- Kareeta Business -

"Space-ship" Kareeta has come and gone, but is not yet, we are glad to say, wholly forgotten. The Editor's mail bag shows that Round Robin readers, at any rate, do not dismiss such happenings as trivial and fantastic. Unfortunately, it was a local affair, so to speak, confined to the San Diego area; the mysterious craft was not high enough, probably not large enough to be visible, say, from Los Angeles. People who think such a craft should have been visible to the whole United States should collect a little data on the altitude and size which would be required.

And oddly enough, we have trouble getting folk to understand this strange night visitor was not a "psychic phenomenon", or seen by clairvoyance, or connected with any mystical belief or hocus-pocus. It was simply a large flying craft of very strange construction, that could fly at enormous speed, or very slowly, or remain stationary. It had its own style of flight, too, and moved (sometimes) in long sweeping bird-like curves of much grace and beauty. No observer could identify it with anything seen before. But it was completely objective, noticed always by accident (not by any "conditioned" observer), and no more a hallucination than moon, stars, meteorites, and the airliner that came in from the east on schedule.

And we'll repeat, ad nauseam, that this craft did not hover continually in front of the moon; it was seen in the zenith, and in the west, and at late hours of the night; our impression is, it spent most of the night cruising about in these parts. The "occult" and mystical angle of this business started, of course, when RR reported certain communications received clairaudiently and in trance, by an honorable and rarely gifted medium, well-known to this writer. But be it known, we don't accept everything we are told, from any source, even by newspapers, and we do not guarantee anything, whether from AP, UP, or Station Astral. We report what seems worth while reporting; we think the Kareeta was is, and, and maybe will long continue to be news (of the new-age variety), and that since we have no other source of information at all, it may be worth while listening to what folk from the "other side" try to tell us.

We have never said that the Kareeta was a "space-ship"; the Communicators made that statement. We don't know what it was, and are trying to find out, and don't know how, and have listened to everybody and learned nothing... We probably could have collected hundreds of reports from this area, as easily as our forty-odd, but probably would not nave learned anything more... And for all we know, there might have been two or three or a dozen Kareetas overhead... The literature on mysterious sky-visitors is extensive - and appalling; if you don't believe it, read Charles Fort, and forthcoming articles by Vincent Gaddis, and start collecting the data for yourself.

We do not know that the Kareeta is coming back, October 9, 1947, or any other time. The controls of Mark P., who have not so far deceived us, said only, "We understand it is the present intention of the Kareeta people to return in one year." If they do, it will truly be (as Max Freedom Long writes us) a man-bites-dog story - and if they don't, well maybe one close-up look at this planet was all the K-people could stand. They are said to be very smart folk.

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