Concerning the Lokas
      'Flying Disks'

In this September issue of Flying Roll, the RR Editor has recurred to this subject at some length, and there are a few points we wish to keep before the RR readers also. For one thing, it was stated in FR that this issue of RR would give the name of a national magazine which would presently print a special edition devoted entirely to the phenomena of the disks. But this information has not yet been released. We may have to handle this by means of a special bulletin to our readers.

We do not know at the moment, just what explanation, if any, the magazine referred to will give concerning the Lokas. But we can assure you that any lingering doubts concerning their reality will be definitely disposed of. There never has been any question on this point, among thoughtful and informed people; but there has been a systematic campaign of denial and ridicule, as well as an unofficial but effective censorship on news stories. Make no mistake: the Lokas are real, and the authorities know it, and the F.B.I. and Military Intelligence are deeply concerned, and no one yet has been able to trump up a yarn that will satisfy the public, if and when they return in large numbers. Some of these constructions are nearly a mile in diameter.

There are only three hypotheses about them: (1) That they are constructed by some foreign Power (Russia, of course). The practical objections to this theory seem to this writer to be conclusive. (2) The theory suggested by at least one distinguished occultist, that they are craft of Atlantean construction, kept stored in caverns, and now brought out for the training of crews against time of need in the coming war. Considering all the data at hand, RR does not at present incline to this view. (3) The flat statements made by the communicators at the Mark P. seances, that they are craft constructed on the etheric levels (etheric worlds interpenetrating with our own), that their mission is friendly but for definite purposes. That there are flying objects and small craft of many sorts in our skies, all of them experimental efforts on the part of the Ethereans. Some details of construction and mode of propulsion have also been given.

Of course, if you reject this last explanation a priori, on account of its source, it is useless at this stage to argue the matter. We only say here, that there is a large amount of contributory data, concerning the interpenetration of the planes of etheric and dense matter; and further, that so far at least, there is not a single item of objective data, of observed fact, which conflicts with the hypothesis of etheric origin. When or if such data comes to us, we will present it at once.

We know that the Lokas are now present over other parts of the world, and sooner or later it is most probable that they will return to our own skies. There is danger of panic, and even of war, when once the public realizes that we are completely at the mercy of these visitors – and, of course, attributes them to some unfriendly foreign power. If, as we new believe, they are "apports" from the etheric, it is going to be quite useless to attempt to get this idea across to the masses, and even to most of our alleged intellectuals, and to a public press which is incapable of grasping even the first syllable of what it is all about. This is NEWS of incredible world importance (and so was the much-derided Corrida or Kareeta of last November). We are not trying to sensationalize it -- it is already sensational beyond the reaches of imagination. We feel justified in pointing out to our readers, that no other publication in the United States has so far offered either the objective facts or the explanations which have appeared in Round Robin and Flying Roll... We do not wish to frighten anyone, but to allay fear, for we feel sure that the Lokas are friendly. But their existence and the issues raised by it must be faced sooner or later, and we believe that in the end our readers will be grateful to RR for preparing the way, to some extent, for the understanding of one of the strangest phenomena in the history of mankind.