- The Mark P. Seances -

(Notes from seance communications, received at San Diego,
thru the trance mediumship of Mark Probert)

(Round Robin occasionally reports communications of this kind, when their content seems to justify it. Readers who think all such material worthless unless it contains lofty revelations of philosophic and religious truth, or who believe a priori that all information from the astral levels, tainted with ignorance and deceit, entirely miss the point of view held by serious students. The demands made by many critics of seance communications are indeed extraordinary. If they would adopt much the same attitude with which they would question a returned traveller from Tibet or the Congo or the planet Mars, the results would be more profitable to all concerned) (1-12-47)

"Lo Sun Yat",
Tibetan control.

"The conditions in Mendocino seem new to you, but that is not the only place, and they will become increasingly common. The etheric world is opening like a curtain. This condition is a passing one, it is a phase of the earth's history. But the attitude of mankind has a bearing on it. If no attention is given to it, if it is derided and cast off, the conditions may not recur for a long time. It is an opportunity offered to mankind to learn something of other planes and of beings of another evolutionary order... You are to learn new laws of Nature. Do not be afraid. Foolish teaching are the cause of your fears.

"There are many people standing around here, on our side, watching this seance. Some of them are overcome with amazement. There are many on our side too who do not know that communication with your plane is possible. They will learn better in time, just as the people of your plane will have to do."

(d. in N.Y.
State, ca. 1900)

"Yes, it is quite a long time since I came to your meetings, about a month I think. Will you give me a cigaret, please? I have been looking around to see what interesting news I could pick up for you. I want to tell you that before this year is out a machine will be perfected for communication with the etheric world. It will be derided and scoffed at and fought over no end. (Q) This machine will be invented by an advanced electrician and physicist and it will knock a lot of religious ideas into a cocked hat. (Q) It will be constructed in the east, I believe in New York City. It will employ very high sensitivity and high frequencies. (Q) The transmission or contact will be by means of speech, of the voice. This will really stir things up. Yes, I have been in New York lately and it was damn cold too. (Q) Yes, I feel the cold because in following people about I get into their auras. The aura gives out vibrations of heat or cold... Some one is trying to get me out of here - I'll leave for a while!"

Kay Ting,

This communicator said in substance that habitual contact with the etheric and astral levels, equivalent to almost universal clairvoyance, would be established in about 100 years, if no great change or obstacle intervened. 'Clairvoyance can be developed thru meditation... Active meditation ("with seed") is best (in the Western world).'

("Q" indicates a question put to Communicator.)


Jan. 19, '47

Lo Sun Yat
(re Apports)

"The dense matter of the apported object is disintegrated. This is done by directing a powerful ray of mental energy upon it. (Q) No, not everyone can do this, it requires a skilled operator. The atoms of the object are conveyed to the place at which the apported object is to appear. (Q) The form is maintained because the etheric pattern is not destroyed. This etheric form or pattern is itself a form of matter and is also transferred to the place desired."

(Question: Is there a projection of any kind of 'vehicle' in clairvoyance?)

(Lo Sun Yat): This is very hard to make clear. Projection implies space, but space is a form of consciousness. What you have is extended consciousness, or extended awareness. We cannot think of consciousness without a vehicle, but consciousness and the vehicle are really one and the same thing. This applies to all methods of projection as well as to clairvoyance. There is a kind of hallucination of spatial travelling, but this travelling is essentially an increased awareness. We interpret awareness of distant places in space terms, but space is not an objective existent, not some-thing to be crossed.

(re drug addiction
and of the
second death)

"The sufferings of drug addicts over here are terrible. Their etheric body suffers just as the dense body does from deprivation of the drug."

"Yes, I know what is meant by the second death. Well, as far as my experience in this world goes I have never yet seen an astral shell or even a piece of one! ... (Lingford abruptly gave way to the former control, Lo Sun Yat)

Lo Sun Yat

"I see that Lingford is getting into pretty deep water. The second death as I understand it refers to reincarnation in the dense body... The vehicles do not die; they condense and concentrate. The etheric body is discarded gradually. It retains its nature and it is concentrated down into the seed atoms. All things contain seed atoms, stars and worlds as well as men.

"To my thought the so-called Monad is triune or tripartite, not really a monad, and its trinity is reflected thruout the lower planes of its manifestation. It is not clear to me why there is this deep passion for separateness, individualism, when this is certainly not the will of the High Self - when it must be outgrown."

'Sister Theresa',
Sacred Heart,
New York, 1863

"I have been listening to your talk. I am deeply interested in all philosophic and scientific subjects and spend a great deal of time studying them. Perhaps this is not a female pursuit, but mind is neither male nor female... They tell me that in course of time I won't have this old body any more. (Q) Oh, yes, there are many old people over here. That's because they had the idea of growing old and still have it, and they thought about their earth bodies as being old, and that affects the etheric body... I have gotten to know Lingford quite well. He is rather a young man, about thirty, I should imagine. [11] I made one trip to his home. He has a beautiful home in a valley, with a wonderful view of a lake from the front part of the house. He's a student but travels around a good deal, but not much of a mixer.

"Well, to get a home or anything else here, you have to visualize. But our visualization is not just like yours. It's spontaneous, like visualization in a dream... The things we have here are dream states come true... This applies to all our activities... (Q) Where do I live? (long silence) Well, I must live somewhere! (silence) My great pleasure is to teach - to teach children."

Many of the points raised by the foregoing extracts are of great importance to critical students - and in saying this we do not mean to assert that such statements are to be taken without modification, as final and conclusive. They reflect the mentality, development and environment of the communicator - just as 'news' about our earth life, given by any of us to some planetary visitor, would also be biased and inadequate. But in the interests of human knowledge it is worth while to collect such data, and to check and compare with the information of Adepts and the esoteric wisdom... The reader will note the inability of 'sister Theresa' to remember where she lives. In a similar way the well-integrated personality 'Lingford' could not recall where or how he obtained the clothing he wears. These lacunae are not always present, and of course they are common in our earth mentality also, nevertheless their frequency is significant to the psychologist.

We repeat once more, in response to inquiries, that the trance medium Mark Probert is not a 'professional', nor paid in any way for his services, nor a member of any church or cult or other organization. He is a young man, an artist, commercially employed, of excellent natural capacities tho with little formal schooling. His work until lately has been characterized by a remarkable display of xenoglossy: normally he knows English only, but in trance speaks some half dozen languages fluently. So far as can be determined the communications have been remarkably free from subjective intrusions, and very few impersonations have been detected among the communicators. And although (once again) the honesty of a medium is no guarantee, in itself, of messages received thru him, we take this occasion to pay tribute to the character and unselfish cooperation of Mark Probert.

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An Addendum to the seance notes, sup. Several communicators have recently referred to the problem of the Pyramids (their date, purpose, and mode of construction). There is substantial agreement in the accounts given. (1) No close date has been given, but they are said to have been built well before the close of the Atlantean period. One communicator referred repeatedly to the number "12" but would not explain further. (This refers to the 'great pyramid') (2) it was asserted that the purpose was primarily religious, or religio-occult and astronomical, that they used for tombs centuries later. (3) It was said that the stones were cut, transported and placed by apportation - that is, by exactly the same process used for the apports known to spiritists and occultists. We have thus a contemporary phenomenon to support this view. (4) The prehistoric builders in Mexico and Central America were in constant telepathic communication with those of Egypt. (Thus, for those who can accept, the problem of ancient cultural relationships is illuminated in every part).