- The Undiscussables -

To discuss means to sift and examine, and fair-minded examination is a function of the human intelligence - and where the intelligence is not functioning, but only the emotions, a subject cannot be discussed. Anti-Semitism, for example. The Jew is not a race, not a physical or mental type, not a blood strain, not a nation, not a religious unit. The only thing Jews have in common is an intellectual and religious tradition based largely on the Old Testament. We never saw a 'Jew-hater' who could define the word Jew, or, for that matter, any ethnologist. Anti-semitism is a complex, a fixation, dating apparently from about the Crusades and appearing in every imaginable form of savagery. Now, no one can argue with a complex, any more than you can with a tumor or a cancer. It infuriates people even to be told about their complexes, which they call their thinking. They procede to rationalize them, which means that reason abdicates and the fight is on. Nothing can be done for such people except to hold their coats while they beat up their neighbors... Our own present interest is merely in behalf of human intelligence, reason, and decency, which flee away like exorcised ghosts before intolerance and hatreds.

Another Undiscussable is of course the "Negro problem" - which is not a racial problem at all, if experts in such matters are to be believed. There is no "Negro race" in the United States; there is simply a culturally retarded social group where the question is complicated by skin coloration. Any sane person knows that this great group cannot be boxed up, or killed off, or enslaved, or deported, or segregated - there probably isn't an ethnologist or 'social scientist' in the world who has any such silly ideas. The only way out is a gradual cultural progress and assimilation - and the mere mention of that makes every potential Ku-Kluxer froth at the mouth... "Our interest in mentioning this is to repeat the fact (quite uselessly) that the "negro problem" is NOT a race problem, but one of a retarded cultural group, and cannot be solved until a fair percentage of both whites and "colored" can understand this point - that is to say, for some centuries to come, judging by our present rate of mental progress. But maybe long before that, ato-bombs or something will settle all worldly problems at once - or the patience of the high Gods give way to the thunders of their judgment.

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Do you have any little Undiscussables around your house?

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The Coming Spiritual Era
- and Mr. Vincent Gaddis

Pitirim A. Sorokin's Social and Cultural Dynamics is an education in itself (not too easy going), and RR friend Vincent Gaddis has extracted the life juices of it. In a Mind Digest article (June issue) he turns them to good account, makes a blistering analysis of our social milieu, then comes to the tough but hopeful conclusion that our sensate culture is on the way out, an ideational and idealistic [19] culture now a-borning. An admirable piece of writing, and much of the thinking of our time is in accord with it. But as for the encyclopedic Professor Sorokin and his collaborators, we recall that according to him the human race, or human history, is not 'going anywhere'; there's no scheme or plan or direction in historical events, no cycles or curves or spirals - Spenglerian or otherwise. The whole of recorded history reduces to trendless fluctuations - Sorokin's exact phrase. We must judge, therefore, that Mr. Gaddis parts company with him in his optimistic conclusions - and most piously do we hope and pray that Mr. Gaddis is right.

Stop, Look,

Lord Dowding, widely known English spiritualist, was so injudicious of late as to remark, that probably many of the victims of this last war were expiating sins of past lives. One result, outcries of grief and indignation from various spiritualist periodicals. We find it a good-sized bolus to swallow, ourselves, that every one of these tortured millions of non-combatants had themselves committed similar outrages. Our feelings are no argument - but we do find it curious that spiritualists who accept reincarnation and the doctrine of Karma should be so shy about going the full length of the teaching. Every child and mother and helpless old man burned alive or starved or beaten, presumably had it coming for some reason - presuming the reincarnation theory, as commonly understood, is correct.

Racial Fanaticism

We wonder if there are any reincarnationists among the fanatical haters of folk-different. Does it ever occur, for instance, to the "Jew-baiter" that he himself has either been a Jew, or will be one? Does the hater of black, brown, or yellow skins ever reflect that he himself has been or will be a negro or an Asiatic? The reincarnation teaching explicitly provides for life experience in all lands and races. It ought to put a little tolerance, decency, and fear of God into the minds of its followers, if nothing more. (The RR Editor, by the way, was once told he had been a Brahmin priest and a Geisha girl (not in the same life); was much intrigued by this latter career and tried to get details, but his celestial informant hung up on him.)

