(Former President Warren G. Harding, communicating;
seance room recording on phonographic record)

. . . . . as we crossed the continent and my body was taken through, I passed the place where I lived in Ohio. I looked out from the rear platform, and there I saw many faces of those I had known, and where I went to school in the State of Ohio, I was proud when I was elected President of the United States; but, friends, when it came time for me to go, and my wife stood by my side, and as they brought me into the great white house at home, as the last tribute of honor was paid to me and the tears rolled down men's cheeks, and there they stood, humble human beings, I knew that in their hearts there was manhood, and a disposition to make amends for things that had been said and done. But, friends, what I wanted to talk about tonight was not myself; it is yourself - of things for the world to know, that if (men) will destroy the hateful thought that poisons mind and body, they will find there is more happiness in the world than they ever (supposed). Hating and despising, sending out black thoughts concerning some one in public life! I was innocent in many regards and many respects; I knew nothing of what was talked about - "W.G.H. has done this" or "W.G.H. is the tool" of this and that person - when in my own heart there was nothing but good will and the desire for the happiness of many. I am resting quietly in the understanding that God is my pal, that God is a partner of mine. Jesus, the great brother, one of the greatest mediums that ever lived upon earth, came not to save people from their sins but to teach then a lesson, which if they would follow they could save themselves. And I tell you, my friends, you are here for a purpose. You are here to labor in God's great garden of love. You are here to learn, to educate yourselves. God did not send Jesus as a Saviour - you are your own saviours. When you come to this side of life, and stand naked and alone at the great portals, and hear the voice of some . . . . .  With these few remarks I must say good night, and I hope to come back and visit you again."

(Parentheses and blanks indicate imperfections in the recording. Record made Sept. 17, 1934, at San Diego, Calif.)

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Extract from Letter.

To the Editor of Round Robin:

". . . . . . Our Federation is 100% against any and all forms of fraud. We are trying, however, to unite all legally chartered spiritualistic bodies into this Federation, and then let them clean house from within by the action of their own representatives in a truly democratic and, let us hope, permanent fashion. We have just won cases in Washington, D.C., and Lincoln, Nebraska, and are at present fighting one in Kansas City which we shall stay with until victory. . . . "

W.R. Cummins
President, Texas Spiritual
Christian Synod.

San Antonio
March 31, 1946