The Catastrophe of 1960 and the Zones of Comparative Safety.

In Round Robin II-12, December 1946, we printed an article by Fr. F.G.H., entitled: The Coming Catastrophal End of Our Civilization. The Editor vouches for the great occult learning of this Frater, he believes in his sincerity; of his powers as an Adept this writer cannot judge.

The article predicted a world war with atomic weapons, and others even more deadly, in 1960 plus or minus one year (1959, '60, or '61), with the destruction of all sizable centers of population throughout the world, and more than 120 million casualties. Frater H. has informed us of the circumstances under which this forecast was obtained. We are at liberty to say that it came from a communicator "speaking out of the future" - not incomprehensible to those who have studied the problem of time on other planes of existance. The Communicator made countless inquiries concerning our civilization, and explained that his ignorance was due to the fact that "practically all the records of our time had been lost" in the war to which we here refer. At the request of Fr. H., he then gave the details already printed in RR, and also those which we now offer.

Because of the appearance of the first article, and the interest it awakened, the RR Editor feels that it is proper, and indeed his duty, to present the following material as supplement.

In the event of atomic conflict; the following locations will be fairly safe:

In the East: the northern tip of Maine, New Brunswick, most of Nova Scotia, and the coast strip between Cape Hatteras and Florida. (The Detroit-Boston-Washington triangle will be destroyed)

In the Central Section: the Dakotas, most of Montana, western Wyo. and Colorado; the purely agricultural sections of Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas, Texas and the Big Bend country, and the southern strips of Arizona and New Mexico.

In the West: Northern California, southern Oregon, eastern Oregon, central and eastern Idaho, Utah, Dixie (sic), and the east central strip of Arizona between Globe and Holbrook.

Many other small sections are also fairly safe. But everywhere it is equally advisable to have a strong shelter at least six feet underground, and a stock of provisions and necessities to last a considerable time. The atomic cataclysm will be short, not more than six weeks, but the aftermath of destruction of communications and means of production and distribution will last a number of years. It is specially advisable to store tools, arms, and machinery for the production of power. If larger groups can share in the preparation for the future, it will be to the advantage of all concerned. They can then serve as a nucleus for the new civilization which will emerge. Civilization is organization for cooperation in its deepest sense. This can be carried over and assist materially in quick recovery from the disaster.