Vincent H. Gaddis

These are the facts and theories about the Shaver mystery, as I see them, and which to my mind constitute one of the greatest puzzles of our time. First, I consider the following statements to be facts:

1. There is no doubt about the existence of the "voices" heard by Mr. Shaver. They are apparently objective and have been heard by other persons, and have given him information of a type he could hardly have invented for himself -- the puzzling alphabet, a new theory of gravity, the effect of radioactive sun rays, and a basic conception that explains many diverse phenomena in a logical manner. The "rays" too appear to be objective, and I have examined a photograph of them taken in Mr. Shaver's bedroom in the offices of the Amazing Stories magazine.

2. Prehistoric tunnels exist in many parts of the world, and increasing evidence links them with long-lost continents. Those in Peru are of almost incredible extent, one section being more than a thousand miles. The chart of these tunnels obtained by Mme. Blavatsky in Peru about the year 1850 now lies in the archives of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, India. But another copy, based on recent and secret inquiries made by Harold T. Wilkins, of England, an authority on South American archeology, is in my possession. §

3. There is increasing evidence that certain parts of these tunnels are inhabited, particularly in Asia, and this, confirming Shaver, points to both good and bad dwellers. The sadistic nature of many of the voices causes one to pause; but on the other hand we have the widespread hope that from an underground realm will come the leaders of mankind in a new era. Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski and Nicholas Roerich both point to this belief. Compare the Shangri-La of the book, Lost Horizons.

4. I shall take up in a later article (v. note. Ed.) the matter of Agharti or Shambhala, together with a story of the Dalai Lama of Tibet which seemingly links Asia with the tunnels of Peru. What is not well known is, that Ossendowski refers to world-wide tunnels, even under America, that are inhabited by Goros (op tero and dero) who possess incredible powers, and who date back to lost continents. And I am informed of a statement by Ossendowski (made long after his book, Beasts, Men, and Gods), that surface men would try to attack the underworld, and that its dwellers would then blow up parts or the earth's crust in depending themselves. My informant adds, that the coming world war III may save them the trouble.


It is most remarkable that confirmatory data should come from scholars who have never heard of the "Shaver Mystery". Mr. Wilkins, for example, who had never heard of Shaver, has uncovered strange stories of tunnels and dwellers therein, in many parts of the world. (He is, by the way, anxious for information regarding a prehistoric underground temple in the vicinity of Richmond, Va.) §§

Now for some questions: Are these underground dwellers astral entities, or physical entities existing in our own plane of vibration? I suggest that they are both -- that they once lived on the surface, perhaps in the days of Atlantis or Lemuria, but died as surface beings, and entered into the occult realm of Avitchi, a state of existence lower than ours, but also involved in mare dense physical matter, closer to the center of the planet, and located in vast caverns. Thus they could be both spirits and materialized, objective entities using objective machines. Shaver as a materialist and his critics may both be correct.(1) The realm of Avitchi is known to Eastern occultism, and there is a lengthy account of it in "From Incarnation to Reincarnation", by Richard and Isabella Ingalese. Since this book is out of print I offer the following brief quotations:

"Below this material plane and below the first subjective plane where exist the usual earth-bound entities, are the lowest conditions into which the egos of this earth can enter... In its lowest depths it is indescribable in its horrors. In its upper portion it vibrates red, while the lower vibrates black. It is the home for lost souls and egos, or for those who have deliberately chosen to do evil instead of good. When, by reason of its thoughts and acts a soul's vibrations have become more gross that are those of earth (on the surface), and, because of this condition, it is unable longer to resist the gravic attraction of the earth... that soul is drawn lower and lower into darkness. Notwithstanding all the book-lore that has been given to man by scientific investigators of material phenomena, he knows very little of what the earth contains beneath its surface."

A trip into these lower regions is described. Danger exists because some of the vampirish entities there can detain and demagnetize and astral visitor until the magnetic cord is absorbed, and "dissolution of the physical body necessarily ensues." In this regard, recall the Fortean cases of attacks by beings using flame, and combustion of the human body, occurring, often, among persons in a low stratum of society and dabblers in black magic. At the lowest level, at the earth's center, disintegration of egos occurs (as stated by T. Illion). "There are underground rivers and lakes and caverns so great that our largest buildings would seem like children's playhouses if they were to be placed in them." The entities, having descended from the first subjective plane, lose their subjective nature, and possess only objective (animal) minds. Deros, indeed! With objective machines in their possession, what damage they could do!



The Greater

There is a reason, however, why the 'Shaver Mystery' may be of tremendous importance - a part of the greatest phenomenon of our time. There is a widespread belief in occult circles that we are reproducing the last days of Atlantis, that the end of an era looms with a battle between forces of good and evil impending, that a great decision must soon be made amid the conflict of nations and the chaos of Nature remaking a world.

Among those who can think there is a growing sense of worry and fear. That our culture is nearing a breaking point has been expressed by Professor P.A. Sorokin (The Crisis of Our Age) in scholarly language, and by Philip Wylie (Generation of Vipers) in the plain words of the man in the street. There is a gathering of Powers, a search for places of safety, the building of two great armed camps. There have been many prophecies, the Angel Michael has warned us, the Keeper of the Records has been changed - the Veil is thinning.

