Fly, Lokas - Fly!

(Compendium on the Flying Discs - 3rd Article)

"Flaming Plane"?

Many reports were received by the Coast Guard at San Diego, of a flaming object which fell into the sea, apparently off this part of the coast; it was also reported, however, from as far north as Santa Barbara. A check of airports and lines failed to reveal any missing plane, and the Griffith Park Observatory discounted the idea of a meteor, though making no positive statements. (Sou. Calif. papers of 9-20-47).

Flaming object:-

Exploded over Mexican territory, s.e. of El Paso, Oct. 10-11.(?) Left a "vast cloud of smoke". An amateur astronomer felt "almost sure it was a fireball meteor."

over Bay area"

At least five west coast residents reported they had seen the over area" -- "biggest celestial thing since Haley's comet soar thru the sky early Sunday, about 7 hrs. before the flying object exploded near El Paso... About 12:50 a glowing object was seen in the northeast "about the size of the front-end of a four-motor plane viewed from below at on altitude of 6000 ft." It was "moving at terrific speed westward and left no trail." It has a nucleus "strongly fluorescent, diffused to the outer edge; it looked like Saturn with a ring around it, but it was definitely not a meteorite"... "I have photographed the 'heavens many times and I know a meteorite when I see one .... the object travelled in a straight line and did not drop toward the horizon." -- The quotes are from Mr. Ben Dobus, an Oakland photographer. About the some time Emmett McMenamin, Clerk of Monterey Co., and two companions, saw "a very large celestial object moving southwest over the Monterey peninsula; it had a reddish glow and a fiery tail." (San Diego Tribune of Oct. 14)

Yellow Ball
over Toronto

Two residents of Toronto saw and photographed an object "appearing as a yellow bill with tail streaming out behind it like vapor behind on airplane on a misty day." The photograph showed an oval white spot trailing two long milky streaks of light. (Toronto Dispatch of Sept. 20)

Swedish cigars?

The newspaper Aftonbladet declared mysterious cigar-shaped missiles were seen flying high over the city of Hudiksvall in northern Sweden, at noon on Oct. 7. -- The objects emitted a sound similar to a motor noise and streaks of fire from the tail... they came from the north and disappeared at slow speed in the southwest." (Stockholm AP Oct.7).

"Proof" on the
Flying Saucers

Under this caption the Chicago Daily Times of Sept. 27 writes up the activities of Ray Palmer, Editor of Amazing Stories. Palmer has many photographs, bits of a flying disk, testimony and affidavits of many reputable eye-witnesses, and many records of similar phenomena during past years. One Fred. Christman, who runs a private harbor patrol, off Tacoma, Wash., told Palmer that six flying disks circled above him last June, that an explosion took place on one of them, and that about 20 tons of "stuff" fell from the sky immediately afterward; part of it stove in the cabin roof of his boat. An army plane carrying some of this 'stuff' east "crashed under mysterious circumstances and killed its pilots". (Note: we have information that there was also a mysterious passenger who was not killed but who has since disappeared). "Under analysis" says Palmer "the stuff showed traces of 16 elements and a very high content of calcium. Looks like congealed slag from a blast furnace, and as tho it had been cast in a molten state onto a semi-plane surface . . . he believes that the Ca compound was cast onto the upper surface of the disk as protection against cosmic [8] ray radiation at high altitudes. Calcium is used as a trap for radioactivity. One of his photographs, according to Palmer, taken at Phoenix, Arizona, June 24, shows 5 hovering disks with holes like doughnuts. This appeared in one Phoenix newspaper but thereafter vanished from the news (!). Kenneth Arnold, who first reported the disks, bought an expensive camera and went hunting them again, in self-defense. He made 150 ft. of movie film -- and the FBI confiscated it... Palmer scoffs at the notion that the disks are Russian devices -- he points out that he has proof that exactly the same manifestations were seen in 1910 at Clearwater, Oregon -- long before anyone began to worry about the Russians.

