by E. John

* * * *

In the summer of 1930 my Mother and I thought it would be a good idea take up a homestead like the pioneers did in the early days. After looking at many maps and government land office tracts, we decided that the land in Mendocino county in California would be just what we wanted; so after locating and filing, we started to build our house. Well, all went well until we finished construction, then the peculiar things began to happen. In order to obtain funds for further improvements we decided to cut firewood from the dense forest that is on this land, so we managed to get an experienced lumber jack to cut the trees for us, and we left him there alone for a few days while we were in town selling the wood. But we were in town only two days when he came in and gave us the keys to the house, and said to keep his bond money (he had put up a bond that he knew how to do the work properly). He would not explain why he left but he said that under no circumstances would he ever go back to that place again.

A few days later we moved in the place ourselves. The first night was quiet, but a few nights later we could hear noises that did not belong, such as many horses drinking water at once tho no water was to be had, for at that time I did not have a water supply, but when I went outside I saw nothing. Then there were scratching sounds at the door, and still nothing to be seen. But a little later on the door knob would turn of its own accord and that I did not like, so I took a shot with the rifle thru the door and then the knob quit turning. When I opened the door there was nothing there. As a note of interest, one night I opened the door and there was a mountain lion right in front of me and only a yard away, but the lion looked at me and I at him, and then the lion turned and went away. I still can't understand why he did not attack me.

Also there was the phenomena of bright lights outside the house at night, but I was never able to find out where they came from. They would light the place up just as though a street lamp were overhead, and I had the idea that the place actually had moved to the street-lights in the town, and it stayed that way all night.

In the morning of the second day in the third week I decided to install the water pipe to the house, so taking my tools and also a rifle I climbed the hill to the water supply, and while working the pipes I noticed a movement. This movement turned out to be a Cherokee Indian chief in full ceremonial dress, including a peace-pipe. He said to me, "This is my land." I answered that I knew that it was. The answer stopped the Indian cold, he could not speak for a moment. Then I said, "Why don't you allow me to use this land, I would not wreck it and would not stay too long." The Indian agreed to this, and then warned me, and here is the warning and the conditions I had observe in using the land: "First (he said) do not cut trees, do no shoot deer, do not shoot birds, and do not allow strangers to do so either." Then he said, "You may have this land. It is yours for as long as you have wish and no power on earth can take it from you, and if anyone comes here with the idea of taking it my people will shoot them with invisible arrows, which go right to the heart and unerringly kill the interloper. And when or if he is found the verdict will be death by heart failure."

After he left (and he vanished right after the speech) I thought at first it was someone playing a joke on me, but I was soon to find out that was not the case.


The fourth day in the third week was when I was introduced to the little people there. I was always under the impression that they were figments of imagination but I was soon to learn better. The first inkling came when I was working up near the spring on the hill, and I noticed that small things were flitting around me. I decided to be still and see what they were. After sitting still for a few minutes I saw that little elves came out from under the brush; they were followed by what I now know are Undines, and then Sylphs and Nymphs, and they all collectively surrounded me and looked at me in such an appealing wondering sort of way. If I would just make the slightest move they would be gone, so at first I would keep very still and they would come closer and closer. Finally after a few days they would get brave enough to come right up to me, and then they would ask me very childish questions, such as, "what is a gun?" etc. They would actually lean on my shoulder and look at whatever I was doing. After they were accustomed to me a little I asked them about the way they lived, and they showed me all of their secrets that they were allowed to show. It seems that the land that I had is in the center of their domain and it changes into their vibration at times, but I found out that if I were to enter their land I would be unable to return to this land and I did not care for the idea at that time.

The Undines live in the water, and they need very little water to live in. The Sylphs live in the air, and are light and warm to the touch. The Nymphs live in trees and were quite substantial to the touch. They need a good tree for their home. The other secrets are not for the average person to know, so I would rather not divulge them at present. I don't feel that I am better then anyone else, but I have lived near such things for two years and I have been very lucky to escape alive. My luck may not protect everyone who goes into such a world. I tried to get a Nymph to leave her tree and come to civilization with me but the ruling power up there would not allow it. I see now why, altho I did not at the time.

