Jon Sonall

(Excerpts from various sources which strikingly reveal how wide-spread are the Huna tenets - or at least how fundamental are the Huna ideas, for none of these sources consciously owe anything to Polynesian metaphysics. -- I have read that Sir William Jones once said that Sanskrit was the parent of both the Hindu and Polynesian tongues, which is most significant if true.)

"When, with all its original painful emotion, the forgotten episode has been recalled, the patient is in a position to free himself from his sense of guilt, and so regain his mental and physical health" (From Doctors of the Mind, by Marie Beynon Ray)

"The reason so many people do not feel God's guidance is that they do not listen. They talk too much themselves, mostly about trivial things, and so are not receptive. But if you're quiet and really concentrate on God through prayer, you can't fail to hear the still, small voice." (Jane Mallan, widow of Paul Mallan, author of Book of Man - in American Weekly, Sept. 29, '46)

(Methods used to reclaim alcoholics, pp. 22-23 of Alcoholics Anonymous, Works Pub. Co., N.Y. 1944.)

1. A willingness of the subject to believe in a power other than, and greater than his ordinary self. If he calls it God, well and good. If he cannot believe in God, then substitute his own conception of that Power, whatever that may be.

2. Then, a willingness to turn over to that Presence or Power the problem that confronts the personality.

3. Then, a willingness to right all wrongs against others, whenever or however these wrongs may have occurred, thus cleansing all sense of guilt.

4. Sit quietly when in doubt and ask for direction and strength. Pray only for others, and that you may help others more.

The qualities necessary to begin this cure are only willingness and honesty. (These rules merit profound study. Small wonder they cure!)

"It is well to study psychic phenomena, it is well to experience same; but in those manners, in those ways that are in keeping with Him who is thy ideal. Not then by the communion with those only of discarnate entities or souls, but rather with that direction which comes from within ... Then thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. There He has promised to meet thee; there is the psychic development that ye seek. As ye read, as ye study, only that which answers to that being sought within thy own self answers to thy seeking." (Edgar Cayce, Case 1598-L-l, quoted in Mind Digest, 9-'46. Reread the quaint phraseology, the sense of it is overwhelmingly significant.)

"During my experiments I found that every individual is possessed of three separate and distinct minds. 1st, a human mechanical [9] mind (subconscious); 2nd, a conscious mind; and 3rd, what I named the Greater Mind. In other words, three separate beings in one... The Greater Mind is the master key to the source of all mental and physical life of the human body; its fields and power are unlimited..." (The Pseudo-Sciences, John F. Harwood, N.Y. '1934).

. . . . "if you look reverently in the inward direction toward your inner self, you will be amazed at what you will find. If you are alone long enough to get acquainted with yourself, you will hear whisperings from the universal source of all consciousness which will inspire you. These are actual messages, actual revelations, telling you, guiding you, showing you the way to the Source of the thought world." (Interview with Walter Russell, reported by Glenn Clark in Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, Macalester Park Pub. Co., St. Paul, Minn. '46).

"As one experiments one realizes more and more that these two minds, the conscious and the subconscious, are really one, the subconsciousness being only a disorderly storehouse of memories. The third or deep mind is apparently the one which gives us our psychic phenomena. Again I say, I do not know what this deep mind is; I use the words merely to have a name for the 'other thing' which brings the message." (Mental Radio, Upton Sinclair, 1930)

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As Mr. Jon Sonall well knows, such quotations could be multiplied a hundred times; the worship of the High Self is as old as the race, and so is the doctrine of purification, or the 'draining of the complexes'. The knowledge of the low self, the subconscious and instinctual self, is now common property. In the HUNA these concepts were integrated into a practical system of operative Magic, for the healing of body and of all worldly misfortunes. Tho much is missing from our knowledge of its procedures, all missing things are recoverable. The HUNA knowledge actually produced instant healing, fire immunity, and similar 'miracles'; the facts have been observed and recorded by many white investigators. Considering the confused and sorry condition of all the healing Arts in the Western world, our failure to preserve, reconstruct and utilize this intensely practical system is something worse than mere stupidity.

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The Rosicrucian Magazine (Oceanside, Calif.) prints names and addresses of morticians in 24 cities who are equipped to care for the dead "according to Rosicrucian Fellowship methods." The body is kept without disturbance, in a quiet room, without embalming, for 3⅓ days immediately following death. The room, of course, is kept at a low temperature. So far as we know, all students of occult matters concur in this, and RR has repeatedly urged it. Never permit embalming or any kind of post-mortem operation within the limits of the 3½ day period - after which cremation is preferable. (Los Angeles, Reed Bros. Co. & Pierce Bros. - San F'co, Maneely Chapel - Oakland, The Truman Co. - San Diego, Bonham Bros.) Write Rosicrucian Magazine for a copy of the Feb. '47 issue, 25 cts., and for a few instruction card for care of body after death. Support and encourage this particular bit of highly important propaganda.


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