for us, BUT is a separate entity which is not entirely under the control of the conscious mind entity.

Our inability to control our own emotional reactions, to break our own habits at will, or to control the involuntary muscles or unconscious bodily processes, points again to the correctness of the Huna beliefs.


With the idea of SEPARATENESS well in hand, we have a tool with which to extend our explorations of consciousness farther out into the Pioneer Fringe of the psycho sciences.

We can, at last, begin to make a clear and logical classification of the mental powers and abilities of the two spirits of the lower man. We can conclude, with the ka-hunas (native "Keepers of the SECRET", according to the translation of the learned Thomas Thrum) that:

(1) That the subconscious self or spirit does all the remembering for the man.

(2) That it is controlled in part by the "will-suggestions" of the conscious self or spirit, but that it refuses to be controlled when possessing "fixations" contrary to the willed suggestive control, either on the part of the conscious self; as in auto suggestion, or on the part of an hypnotic operator.

(3) That the subconscious entity creates emotional states, and forces these on the conscious entity as a means of controlling or coercing it - the degree of such control varying with individuals from a slight degree to almost complete control as certain types of insanity approach.

(4) That all premonitions, all clairvoyance, all telepathic sendings and receivings, must be (like memory storing and reproduction) in the list of abilities peculiar to the subconscious entity. The conscious mind cannot, at will, produce any of these phenomena, which makes it evident that it has no mechanism or ability of its own which it can bring into play as desired. (Note: In this connection, it is well to consider the fact that seldom can a hypnotic operator cause a subject to produce any of the premonitory phenomena. According to Huna beliefs, the THIRD or Superconscious spirit of man's triune consciousness is the only one able to see into the future, and that it cannot be coerced by suggestion into presenting to the subconscious a picture of future events, to be described in turn to the hypnotist, or presented - upon return to the normal state - to the conscious mind entity, is a known fact.)

(5) That the subconscious is very similar to the consciousness resident in the higher animals, in that it has memory, but only the most rudimentary reasoning power, (deductive, not inductive.)

(6) That the conscious mind entity has for its one and only form of mentation INDUCTIVE REASON. Its one power is that of control, to certain degrees, of the subconscious entity. Its direct or "willed" control is often less potent than that exerted by "suggestion", calling attention at this point to the probable correctness of the belief that thought-forms may be created and implanted into the subconscious.

Notice how AMAZINGLY WELL the ancient Huna belief fits in with, adds to, and corrects present knowledge of the subconscious in the still infant science of Psychology. We may reason that, if Huna is so apparently correct about the two lower spirits of man, we can hardly refuse to consider the remaining part of the ancient belief where it leads into a part of the field as yet untouched by Psychology, Psychic Science or even the students of Extra Sensory Perception.

While the Superconscious or Third Entity or "ELDER PARENTAL ENTITY" (Aumakua) is a stranger to the psycho-sciences, it is increasingly evident that these sciences cannot make progress until the present anti~religious Scientific Attitude is tossed into the discard. What does it natter that this unit of consciousness has been recognized by Religions the world around for untold centuries? If [24] it is a real thing, it must be treated as such, regardless of its recognition by religions. Up until now, even to hint at such an entity has been to brand oneself a mystic and not a scientist. And still, without some such unit of consciousness, no explanation of the PHYSICAL PHENOMENA in S.P.R. data has been remotely possible. Flatly speaking, a hundred years of S.P.R. leaves us without a single explanation of such things as premonition, apports, full materialization, transportation, etc. (All types of phenomena which we know full well no lower pair of conscious entities could produce unaided.) True, some progress has been made toward explaining the FORCE used in the production of phenomena (vital force taken from the medium or circle), and the materials possibly used, (for materialization, the ectoplasmic materials made from the bodily substances - and often from the clothing - of the medium; for movement of objects, ectoplasmic projections of varying densities, utilizing vital force in some unknown way.) But no progress at all has been made in identifying the form or kind of CONSCIOUSNESS which directs the production of supra-normal phenomena.

Until the recent recovery of portions of HUNA, the old "revealed" religions, as well as the modern psycho-religions, have given us a fraction of the true picture of the Superconscious, but have failed almost completely to recognize the subconscious. From these sources almost nothing can be learned of the parts played by each of the three units of human consciousness in the work of living here or hereafter.

In Christianity we get a dim picture of God as a Trinity, but man remains a single-unit spirit, even when said to be made in the image of God (triune). We have the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the former being God, the latter being borrowed by the early Christians from the Persian teaching respecting the divine spirit presiding over procreation. (The unpardonable sin was also a borrowed idea, the thought being that if one refused to procreate in this life, he would not get a body in the next when he wished to reincarnate. See Gerald Massy's research in this matter.)

The doctrine which holds that Jesus, the Son, is "One with the Father," is reminiscent of the doctrine set forth in the Bhagavad-Gita (as may be seen on page 129 of the Judge translation). The Gita teaches that man, as a lower self, is a single unit of consciousness, bearing a distinct relation to a Higher Self or "Supreme", into which he is eventually assimilated.

In the modern psycho-religions, such as Christian Science and New Thought, the Superconscious appears enlarged to the stature of the Jewish Jehovah and a nebulous All Good or Universal Mind. The subconscious, as a separate spirit, does not appear, nor is its part in making contact with the Superconscious recognized.

It has remained for HUNA to inject the elements of logic, order and completion into the garbled or incompleted religious systems, even as into the psycho sciences. Once more Man becomes a triune being, made in the image of a triune God, the latter standing (according to Huna) on a level vastly higher than the Superconscious.

Rough sketch of a cross used by the Church in Ethiopia

Symbols are less changed by the passage of centuries than are religious doctrines. Here is a rough sketch of a cross used by the Church in Ethiopia (see Geographic magazine for Sept. 1935, page 300.) Note the three points on each of the three arms of the cross. These could represent the three spirits in man, the three voltages of vital force, and the three "astral" bodies.



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