Continuing this same topic, A.R.E. Edit or Gina Cerminara has an excellent article in Mind Digest for June ("Candid Camera" etc). Her attitude is, that reincarnation while not exactly provable by "tangible evidence ... must exist by psychological necessity, in order to account completely for the observed and otherwise inexplicable phenomena of the consciousness of man." That, of course, is the true nub of the matter; there's an immense amount of data which can be explained no other way, and in such situation it's up to the objector either to show that the teaching does not account for the facts, or to offer an equally good or better alternative. It's precisely the situation which exists with regard to survival and spirit communication - as we have often pointed out. Maybe the Pooh-Bah brotherhood is right sometimes, but we still refuse to accept a hoarse laugh as an argument.



"The Tarot is a pictorial text book of Ageless wisdom, from whose pages have been drawn the inspiration for some of the most important works on occult science of the last 75 years. Its influence upon the minds of a few enlightened thinkers may be traced throughout the history of the modern revival of interest in esoteric philosophy."

Thus writes Paul Case, in the first paragraph of his Brief Analysis of the Tarot. We have, from time to time, devoted a few paragraphs to this inexhaustible subject. So far as we know, no other publication in this country so much as recognizes the existence of the Tarot. And yet the mysterious cards have their devotees by the thousands, their history is long and their literature extensive, and their meanings extend into the most profound depths of philosophic speculation. Round Robin would welcome contributions upon moot points of Tarot interpretation, its use in divination and meditation, and also examples of readings which have been verified by the outcome.

Our present purpose, however, is to offer a contribution which comes to us from Max Freedom Long, author of the pamphlet, of Recovering the Ancient Magic, and of many articles dealing with Polynesian lore. Mr Long at one time lectured on the Tarot, in Honolulu, and came upon this particular spread by one of those so-called accidents which often seem like a descent of Grace from supernal intelligence. Let us take the Trumps Major only (says Mr. Long in effect), convert their Roman numerals to the Arabic, and apply the principle of occult reduction by adding the digits of each card.

#1st #2nd #3rd
0The Fool      
1Magician 10Wheel 19Sun
2Priestess 11Justice 20Judgment
3Empress 12Hanged Man 21World
4Emperor 13Death   
5Hierophant 14Temperance   
6Lovers 15Devil   
7Chariot 16Tower   
8Strength 17Star   
9Hermit 18Moon   

Here we have changed the Roman numerals to their Arabic equivalents. Add the digits of the cards in the 2nd and 3rd columns. 1 plus 0 gives 1. 9 plus 1 = 10 = 1. These go in the "1" group with card 1. 11, for Justice, adds to 2. 20 for Judgment adds to 2. These with No. 2. 12, for Hanged Man, adds to 3. 21, for World, adds to 3. With card 3.

There will be 3 groups of 3 cards each; 6 groups of 2 cards each. Lay out your cards this way, in groups or vertical rows - and then examine (for a few minutes or years) the profound significance of these collocations.

Consider how the Magician, invoking Power from heaven onto the plane of earth, turns thereby the Wheel of Fortune (for his betterment) and enters into the glory of the Sun. How the Priestess, the subconscious mind, works Justice upon the plane of earth and brings the soul into Judgment. How the power of the Emperor is reaped by Death - and the Chariot of the conqueror overthrown by fire from heaven --

Wheel of Taro speaks the Law of Hathor (Nature)


Rings Twice.

Re AMORC and
Ways Thereof.

To the Editor of Round Robin:

I have been a member of AMORC for several years. I get the weekly lessons, which are basically good - But, while I was over-seas I was seldom able to read them, let alone perform the experiments. I wrote them, informing them of the situation, but never, so far as I can remember, reported to them on any experiment.

However, I have certificates showing that I have been initiated into the various degrees, tho I have performed none of the initiations. Some time ago I received what is supposed to be a Garant d'Amitie from the Grand Lodge of Egypt. A little later I got a letter (all letters from AMORC are form letters) saying that I was to let them know as soon as I received any communication from Egypt. Supposed to be something important. But you see, AMORC already knew I had received the Garant -- at least the envelope in which it came was postmarked San Jose, California.