In 1937 a remarkable prophecy was received in America from high spiritual beings and sent to Dr. Alexander Cannon, in London. who reproduced it in his book, The Power of Karma. It is very lengthy and should be read in full, but from it I select the following statements:

This revelation tells of a "great migration of celestial beings" ages ago, who came to this planet from outer space, but misused their great powers. Were they, perhaps, Shaver's "Titans"? Today, humanity faces a crisis, and a worldwide contest impends, as "spoken of in Biblical prophecy and attested by markers in stone on your planet." Spiritual mentors with abnormal senses, reincarnated prophets of old now live among us, to act as leaders in the conflict which will take place in our generation.

There exists a subrace of entities that date back to earth's early days. They had something within their natures left over from those long dark days when they functioned in pure beasthood. It would not permit them to free themselves from the mark of their transgressions, and so they carried it with them into spiritual realms during inter-life sojourns, to bring it back with them when they made each new descent in to flesh ... Those ... souls, refusing the light of higher mentorship, gradually grew together, like attracting like, in what might be called Schools of Transgression (Black Orders). They gathered together, time after time, incarnating and reincarnating in certain Eastern races where they found existence more to their liking... "They are selfish and unsocial, have no special fellowship with other races, and possess a greed for power."

Now note this: "The unlearned of earth ... profess to see ordinary causes at work ... they know not of great changes taking place beneath the earth, of portents and manifestations, of mighty cataclysms that have been unleashed before, and will occur again ... Thinking that volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and earthquakes are only the play of elements causing destruction by Nature's whim, they do not recall a time when a vast continent sunk beneath the waves because those upon it had disported themselves evilly..."

Planetary influences for great changes are now increasing, the battle against the powerful dark forces and their fleshly allies draws near -- it is the Armageddon of biblical prophecy. And the sign on the forehead, as foretold in Revelation, of the Chosen, is the awakening of the third eye - the Eye of the Spirit. Those with this sign will have no reason to fear what impends. You will suffer only as you are led by [9] the Forces of Darkness. The old paths of personal gain will vanish; only in service to others will you find the gold of safety, freedom, and advancement.

The planetary influences "are enhancing the powers of the retrograde souls (and) there are more of them who have incarnated than at any time in modern world history. They are willing to be led into a test of strength. Thousands of you have incarnated to be present on the side of Right in that time of upheaval. That time is upon you in its opening phases. Presently the times will grow worse, and mark the opening of the crisis."

As to the thinning of the veil -- "It is foreordained that in the days when the planets in their orbits send forth strange rays and powers upon this earth, those rays and powers will augment the spiritual eye that lies dormant in your intellects."

Everywhere there is an apparent increase in strange occurrences. The "Shaver Mystery" must be regarded as part of this larger picture - the end of an era, the gathering of forces, a sudden new knowledge of heights and depths beyond our ken. In my opinion the Shaver conception is neither good nor bad; it has aspects of both, and it is primarily a part of the warning of what impends. The objective fades into the subjective, and both are as real as atomic bombs and the love of man for man. In service will lie our salvation, in whatever black days may be in store for us.


Except on certain minor points, one of which has been noted (note on the VAU Communicator) we incline toward Mr. Gaddis's opinions, with regard to his evaluation of the Dero or Goro problem, and concerning the imminence of great events, whether convulsions of Nature or wars of unparalleled destructiveness - or both. This opinion, from this time on, will gradually penetrate all classes of society; and tho millions will reject it, still each must reckon with it after his own fashion.

In this reckoning, in the attitude each of us must assume, there is if you like, a kind of slow-dawning Judgment day, wherein the courage, and faith, and understanding, and most secret desires of every man shall appear writ large. Terror and greed and hate and panic fear will grip the multitudes; let us be determined, so far as may be, to possess our our own souls in quietude.

Courage, and service, and self-forgetfulness - we know of no other counsel for the years to come. The sifting and sorting of humanity, by virtue of our own acts, goes on forever. Only now and then, in the shadow of great crises, the process hastens and shows clear... The world is very old, cultures and civilizations have risen and passed away, the earth itself is a "dust-mote whirled up by the sun's chariot wheel." Let us think sometimes upon these things.

Courage, patience, wisdom, good will, service, self-forgetfulness - we know of no better counsel. From the wisdom of the HUNA have chosen a motto:

MALAMA - MA-LA-MA -- Uphold and Diffuse the Light!


  1. § See article on "Subterranean Shafts", by Vincent Gaddis, June issue of A.S. Magazine, and his forthcoming article "Tunnels of the Titans", same publication.
  2. §§ If any of our readers have information on this or related topics, please write to Mr. Gaddis, in care of Round Robin.
  3. (1) The VAU Communicators described them as 'degenerate descendants of the Atlanteans, in rapport with vicious astral entities' - which seems to us a more intelligible statement than Mr. Gaddis's. See the Dero-Queero in this issue.


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