(Reference was made in March RR., and also in Flying Roll, to experiments by Roger Graham demonstrating the existence and approximate velocity of a ether drift. We now abstract from an article published by Amazing Stories magazine, issue for June, on sale by April 10, '47.)

The article begins by summarizing the well-known Michelson-Morley experiments, which gave a negative result, interpreted as meaning that there is no stationary ether through which the earth moves. This has been subtly altered to mean that there is no movement of the ether which can be detected under any experimental conditions. But the experiments did not cover every possible condition, in that they could not have measured a drift of the ether toward the center of the earth. If the ether flowed through the apparatus, toward the center, the interferometer would not register its velocity.

The experimenters did not think of this, because the accepted concept of the ether made it incapable of affecting matter and altering its velocity. But if we deny that, and insist that the slightest drift of ether will cause matter to change its velocity, then it follows that all fields - gravity, positive electrical, negative electrical, and magnetic, are ether drifts of some sort.

Then the effect of gravity is the effect of an ether drift.

The apparatus used in the M-M experiments was elaborate and costly, and unsatisfactory in other ways also. A simpler idea, however, came to me, which would give immediate tho inaccurate confirmation of a downward drift of the ether, if there is one.

"Simply expressed, if a mirror is placed flat on the floor and two surveyor's transits are set up about five ft. on either side of it, so that they look down on the mirror from a height of about five feet, and the first transit is centered on a thin line scratched in the silver of the mirror; then the second transit is moved about until its hair-lines are centered exactly on the line scratched in the mirror, and also visible crosshairs placed at the end of the first instrument, then when you go back to the first instrument which is already centered on the scratch, it should be exactly centered on the reflection of the second instrument's external cross-hairs, just as the second instrument is on the first - unless there is an ether drift.

"If there is an ether drift it will not be possible to have both instruments exactly in line with the reflection of the other AND the scratch in the mirror. Accurate results cannot be obtained with this crude set-up, but POSITIVE results can, and have been obtained."

Repeated trials with this set-up showed that the first instrument was about 1/20 inch off. An assistant got almost the same results. There is an ether drift toward the center of the earth, of somewhere around eighty miles per second. Mr. Graham thinks it may be less. With improved apparatus and a light path of at least 100 ft., the velocity can be measured to within a quarter of a mile per second.

The reader should remember that tho Einstein denies the existence of [10] an ether, at least half the most reputable scientists believe an ether of some kind exists - tho the term space is sometimes used as its equivalent. 'The purpose of this article is to present the method. The actual experiment must be repeated under accurate conditions and by many different people before its conclusions can be accepted as final.'

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The RR transcript of the foregoing article includes a diagram of the set-up and the mathematical demonstration, which is brief and not too difficult. The velocity of light is taken as 186,284 mi/sec. in air. The ether drift velocity comes out at 87 mi./sec.

The issue of Amazing Stories containing the article in full will be on sale by April 10, about the same time as this issue of RR. It is a source of satisfaction to RR friends, that both RR and Flying Roll were permitted, in previous numbers, to anticipate all other announcements.

The concept of the ether was familiar to "occult" or esoteric thinking, thousands of years before modern science adopted its own version, tentatively and with many doubts. This present discovery, when fully verified, is therefore deeply related to subjects with which Round Robin is profoundly concerned.

It is also possible, tho unprovable, that the 'inspiration' which gave Roger Graham his sudden idea of the simplified set-up for his experiment, at the moment when he was well advanced on a more elaborate and very expensive plan was connected with inquiries made at the Mark Probert seances in San Diego. The details of this are set forth in Flying Roll, Alpha II. We understand that Mr. Graham neither 'accepts' nor rejects the facts of communication with the excarnate, but, in the spirit of true science, is willing to test, to investigate, and to utilize all possible means of information and assistance. In this spirit he has cooperated with RR efforts, and has the fairness and courage to make the fact known.

Though we say that the connection with inquiries made at the seances is unprovable, it is most extraordinary that a figure 'overheard' by by the medium, worked out at a value of 8.7, whereas Graham's result (which may be modified later) was 87. This is almost beyond the range of coincidence - or, let us remember that a coincidence is something that demands explanation - not an explanation in itself, but a name for something we do not understand.

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Fortean magazine DOUBT, current issue, gibes at RR as a "spiritualist magazine" - to which we reply, Yes, No, and Maybe. The Editor is a spiritualist in the sense of regarding survival and communication as verifiable facts, but does not belong to any religious organization - and spiritualism is a religion, spiritism is not. Gibe number 2 was at the "Kareeta" (Corrida?) story, which was merely a factual reporting of accounts of some 35 observers (slightly better verification than 3-ft. rats and similar DOUBT items have ever had, and conceivably more important). Gibe No. 3 was at Mark Probert, an honest and unpaid medium, who likewise merely reported an experience in this connection...

The RR Editor belongs to the Fortean Society, thinks it does a fine service by undermining scientific pretenses. But it never seems to dawn on most Forteans, that psychic and spiritistic methods reveal facts as startling as anything in the Book of the Damned, including 'explanation' which can at least be used as [11] hypotheses and points of departure. Strange as it may seem, we actually find these more worth while than columns devoted to fire balls, fish impaled on telegraph poles, and mysterious rumblings within the earth. Fortean data are certainly disturbing and important, but just how to turn them to account remains unsolved. Apart from saving Oh my Gawd! most of the Forteans seem to make very little progress. DOUBT is published by the Fortean Society, Box 192 Grand Central Annex, N.Y.C.

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A copy of the Delta issue of Flying Roll, Vol. 1. Dale S. Hoon, Jr., 2505 Adams Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Mr. Hoon is interested in prophecies and forecasts of all kinds now being made thru various mediums. If you have similar interests write Mr. Hoon; in some cases RR will print such material.

Bulletin of the Association for Research & Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, Va., March 1947, contains a six-page article by Hugh Lynn Cayce summarizing the principal sources and facts concerning Atlantis, and including material from the Cayce readings. We note, among many interesting points that: (1) parts of the old continent will rise again, between 1958 and 1998; (2) Atomic power or something very similar to it was known, also the neutralization of gravity; (3) also "the crystal, the mighty and terrible crystal"; (4) The increasing reincarnation of Atlanteans in our present day. The Bulletin sells for .25.

Truth About

This has always been hard to come be, and lately one Gertrude Williams (in Priestess of the Occult) has rehashed all the old charges against H.P.B., but without any additional facts or arguments that we can discern. Under the title opposite Walter A. Carrithers, Jr., (who is not a Theosophist) takes the Williams book apart (Humpty-Dumpty the Egg); what remains isn't worth putting together, if that were possible. (Paper, 27 PLO. Theosophical Press, Covina, Calif. Supplement to the Forum of April, '47)

The April issue of Theosophical Forum has, as usual, some excellent writing, including a review article with admirable plates on the ancient Maya construction, by Professor A.J. Stover. (Covina, Calif. 60 pp. Copy .30)

The American

This is volume 1, No. 1, issued by "The American Philosopher Society", of Rutland, Vermont. A "reading and educational society, non-sectarian" devoted to principles of brotherhood and the improvement of ethical ideals. Quarterly, edited by C.J. Benton and E.R. Duffield, but none of the 16 principal articles is signed. $4.00 for the magazine, monthly letter, and membership. 65 pages, attractive format.


This is a new book by R. DeWitt Miller, publication date April 10th, copy received too late for review in this issue. Mr. Miller is known as long-time writer for Coronet of a column under the same title, has enormous files of curiosa - and the cook looks interesting. Pub. by Cloud, Inc., 605 No. Michigan Ave, Chicago.


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