So it seems that a member in good standing in AMORC is merely a person who pays his dues. The rest is automatic, and apparently nine-tenths of it is a farce. It's too bad, too, because as I say, basically the lessons are good, tho they contain a great deal of advertising.

About the accusation that AMORC sells occult secrets, this is is not true. Their lessons are supposed to lead the student to the place where he can draw his own conclusions. If he has done his work correctly, those conclusions are supposed to be the occult secrets. The 'Laws' given in the monographs are those which are stated in high-school science classes, or which can easily be deduced by any attentive student.

AMORC has been accused of communistic leanings. Of this I have found no indication whatsoever. People are much too careless in making accusations.

I have a very dear friend who was a Rosicrucian for a while-- was a patient at the AMORC hospital in San Jose. They did a great deal of good for her at the hospital. But she came to know the late Imperator quite well, and found that he did not practise what he preached. That isn't good in the leader of a nation-wide 'occult' organization.

(I know absolutely nothing about the present Imperator, Ralph Lewis, the son of H. Spencer Lewis).

A Round Robin Reader §

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Guess Whom

Editor of Round Robin:

In a recent spiritualist magazine I noted certain details about you, and about the effect of stories that for about one year have been appearing in _______ _______ Magazine, especially by one ___. I feel that these stories are dangerous and represent an evil effort to manipulate the minds of readers for evil purposes. All except one of these stories by tend in this direction; they are non-constructive and dangerous and I cannot tolerate them. Not since the early 30's has anything constructive and educational appeared in this magazine, I warned about this in my letter of April...

Round Robin Reader     §

(§§ Correspondents maybe reached by addressing the RR Editor)


Notes and Quotes -

Polarized Light

First recorded tests of use of polarized light in seance work are noted by Spiritualist Leader of April 28th. Polaroid film placed in front of the red lamp cuts the intensity in half but the light itself can then be quadrupled, so as to double the effective illumination. Everything in the room can then be seen clearly, without harmful effect on ectoplasmic formations. Polarized film is obtainable from the Leader.

Anything New?
(Items noted in Doubt,
Fortean Society Magazine)

Rain of beans - Poltergeist throwing bottles - Python in Ohio - Unknown Something flies over Sweden - Volcanic action in California and Oregon - Blue moons, Oregon, England, Fiji - Steady rainfall in front of a bank, all weathers (Georgia) - 750 ft. of steel cable falls (noiselessly) on Oakland houses - sea monsters - Rocket or something over North Carolina - Fire ball, new style, over Nevada and California - Strange effects of a new anaesthetic (dentist says women always cross their legs before taking it) - Notably, a description of Indiana's sky monster, by Vincent Gaddis. All these events except the last are of recent date.


This is the title of a new quarterly announced by physicist Walter C. Graham, designed for the field of the physical sciences, with department for readers' discussions and theories, possibly to include archeology - a general get-together for intelligentsia. $1.00 per quarter, in advance. Box 7046, Sta. G., L.A. 37


We repeat the announcement of lectures on the Qabalah, by Dr. Francis I. Regardie, a distinguished author and occultist. Familiarity with the theoretical aspects of the Golden Dawn scheme is prerequisite. The RR Editor emphasizes this as an unique opportunity, since competent instruction and advice in this subject is almost unobtainable. Fee, $50. (3923 W. 6th St. Hollywood 5. Ex. 8807)

Spirit of
Modern Science

Groucho: It's my belief that the missing picture is hidden in the house next door.
Chico: But there isn't a house next door!
Groucho: Then we'll build one.

In this bit from a Marx Brothers film we have logic, decision, efficiency, organization - and the result, utter nonsense. A perfect picture of modern official science in its relation to psychic and 'occult' phenomena.

Fraternal Note:
(Public please
will NOT read)

About this spate of small publications. Some of us can't get paper, some of us can't get readers, some of us get neither. But there were those folk on the desert island who made a living by taking in each other's washing. If each of us subscribes to all the small papers, we'll be independent as the birds of air and to heck with the public. Mum's the word, boys! On your toes now, and all together! ....



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  1. Long, Max F. Recovering the Ancient Magic. London: Rider, 1936. Print. [Re-ed. by Huna Research, 1978: <http://amzn.to/1kIf7vu>]
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