Prior to the above mentioned article, the Chicago Sunday Times of August 3 printed an article entitled "Link Sky Metal to Mystery Blast." The blast is said to have occurred on (or over) Murray Island, off the Washington coast, June 24 (this is the one in which the patrol boat was damaged) At the instance of Ray Palmer, Kenneth Arnold flew from Boise to Murray Island, obtained photographs, interviews, specimens of the metal, part of which was analyzed at the University of Chicago. On Friday Aug. 1 a meeting was held, attended by Arnold, a Capt. Smith, United Airlines pilot who had seen some of the disks over Boise, two B-25 flyers assigned by the AAF to work on all reports of flying objects, persons who were aboard the pilot boat, "and other witnesses." The two army investigators (FBI?) obtained pictures, affidavits, and specimens. The meeting broke up at 12:30 a.m. "The next thing known of the two B-25 flyers is that their plane crashed near Hamilton Field, outside San Francisco" (flying weather is said to have been perfect) Authorities at the airfield admitted the flight to McChord Field, outside Tacoma, where the conference was held, and that the plane was carrying "unclassified cargo" which was "very hot stuff."

(We quote these old reports, because they will be new to many readers who did not happen to see the two issues of the Chicago Times -- and because from this time on reports of the disks became very rare. This was partly due to the fact that the disks themselves were being gradually withdrawn to other parts of the globe, and partly, it is believed, to an informal censorship. But the Times account is factual and conservative, and has never been challenged by any of the laughing jackasses who have made such sport of the whole Loka business. The data referred to and implied in these articles alone, is formidable and must be reckoned with by any honest investigator; to it might be added scores of other reports of responsible persons. We repeat what RR has said from the first: there is not the slightest doubt as to the objective reality of these craft. The question is solely that of their origin, significance, and intent.)

On this question, the "theory" of Russian origin is preposterous in the light of all available facts and all intelligible reasoning; furthermore, the previous appearances of such craft, cited by Ray Palmer above and well-known to students of such 'outlaw' happenings, should dispose of the notion of Russian origin definitely and finally. Also, there is a long list of appearances of strange flying objects, which nevertheless did not resemble the Lokas in appearance. Either the Russians are responsible for these too, or else we have two or more problems instead of one. The opinion of this writer is, that most of these visitors, perhaps all of them, come from the some source in the etheric worlds, and that the Russians have nothing whatever to do with any of them.

Perhaps the time has coma to speak of a conceivable alternative -- though it is one which the RR Editor cannot consider seriously, partly from lack of data, and largely because of his present confidence in facts stated by the seance controls. It was suggested by the occultist FGH, some time back, that those 'saucers' or Lokas might be craft constructed by the Ancients and preserved in underground caverns, and now brought out for the training of crews against the time of coming war. Before rejecting this too hastily, we should take certain relevant facts into [9] consideration. Note, for what it may be worth, the following bit of dialogue at a recent Mark P. seance:


We keep getting bits of alleged information, along with many stories, theories and conjectures, about vast caverns in the earth, a "hollow earth", and about people who inhabit them. I am not referring at all now to the matter of the 'Deros' and their caves, but to an alleged Underground race, culture and civilization, and to the alleged openings into our globe at the poles, and the flow of the Gulf Stream and the Japanese current into these. There is a hopeless overlay of fiction about all this, but also a very awkward body of unexplained happenings -- plus the fact that great areas of the polar regions are still unexplored and even unseen as yet, in spite of our 'mastery' of the air. It is even said that the people of these regions are similar in height to the so-called ethereans, who are believed to be back of the business of the saucers. Have you any comment?

Reply by the trance Control "Mr.X.": -

It might be a fine thing if your scientists would stop inventing means of killing each other long enough to do some real exploring. Certainly there are vast underground caverns. Yes, they are inhabited by a race of people -- and I am not referring to the Deros. The Deros are plentiful and especially under Japan and parts of Asia. But before go on talking on this subject I shall have to make inquiries to find what can be told.


