The Coming Catastrophal End of Our Civilization

by F.G.H.

At times I have a sense of prescience, and can see as if in a film events of major importance. This enabled me to foresee the rise of Hitler, World War II, its time, duration, and results as early as 1923. In February, 1945, six months before I knew anything about the development of the atomic bomb, I saw World War III, its time, duration, and results. Here they are, for those who read as they run.

The time: 1960, plus or minus one year. Duration: one week of atom bombing and a month of war with other means, followed by years of general anarchy. The result is every city and town in the major nations destroyed, 150 million casualties, of which 120 million in the first week. Disappearance of all national governments, which will later be replaced by a decentralized world federation in which every group is autonomous in all matters which concern it. Everyone except a few outlaws has world citizenship.

In 1902 a man who must have been an Initiate gave me a preview of the happenings of this century. Even at that time he described the descent into barbarism, the series of world wars and the destruction of our civilization. I was too young then to grasp all that he said, but enough remains in my memory to make me realize he was at least %80 right.

Coming events cast their shadows ahead. I know of several who have in dreams or visions found themselves transported into the scenes of the coming destruction. Such visions are incomplete, simply because the seer is right in the middle of events. These persons have a sense of the imminence of the catastrophe. But the cognizance of time is one of the most difficult achievements of the astral world.

The reasons for this catastrophe are clear to the student of esoteric history. There are two types of men, looking and often acting alike, but differing fundamentally in make-up, far more than wolf and dog. One type is selfish, I-conscious and predatory, the other is unselfish, we-conscious and cooperative. These two types have battled from the beginning, the WE's building up civilizations and the I's taking over and destroying them - from the first atomic War of 3 million years ago, which finished the civilization of MU to the Ragnaroek catastrophe of 225,000 years ago, which nearly destroyed this earth and finished the climb of Atlan. After that, the WE's (Cro-Magnon) went into Europe, and built up the Nordic civilization later destroyed by Charlemagne. In South America they founded the Inca civilization, and in Asia those of India and China. The I's migrated to Africa, Egypt, Asia Minor and Central America. The civilizations of the I's were always destroyed by internecine strife, those of the WE's from outside. Events now impending are another culmination of this struggle; the indications are that the I's will destroy cooperative civilization, but that the WE's will save enough to rebuild it quickly, excluding every Greedy One from positions of power.

Many are warned and advised now. Move to places of refuge and store enough equipment to make continuance of the valuable factors of our civilization not too difficult.