The Workable Psycho-Religious System of the Polynesians.
An Abridgement of the Pamphlet Huna, of Max Freedom Long, F.H.F.
Fourth Installment -

Part IV
How the Aid of the High Self is obtained (Con.)

In the last issue we described the Huna concept of the three selves, corresponding closely to the subconsciousness, brain consciousness, and superconsciousness familiar to all schools of esoteric thought. The grand problem of the Huna is also familiar; i.e., how to establish communication between the ordinary consciousness and that of the High Self. This contact has to be effected via the subconscious, so to speak, and the obstacles to it are the guilt complexes which the subconsciousness contains. The problem therefore reduces to one of resolving (draining) the complex by suitable means, and thus opening the channel. The low self will not deliver our prayer to the High Self if it has any feeling of doubt and unworthiness, or else it will introduce such feelings into the prayer and so make it worthless.

Since we can sin only thru hurting another person, the first step is to make all possible amends. The next is to practise some form of sacrifice - such as fasting or deeds of service or almsgiving. This corresponds to the doing of penance, and is necessary in order to impress the subconsciousness with the sense of expiation and forgiveness. When we can pray to the High Self with a "clear conscience", the path is usually open.

The means of communication between the selves is considered by the Huna, somewhat figuratively, as threads of substance put forth by the shadow body of the low self. These threads are "sticky"; they extend with the sight and attach themselves to whatever we look at, as they do, also, to whatever we touch. They follow a spoken word back to the speaker; there is no limit to their extension and they bind us to every thing and person with whom we have made contact. They are conductors of vital force, and the vital force can carry thought-forms. Consciousness of sense impressions can be transferred to the far end of this thread, so that it is possible to see, hear, taste, smell and touch distant things (clairvoyance, clairaudience, ESP generally). This projection of substance is called "sticking out a finger", and first exercises in Huna consist in practising it. As has been said, the "threads" are the means of communication between the low and High selves; they transmit the thought forms of the prayer, and the flow of power both to and from the High Self.

When the path is clean and the prayer is rightly made, the response of the High Self is instant and seemingly automatic. If the attitude and use of right prayer has become habitual in the subconsciousness, there is continual prayer rapport and union with the High Self. The 'mechanism' is said to be, that the middle self orders the low self to generate an extra amount of vital force, and to send it to the High Self along with the prayer. This energy is then 'stepped up' in voltage, so to speak, and is used by the High Self in performing whatever has been requested of it.


Most students of esoteric theory prefer to express these ideas in less literal and materialistic language, and are inclined to be contemptuous of such 'primitive' thinking. This attitude we hold to be completely wrong. It is largely because of the vague, indeterminate and nebulous character of our mystical and occult terms that so few people make real progress with magical practises. The precise and concrete image is a vital consideration. Without it, visualization is impossible. In our philosophy and metaphysics, in our highest interpretations let us be as learned and abstract as we choose, and so too with our mystical exaltation if we attain to it. But for 'practical' ends, for ends of life, for healing of body and purse, for service of others, for the unfoldment of useful psychic powers, for all the work of operative occultism, our ideas and visualization need to be simple, clear-cut, clearly grasped. Every properly trained occultist understands this; there is no argument about it. Mystical exaltation is an experience full of power and wonder - but few of us attain to it. The common need is for a somewhat humbler salvation, a working concept of the unseen worlds and of our hidden powers and resources. The more simple and clear this can be made, the more available and effective it is for the masses of afflicted humanity... Precisely on this point (we have long believed) rests the superior effectiveness of primitive magic, religion magic, that actually 'works' a hundred times where our own succeeds once. Our tactics have been actually to turn this stupidity to our credit, to say we are too intelligent and civilized to be affected by mere superstition. But we are neither intelligent nor honest in saying it... The virtue of Huna, we repeat, lies not in any great novelty of basic ideas (for nearly all occult thought accepts them - in essence), but in the bare straight simplicity and power of them. They can be understood (without courses in metaphysics) and worked for practical ends (without mystical ecstasy or the invocation of spirits).

In conclusion we summarize the steps to be taken in Huna operations: (1) The low self must be trained to put out the finger and follow the the threads to the High Self. (2) It must be trained to send thought forms along this path of contact (3) It must learn to generate an extra supply of vital force on command and to send it along the paths. (4) The path to the High Self must be cleared by removing guilt complexes from the low self. (5) The prayer must be made very definite, and after full consideration of all consequences, and must be repeated (3 times usually) to the low self, impressing on this self that it must carry it to the High Self. (6) The definite order to the low self is given, to touch the High Self, and when the answering 'electric tingle' is felt the prayer is repeated, with intent to send to the High Self the extra supply of vital force.

"If a prayer is made for the healing of another, this person must be cleansed of all guilt complexes as a preliminary fact - otherwise his low self will prevent the healing."

Our resume has covered the first 16 pages, or about half of the Huna pamphlet. What remains is interesting and important and we hope to find space for it at a later date. But the pamphlets' themselves may be had, at .25 each, from The Huna Press, Box 2867, Hollywood Station, Los Angeles 2 - or from the Editor of Round Robin. We hope that experimental groups may be organized - and Mr. Long (Huna Press address) will supply directions for the first steps in practise.