Notes Concerning Huna, the
Bell Witch, and Analogous Cases --

by F.G.H. - (Elder Fr.)

Dear Frater:

"RR 11 finally reached me on the eve of our departure here. It contains much which is interesting and some which rouses old memories. For one point, those that founded the School of the Huna did know all our scientists knew, and much beside which is still below their horizon, such as control of gravity, transmutation of elements, atomic power, molecular manipulation of matter, etc... Huna was the Atlantean form of Masonry as preserved in the colony of Lemuria. Its deeper secrets and the four higher Initiations were abolished about 75 years ago by the remaining higher Initiates. The secrets were transmitted by word of mouth, and what now remains is greatly distorted. It is the same in all higher Orders, due to the times in which we live. A time in which several periods or cycles come to a climax and an end - it is one of the worst in all human history, but it will end in the next century."

(Contemporary students of Huna are aware that much has been lost, but there are instances where the magic has been partially recovered and worked successfully by white men, so we believe much of practical value can still be learned. With this we believe F.G.H. would concur. Ed.)

"Concerning the Bell Witch" (RR, Nov. '46, p.23). "A similar case occurred in Kiel, Germany, about 1920. A young married couple were persecuted wherever they went by smashing of furniture, constant fires, attacks on them by everything movable, making their life a constant hell. Police and professors investigated, but were completely baffled and had to retreat bruised and burned. I heard about it from numerous reliable sources; it was a cause celebre in the local papers. A friend of mine, well-versed in magic and occult knowledge, investigated with a squad of detectives. In the two mile drive to and fro they blew all four tires and had two collisions. During the investigation my friend drew a handkerchief from his pocket, and it promptly burst into flames.

"He found out that the woman had been going with a sailor of the German navy and had a child by him. This sailor was killed in the Jutland battle, and later the woman married this man, a small business man. The sailor after death came in contact with witchcraft and vented his jealous spleen on the couple. My friend advised them to separate, as he was powerless to help them. This they did, as life together was impossible, and the manifestations ceased."

(Inquiry was made of Lo Sun Yat one of the Mark P. Controls about the Bell Witch affair. This Control replied that the book dealing with the case was in the libraries on the 'other side', but that he had not himself examined the facts. "Nevertheless," he continued, "some deep and long-continued hatred will be found at the bottom of this. Hatred will persist of itself, as [13] if it were an entity, and set up conditions" (stresses in the ether?) "Then some powerful and malignant ego will seize upon them when the time is ripe." It will be observed that hatred was also at the bottom of the Kiel persecution described by FGH. Both cases confirm teachings long accepted in various occult Orders. Ed.)

"This same friend and I ran across a Vampire in the Ruhr district, in different cases and independently. Later I came across a third case involving the same vampire... One day my sister-in-law, a RN, came home 'to die'. The doctors had told her she couldn't live another fortnight. She was simply wasting away, her vitality draining. I took one look at her and saw that her hair was a gray slimy mess - brain matter oozing thru the skull - tho she had washed her hair less than three hours before. That told me what was the matter, and I advised her to take it easy and go to bed at once. I broke the vampiric connection and two weeks later the girl was back at work. She doesn't know yet who and what cured her... My friend was called in on a case where a twelve-year-old girl was wasting away; he also diagnosed the vampire and with different means broke the connection. During the rites, the windows in the room were broken from the outside, in the fifth story, and a blank wall without any fire escapes or other means of access.

"Later I ran across a third case. We were sitting at lunch, deep in a coal mine, and one old miner maintained that he had several times seen gnomes go across a working, coming out of the solid rock and disappearing into it, sometimes taking notice of him with a friendly wave. His tale was laughed at, except by one young man, who then began to tell the story of his cousin, a girl of 16. As soon as he gave the first symptoms I described the rest, which astonished him no end. When the doctors couldn't help, her mother went to a 'wise woman', who gave her a quart bottle of some very strong smelling embrocation, with orders to anoint the girl with it four times a day, and 'not to forget the smallest spot.' The smell of the stuff was so vile that the task was given to the young fellow, who admitted he found it quite enjoyable (as the girl was good-looking). After two weeks the mother went again to the wise woman and was told to look into a mirror. In the glass she saw a neighbor woman, who, she was told, was responsible for the girl's condition - and that she must on no account accept any food, drink or any other gift from the woman. As soon as the mother returned home, this neighbor appeared with a blueberry pancake 'for the girl.' Without a word, the mother threw it into the stove - whereupon the woman left at once, and moved from her home with her family in 24 hours, in spite of the very severe housing shortage. I am sure it was the same vampire in all three cases."

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(The Round Robin Editor endeavors to satisfy himself as to the integrity and competence of contributors, wherever extraordinary facts of a supernormal order are involved. In the case of clippings, reports, and other unverifiable material, their origin and character are clearly indicated. Our information concerning the author of the foregoing article is wholly favorable, and we consider it dependable. Tho the powers of an Adept can be judged only by his equals and superiors, his personal character and the integration of his experiences with the body of occult knowledge are, in the long run, sufficient criteria.)