Do you have to get permission or advice before giving us information?


There are Orders and organizations on this side, such as the White Brotherhood you were talking about. Information which is not adapted to the mental capacities and needs of your people, or which may do harm, is wisely withheld ....

Add also the following items: The famous medium Valiantine had for a guide a spirit named Bert Everett, who used to deliver half-hour lectures in full materialized form. His main topic, during Valiantine's stay in Minneapolis at least, was "the Land beyond the Barrier" -- millions of people dwelling on the other side of the northern ice barrier. ---- Some years later an explorer (McMillan?) lectured in the same city, and told of information he received from the museum at Bergen, about the mysterious disappearance of a Norwegian settlement in Greenland. Investigation of the alleged site in Greenland revealed old stone houses, and also Eskimo stories, to the effect that the whole colony had removed toward the north. They had been seeking a more favorable location, and one of their number returning from the North, had reported a warm land. --- A small book called The Smoky God, published by a Mr. Emerson in Los Angeles, tells the story of one Olaf Jensen, who with his father adventured for north, came in contact with a race of people of giant stature, was allowed to live with them in the earth's interior. "The crust of the earth is 500 miles thick, and in the middle of that crust is a magnetic layer that binds both you and us to the respective surfaces"... Eventually the two men emerged at the south pole -- the only exit, Olaf was picked up by a whaler, told his story and got himself shut up in an asylum for many years. Prior to his death in California he wrote out his story and gave it to his one friend, Mr. Emerson. (We almost wish this Poesque tale could be proved to be all fiction.) --- There is at least one book, tho we cannot quote the title, dealing with the tangible evidences for a warm land in the north, and of course the idea of a 'hollow earth' has not only been excellent fiction material but has been and is yet seriously maintained by various cults. -- No sane investigator desires to be gulled, neither does he want to gull himself thru an iron determination not to [10] believe the improbable. Whether the 'will to believe' does any more damage than the will-not-to-believe, is a highly moot question.

Our point in relating all this is obvious. IF such a civilized race exists on our own planet, it is the part of common sense to reckon with it as a possible source for the Lokas (disks). -- We have said nothing at all about the world-wide belief in subterranean peoples, a subject which Professor Ryan treated most competently in the last RR. It is going much too fast to assume that the existence of the 'Deros' explains all such belief and exhausts the subject. The legends of Agharti are not so simply disposed of, and a considerable bibliography could be compiled on the whole matter.

In discussing the matter of "Mars messages", the communicator remarked that while messages had been sent and received, they probably did not come from Mars, but from one of the 'dark planets' or 'dark stars' of our solar system. Here too is a possible place of origin for the flying disks. We recommend this last point to the attention of the Chicago Rocket Society. This organization has announced its tentative attitude. The disks, we are told, (1) are either objectively real or they are not. (There can be no question about their reality). (2) They are either terrestrial in origin or they are not. (But the hypothesis of their secret construction by Russia or any other Power is fantastic). (3) We must accept them as real and of non-terrestrial origin... "The critical evidence is the odd shape, completely unadapted to known means of propulsion, and their extreme speed (1000 mph) ... Russia is the only other nation engaged in active research of this type, and politics indicate plainly that the USA is the last place the discs would show themselves." ... "We might point out that a non-earth reconnaissance would behave much like the observed discs. They would avoid our common population centers, not knowing which were safe or important, and use as bases attractive areas (water, forest). To those who say ridiculous we merely hark back to 1940 when we mentioned atomic power, which was greeted in the same way." (Rocket News Letter, August '47. 91 Pine Ave., Riverside, Ill.).

