Index of Vol. III [1947]

011947JanuaryThe Entrance Into Life Eternal (Swedenborg) • Pendule Diagnosis in Theory and Practice (from the brochure of Dr. William Thomas Bidwell) • Wai-ha, Wai-pa (Word-Treasures of the Huna Rituals) by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Strangest of 'Psychic Phenomena', by Meade Layne • "The University of Spiritualism", review by Meade Layne • Note Concerning Huna, the Bell Witch, and Analogous Cases (F.G.H., Elder Fr.) • Illuminist Incidents (Silver Ball - Mattiesen Mystery - Astral Impersonation - Spider-Web Prophecies - Prophecies of Basil Shackleton) by Vincent Gaddis • Phenomena of the Mendocino Mountains (Nature Spirits and Elementals) by E. John • Ignatius Donnelly (Biographical Notes from Edward Morgan and William G. Randall) • Clips and Quotes (Periodicals, Books, Correspondents) • Used Books, etc.
021947FebruaryAd VesperamWill the Navy Sink the Remaining Bikini Fleet (News Flash from Walter Graham) • Abominable SnowmanWhere is Thy Victory? by "Ardyth H." • The Mark P. SeancesWhen I Visit the Other Side, by Henriette M. Plemon • Space Ships Again? (memo from Ella Young, and comment) • The Finding of the Beloved, by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Stop These Mundicides! by Dr. Nandor Fodor • Reply to Nandor Fodor by F.G.H. • Variorum - - - (The clairvoyant clergymanTwo plus two) • Goethe's House (verse by M.L.) • Used Books, Note and Comments
031947MarchTheologia ExoticaIn The Lodge of The White Brotherhood, by "Jat-Catek" • So You Think There's Something In It! by M.L. • Notes on Huna - by Jon Sonall • Rosicrucian MethodA Page to be Preserved, by F.G.H. • The Moulds and the Life Essence (Communication from the Trance Control, Lingford) • Clips and Quotes - and - The Elementals of Bryce CanyonNotes from the SeancesProphetic Years (Book Review) • Round Robin in Review (Feb. issue) • A Note from Clarkson DyeUnion of Church and StateAN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTBooks, Periodicals, Other Announcements
041947AprilThe Magic of Euphrosina, or Exorcism Below the Border"Not for Publication" (Cavern and temple and the wrath to come) • "Town Meeting" Quotes - and Walter Graham, physicist • One-Pointed Concentration, by Luverne Arestad, F.H.F - Psychic Messages from a Living Man - HallucinationsEther Drift Experiment (Report from Roger Graham) - Doubt Magazine criticisms of RR - Various ItemsThe Three Salvations of Huna, by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Of Biographical Interest, by F.G.H. • Letter from Egerton Sykes (Noah's Ark again) • Dero-Queero Business (Read it and Weep!) • Variorum: (For the Record, Brother of the 3rd Degree, B. of L. instructions - etc.) • "Cyclopean Furnaces" - PARICUTIN in Action (Illustrated) • Books, Periodicals, Announcements
051947May & JunePsychical Research and the Theorists, by P.S. Haley, Ph.C., D.D.S. • IN MEMORIAM -- William Gallup RandallTelepathy, by Jon Sonall (and Comment by the Editor) • The Shaver Mystery, by Vincent H. Gaddis • F.G.H. reviews Flying RollDero-Queero Again - and the Spiritistic Interpretation • The Medicine of Ancient Magicians, by W.C. Pollock • Note Concerning Ether Drift, by Roger Graham • Notes from the Mark P. Seances — and Pages des Revenants • Quotation without Comment, and "Train Wreck Victims" • H.P.B., and the Isis Unveiled (reprint) and Carlyle, Milton and Burton (quotes) • Variorum (quotes, note and comments, and Reviews) • Books, Periodicals and Announcements
061947July & AugustMalamala (The meaning of the RR scholium) • FLY, LOKAS, FLY! (The incursion of the 'flying saucers') • Definitions, by Roger Graham • What was a Kahuna? by Max Freedom Lon, F.H.F. • How to Recognize a True Initiate, By F.G.H. • Varia from the Southwest, by Mrs. H.M. Graham • Note on writing of Oahspe • "Medicine of Magicians": Comment by Dr. V.L. Arnet • Note on Healing, by the Editor • Cultural Highlights (Varia from the press) • Notes from the Mark P. Seances • Methods in Dowsing • Correspondence, Quotes and Comments • Experiment proposed - Advice for students • Books, Periodicals, Announcements
071947September & OctoberIn Soria-Moria CastleConcerning the LOKAS, or Flying Disks • Comments on the Mechanics of Huna . . by E.C. Krieger • The Origin of the Shakespearian Plays . . by Ramond Natalli (16th Century astronomer & trance control) • How to Recognize a True Initiate . . by C.B.G. - also, a quotation from the Great Work, and comment by Editor • A Premonitary Dream . . by Anne Howard • Instantaneous Healing . . W.C. Pollock, F.H.F. • The Mystery of Mt. Shasta (resume of the "Times" article) • The Foo-Fighter Mystery (review of article from Amer.Leg.Mag.) • Some Notes on Subterranean Races, Professor Charles J. Ryan (and, Metaphysical knowledge among the Navajos) • In the Valley of the Moons . . by Mrs. H.M. Plemon • Rusty Speaks Up . . (Momo, from Max Freedom Long) - and - Quotation from Conan Doyle (by N. Gulstine): Clips and comments • Labor Problems Banished by the Golden Rule • Variorum: (The Spreading Present — Case of Reanimation —Green Glows the Glass-O — Etheric Giants —etc.) • Books for Sale - Publications - Advertisements • Operation Shoe-String - Generosity - Apologies - Yes, We Know . . .
081947November & DecemberConcerning Tao • The Vortex Problem in Oregon (Professor Charles J. Ryan) • Some Problems, and Missing Data (Max Freedom Long, F.H.F.) • Fly, Lokas, Fly! (Article III, M.L.) • In Memoriam - Harry LaVerne Twining • Where is Thy Victory? • Self-Conscious Awareness (C.V.U. Etudiant) • "How to Recognize an Initiate", and comments on Round Robin 7 (by F.G.H.) • My Visit to Mount Shasta, Major H.A.G. (reported by H.B. Williams) • Alaskan Episode (by Warren H. Merritt) • A Clairaudient Communication (reported by Mark Probert) • Dr. Bidwell on the Healing Process • We Point With Pride - incident from the Phillipines (reported by Walter X. Osborn) • Dr. Haley Sees Things (and they're well worth telling) • Variorum: (Fossilized shoe - maybe; The Dancing Crucifix; Report on Dowsing; Odds and endities) • Books and Periodicals • Addenda: Zones of Safety, etc.
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