I N    M E M O R I A M

William Gallup Randall

Our friend and brother, William G. Randall, entered upon the new life on the 11th of April, 1947, at the age of 71. He was a native of Connecticut, attended Brown University, and the George Washington University Law School, and was admitted to the bar both in Washington D.C. and in California in the same year. He practised in the District Attorney's office, in Los Angeles, for five years, and afterward carried on a private practise.

Mr Randall was greatly interested in psychic research and spiritistic phenomena, and was one of the founders of the Atlantean Club of Pasadena, through which much remarkable information was obtained. He brought to these studies the same acute thinking and rigorous logic which characterized his legal practise. His interests were wide in range and his culture liberal and generous.

We grieve for the loss experienced by his family and friends but at the same time we rejoice on his own behalf, as it is right to do for one who is freed from pain and perplexity, and has entered upon a life of happiness and new achievement. The Editor and readers of this publication are especially affected by his passing; the articles contributed by our brother, and often widely reprinted, have been of distinguished quality, and an asset to the cause of enlightenment. Whatever our brother said was worth saying, what he did was well done, his life and character command affection and respect.

We give him Hail and Farewell - for a little time. We write the ancient word MALAMA in his memory, which means to uphold and diffuse the Light. It is at once the summary and the guiding principle of his earth-life activities. He is a man whose sojourn here was profitable to mankind.

M. L.


"To rest and to labor, to learn and to teach, to have the friendship of those who are wise and holy and pure and true - both those whom I have known and loved heretofore, and those whom I shall come to know and to love in the great hereafter - and to purify my soul from the taint and stain of sin; that will be heaven for me."

(Closing paragraph of Reflections Concerning
a Future Life
, by William G. Randall, Round
Robin, April, 1946. Reprinted in Mind Digest.)