This is admirable commonsense, of course; our objection is only to the rascally tertium quid or Third Somewhat that lurks just around the corner. For, to the Rocket Society at any rate, a genuine air or space-craft, not of earth-manufacture, can come from only one source, viz., one of the planets of our solar system. The existence of the dark planets or suns, perhaps much closer than any visible planet, is most likely quite outside of the CRS speculation. So, too, the possibility of the storage or manufacture of the discs within the earth. Particularly and especially 'so too' is the repeated assertions of the seance communicators, that the discs are of etheric construction -- that is, manufactured by inhabitants of the etheric plane (not the astral), which is not separated from our earth at all in any special sense, but only by the vibratory rate of its substance -- just as invisible as air or live steam or gravity or an electromagnetic field, and no whit less real, and completely knowable if our sensory apparatus were adopted to it. Probably all existence on our plane of dense matter, 'materializes' out of the etheric. A plant, for example, is a materialization of a force focalized in the heart of the seed, which fills in an etheric patterned design or mould which pre-exists invisibly; for this reason the plant breeds true to its kind, and cabbage seed does not bring forth oak-trees, or even a new variety of cabbage... We hear our rocketeer friends remarking at this point, that such twaddle may do well enough for the simple-minded but has nothing scientific about it -- to which we humbly reply that there are some thousands of books bearing on this subject, of which everyone should read one or two and that our knowledge of anything is a string-ball big as the cosmos.

A considerable amount of alleged information about the discs comes in from various psychic sensitives throughout the country, sometimes from persons who have not read any of the Round Robin explanations. These differ somewhat, but so far only in minor details; with one single exception all psychics who have communicated with RR affirm that the discs have a non-terrestrial origin, and none of them [11] attribute any evil intentions to the visitors. In at least one case the assertion is made that the discs do not carry crews or pilots, but are under remote control of a type not understood by us, and transmit all observational data by automatic radio apparatus. The Mark P. communicators have said that some of the discs, presumably the larger ones, carry a crew or an operator, and that other are under remote control, from a base or from the lead-plane of a flight, accounting for the perfect synchronization of movements. The communicator to Anne Howard says:

"The source is not so far away as it may seem to you... They are not controlled by radio but by beams of high frequency which are directed to these units thru the ether. They are manipulated thru a "transmit" or "transmission" board. They do not return to their source because (1) they are not needed, (2) they cannot return thru a curtain of intense natural (psychic) energy without disintegration... all data is destroyed in this process, but it has already been recorded at the source." They 'got here' the Communicator continued "by transmitting matter thru matter in infinitesimal amounts" (which might be equivalent to 'materialization') . "The material of the one I saw" (the red disc over Switzerland) "was not such terribly hard stuff. It looks brittle and breaks with a sharp straight edge. It burns, it seems, from a white heat set up by the wires, which burn out in 22-24 hours. Perhaps that is why no Lokas have been found -- the smaller ones, at any rate, are simply non-existent" (have been burned).

The opinions of this communicator appear to be founded on his observation of the red Swiss Loka only; it is quite conceivable that some of the discs may be designed for self-destruction, while others may carry one or more operators and have means of returning to their point of origin. ("I don't get this at all," says Anne H., "you figure it out!") During the lost two years the present miter has had a sufficient number of reports concerning this communicator, to justify, in his opinion, the following quotations:

"The discs do not now carry crews, because this is the wrong time; they would be unwelcome -- and that good could they do?

"They haven't landed except to break up; they just keep going.

"Screw development plus atomic generation are the principles involved. (I get a battery which generates power and which is held by clips to the inner side of the Loka. Anne H.)

"No, these people have never lived on your earth and have no desire to. They have a much fairer land of their own. They have had much enjoyment in developing this enterprise, and could bring yours the finest ideals of life (sic) if they wished to. You are correct about the size but I would say that none of them are much larger than the half-mile measure. The ones over Sweden have been very small.

"Your theory of atomic propulsion is approximately true, but the screw development is the real meat in the venture (There is some talk of Graham getting better results by 'pushing one of his theories up several notches', Anne H.)

