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The Round Robin editor has known personally of some four or five instances (and there must be many more of them) where elaborate and technical instructions, for apparatus or processes, have been received thru psychic or mediumistic means (clairvoyance, clairaudience, controlled writing, or powerful mental 'impressions').

These communications are often given to persons who have little or no technical knowledge of the subjects concerned. The 'communicators' apparently simply seize opportunity, or sometimes (if you prefer) the subconscious takes 'its' opportunity to give the information. Interpret it as you will, the phenomenon occurs, the alleged data is impressive, but it is seldom indeed that any use is made of it.

It should be unnecessary to itemize the reasons for this. They obviously include: (a) the technical ignorance of the recipient; (b) the near-impossibility of getting any scientist or competent research worker to examine such data; (3) the very natural reluctance to appear as a crack-pot, even to the stygian ignorance of our neighbors; (d) the undeniable fact that cracked pots are common. Out of many thousands of ideas submitted to the technical boards during the war, not more than 3 or 4 were considered practicable. Many of the rejections, of course, may have been serious errors.

Round Robin has never concerned itself particularly with 'communicated' material of a technical or scientific sort. (Some day, some one will publish a bulletin devoted to this). Just now, however, we have in mind a writer-friend who has accurately predicted a number of inventions and discoveries - the knowledge being received as vivid impressions, or strong psychic compulsion to write or draw. We are now in receipt from him of the material which follows this paragraph. We compress the data to its essentials, and make no comment on it. We print it, in order that it may go "on record", and because there is an off-chance that it will prove suggestive to some interested and competent person.

"First, with reference to the ram jet or 'flying stove-pipe': this is a straight hollow pipe with a funnel or throat-like device a short distance inside the nose. The forward motion of this missile builds up a compression in front and concentrates it in the funnel, where fuel is injected and ignited. The expanding gases propel the missile. The ratio of power of the jet to the increasing air resistance is such that the 'pipe' picks up speed: the faster it goes, the more air-pressure in the funnel, the more fuel feeds in, and the more powerful the jet. Theoretically there is no limit to the speed. If the fuel supply can increase the present speed of 1500 mi. per hr. to 1600, the fuel can be cut off and the 'pipe' will fly on its own expanding air heated by compression - practically a perpetual motion. There are no moving parts.

"The idea which was received by me (in the way I described to you concerns a similar apparatus designed to run under water, or on water, and to "burn water" as the ram jet burns air. In the presence of a small amount of fluorine gas water will burn furiously without even being ignited - the combination ignites itself. Now, this "hydro-jet" would consist in the main of (a) a straight pipe, (b) fuel space and water intake in the nose, (c) the injection device, whereby the Fl fuel is injected [9] into the water stream, which ignites in the combustion chamber, and the expanding gases form the jet. There will be no funnel, since water cannot be compressed, but a straight pipe for the inlet, with a combustion chamber of larger size. It is possible that a small amount of liquid oxygen would have to be injected to insure proper oxidation."

The RR Editor is not familiar with recent work on practicable isolation of free Fl (F) (to which the writer quoted above also made reference); but fluorine as a gas is known to decompose water, giving ozone and hydrofluoric acid, and to combine directly with H at ordinary temperature. (The isolation of F as a gas was reported as far back as 1892 - by electrolysis of liquid HF in a platinum container).

Anyone interested in this matter and wishing to communicate with the writer of the quoted letter, should inquire of the RR, or enclose a letter in envelop addressed to the editor.


Time swings
a scythe

There's an article in Time for Sept. 16, re: Bro. Doreal and his doings. Mrs H.L. (Mass.) sends us the clip, and then we have a post card comment on it also, from one of Round Robin's most distinguished friends. Doreal is Head of the 'White Brotherhood' organization, at Denver, and the article referred to is very nawsty in tone. There's a half-sneer, too, at "astral projection." Then on p. 77 there's a semi-sarcastic article on Mrs Garrett (who is really doing a fine piece of work in her magazine)... As to Magus Doreal, we hold no brief for or against, having very little data - but we know that he is regarded with respect by some very competent and scholarly persons. It is the ignorant and vicious attitude of Time magazine which occasions this paragraph.

Maybe there's a clue to it in a comment we have from a scholar of much distinction: "Remember that Time belongs to Mrs. Luce, now an ardent R.C."

We add, that ignorance however great cannot contend with knowledge, however small. That's for the sneer-monger responsible for the two articles!

We add further, that if it's the fellow we suspect he's half-way way excusable, because in childhood he was kicked on the head by a mouse.

Wish we could think of something else to say - or of some more agreeable subject! (Like the next paragraph).


Prophecy that's

This editor himself wouldn't dare predict that Tuesday follows Monday but he has friends, two anyhow (believe it or not), who have made specific and highly correct predictions in the past (and do not publicise them). Well, that private pipe line informs us that we are in for a coup d'etat, military dictatorship, bullets for arguments, probably next year or as soon as conditions get so bad, the only way to improve them is to make them worse. Allons, mes enfants de patrie, le jour de 'gloire' est arrive ..... it's just too bad for you and me / That they should have to get that way!


  1. "Shangri-la, Colo." TIME 16 Sept. 1946. Print. [Digital: <http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,888341,00.html>]

    Monday, Sep. 16, 1946. Two hundred men, women & children sweated away last week to convert an isolated Colorado canyon into an atomic foxhole. They hurried to finish roads, houses, power plant, workshop and administration building before atom bombs rained down to wipe out civilization. Dr. Doreal had said it would be "soon, probably sooner." When the radioactive dust had settled at last, they — the Brotherhood of the White Temple — would emerge from their hideout, help set civilization going again.

    Dr. Doreal is a chubby, bald little man with glittery eyes who turned up 17 years ago in Denver, Colo, and incorporated a new church: the Brotherhood of the White Temple. He said he was part Choctaw, born on an Oklahoma reservation and that, after serving in the Signal Corps during World War I, he had gone to Tibet and been received into the inner circle of the Royal Order of Shamballa Priests.

    To goggle-eyed followers he told still more: about the subterranean Great White Lodge, 75 miles beneath the Forbidden City of Lhasa and reached by a "gravity-neutralizing" elevator, where a twelve-man Supreme Council met in a white-metal hall to plan world strategy. "Archbishop" Doreal assured brotherhood members that he kept in constant touch with the council by sending his soul back to Tibet by "astral projection."

    Under the leadership of Dr. Doreal and his astral remote control, Denver's Brotherhood of the White Temple prospered. By 1942 it had acquired an imposing downtown mansion. Here, pink-cheeked Prophet Doreal, garbed in a gold-trimmed robe of purple silk, addressed his followers from a throne that had once belonged to Mexico's Emperor Maximilian (see cut).

    Men & women came to hear Doreal talk of "onement with the universal mind" or "full illumination," and to be bound together by the "thaumaturgic power that was exercised by Christ and his disciples." Members of any faith were welcome, were not required to abandon their previous beliefs or their minor vices. Leader Doreal supplied them with his own interpretations of the Gospels.

    But as to the religions with which the brotherhood would lead the postatomic world, "Archbishop" Doreal took care last week to be as misty as the distant Himalayas. Said he: "Our foundation is Christian, but our interpretation differs from that of the orthodox groups. . . . We're reasonable people, not fanatics." His most explicit expression of faith: "I am a Republican."