As you have doubtless read Gnomes have a treasure and if one can hold a Gnome he can force it to divulge its treasure. Now that is a thing I would never do, and I have seen Gnomes right within my reach, but I have found since that super-knowledge is far better than a puny treasure and I have been given the power to find all secrets. There is no secret that I cannot find if I wish to, and also technical things that are far above anything that our science has today, but I feel that many of the things should be forgotten for the people are not ready for such knowledge as yet.

However, to continue: In the pantry window one day at sundown we saw a pair of eyes staring at us. The eyes were five inches in diameter, and glowed with a reddish green and were very bright. However when I went outside, I saw nothing and the eyes vanished; when I went in the house the eyes re-appeared. I played that game with them for some twenty minutes, until they finally went away. While they were going away we saw a large black shape like three large cones piled one on the other, and that shape went down the meadow. We never did find out what the shape was.

As a note of interest: One evening about 10:00 P.M. we saw two large cars, and they drove down the road to the end, we thought at the time. However, the road that they picked was a narrow trail that ends in Red Rock Canyon, and there is no way to turn around there, you have to back up all the way if you are foolish enough to go in. In the morning when we looked at and followed the tracks of the cars, there were only one set of tire marks, and each wheel was six inches wide on the ground. We [18] followed them down to the end - and they ended against a boulder and that was that. We never did learn where they went. However, I have had hints since then and I do not care to enlarge upon them.

There have been several perfect crimes committed in that area I heard later after we had left the place. It seems that a man murdered two wives there near Red Rook Canyon. He later was found dead in his car with the doors shut and windows locked, with one empty rifle in his hands and a full rifle next to him. The coroner never did find out what killed him.

That area is a good place to be from is my experience to put it mildly. Also there is a natural phenomenon there that is like this. When one tries to climb the mountain walking is like walking thru a barrel of molasses, and when you descend you are pushed down faster than you wish; also some people are thrown bodily around as far as twenty feet.

Since my absence I have returned a number of times to see what happens now, and while things have cooled down somewhat there still is an undercurrent of fear in that area that is intangible but can be noticed when you meet any of the people who live on the fringe of the area.

Since my later visits I have had people with me who saw a man flying over head without any artificial support, and they did get a photo of him, but the picture is quite blurred for no reason at all. Also they tried to get other pictures, and all they got was blurs, but since then I learned the way that place is and now it is possible to do better.

There have been three ranches abandoned up there and as far as I am concerned the spirits may keep their land, for it is useless to fight them. Here are forces that they have defeated up to now: A railroad was obliterated in 1900; a millionaire was made a pauper and sent to prison in 1908 (somewhere around that time); then the survey marks are all off from one hundred to two thousand yards, so really no one can be sure if they really have title to the land at all. Then the State Highway has been unable to survey for a new highway thru that area. It seems that anyone who attempts to build a home or improve the land in anyway usually comes to grief, one way or another, and we have been no exception to the rule, but we were smart enough to get out while we were able.

* * * * *

We print this remarkable article with a minimum of comment. The subject has been under discussion before (not in RR, however). A report concerning a talk given by Mr Johns in San Francisco indicates that he made a very favorable impression, and that the photographs were good. Other reports on the photos perhaps not on the same ones were less favorable. Editor Walter Gordon (Western Spiritualist) has high regard for Mr Johns and considers the photographic material excellent. The account of the Nature Spirits involved is consonant with world-wide lore on this subject. The phenomena of the lights and the huge eyes have many parallels. As our information now stands we have no reason to question the essential correctness of the account. A map has been furnished this writer showing the approximate location of the area.

Phenomena of this type do not call for on expedition of bold adventurers armed with sub-machine guns - as was actually projected some time back. Any folly of that sort might well be disastrous. A careful study by competent occultists and clairvoyants, however, might yield interesting and valuable material, and it probably would not be necessary to make a physical investigation of the area at all. We protest (once again) against the naive notion that the cause of human enlightenment is well served by excited enthusiasts and bungling incompetents, utterly without specialized knowledge of the kind required. We print Mr John's article in the hope that Adepti and competent Illuminists will give further information. Those who have no confidence in situ sources can either disregard the problem or pursue their own methods of investigation.