"The communicator also says: 'they have tried to transfer certain seeds (to our plane) and that they have succeeded in the West (Colorado). Watch for seedlings of a new sort in dry, arid parts of this state.

These statements are said by the psychic Anne H., not to originate with her 'regular' communicator, but with another person brought in by him, who is a frequent attendant at the Mark P. seances in San Diego; she has been able to give a good personal description of him, as he appears to her 'vision.' ... Our readers will understand that we report 'spirit communications' whenever we feel a considerable measure of confidence in them, but of course can offer no 'guarantees' of veridicality. A factual and objective phenomenon is involved here, possibly of [12] supreme importance to the human race -- and the human race so far has greeted it with jeers and guffaws of laughter; and among those who acknowledge the genuineness of the happenings not a single 'normal' intelligent and intelligible explanation has appeared. Nor is there any hope that the innumerable jackasses who continue to bray about 'spots before your eyes' will ever try to deal with the factual data, or even admit its existence except by force majeure. If then, as some of us well know, there are sources of information of a supernormal or paranormal sort, we propose to avail ourselves of them, tho with due caution end reserve. We know that we shall make many mistakes, and experience teaches that our friends on the 'other side' make them also; that however is the condition and penalty of the search for truth, end the road to its attainment in some measure --

Amid all the ignorance, stupidity and derision there are clear signs that some people have grasped the basic facts. We cell attention to a most remarkable article appearing in Fantastic Adventures for November 1941, in the form of a letter from one "Alexander Blade", a person unknown to the RR editor, and who does not answer letters.[*] It is thrown into the form of an imagined address by our invisible visitors, whom we call Ethereans -- The title, SON OF THE SUN.

We are already here among you ... some of us have always been here ... we have been confused with the Gods of many world religions ... we were known in ancient Egypt ... your ancestors knew us as preceptors and friends ... You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves ... if you employ this to establish a millennium upon earth, as you can do, you will be the first civilization to do so ... we are among you, and you will know it before very long ... you have met us in your streets without knowing it, but when we flash thru your skies in the ancient traditional vehicles you are amazed, and if you tell what you have seen you are accounted dupes and fools ... nearly all of the varied appearances are actually the same type of vehicle ... a material like plastic, almost transparent and very strong... in the center of the discus, a control room which revolves freely for flat or edgewise flight ... they appear torpedo-shaped, or disk-like, or as spheres, or at night with jet-slits glowing, like orange-colored globes ... you must become accustomed to them ... one day they will be familiar, friendly and reassuring sights ... if you fail, as other civilizations have failed, we will see your descendants wearing wiring diagrams as amulets or religious symbols ... Such is the cycle of forgetfulness --

The whole concept set forth by this writer conforms to the ideas given thru the communicators at the Mark P. seances, so far as the latter go; they have not yet touched much upon the relation of the Ethereans with past cultures and civilizations of our plane.

What is truly meant by the crossroads of humanity, the 'end of the epoch', the 'turning point of history' is now beginning to appear. It is taking a form few of us have even dreamed of -- a form beyond the comprehension of all contemporary religions, of philosophy, and of current scientism. The problem of racial survival is becoming defined -- but, it is not, one fears, a problem which the mentality of our race can grasp. The result of this impasse will be an unparalleled destruction; the fate of the survivors may perhaps be lessons to the historians of ten thousand years hence. . . Our one hope is, that events move slowly and under the guidance of a God-like wisdom -- and for this hope there seems to us little justification ... In such thoughts as these we may be deeply and happily wrong, but we write them because at this hour they seem to us true.


* * *

The article summarized in full would run to three pages of RR if quoted in full. (Credit Mrs. M.A. Van der Spek, Manhattan Beach, Calif., for clip) -- (later revision, hand-written): the article was in fact written by Millen Cooke, well known to many RR readers.

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