Index of Vol. XII [1956-57]

011956May & JuneUFO Landing In Mexico, by Desmond Leslie • EXCERPTS (from correspondence of H.T. Wilkins) • Notes on Mutants • The Constitution of the Sun and Stars, by C.F. Krafft • Note of Pliofilm, by Lindy Millard • Man Is Three Spirits (from PREDICTION) • Can Prayer Make A Plant Grow • New book by Gray Barker • Memorandum of Importance • Living Tissue Rays, by Thomas Colson, from "Electronics Medical Digest"
021956July & AugustThe Antiquity of the Ether Concept, by physicist C.R. Krafft • Nikola Tesla - and - The Chain Of Silent Sparks - an Anniversary piece, by Gaston Burridge • New Science and New Faith - Excerpts from St. George's Bulletin • UFO Review • The Haunted Decade • Two Physicists and The Ether, by Lindy Millard • On The Advantages Of Being Lunatik • Cicero De Senectude • Memo to Associates - and - Publication Dates • INSERT: (book notice) "The Greatest Puzzle Of All"
031956September & OctoberThe Pre-Existence of the Future • Toward Flight Without Weight - from "Interavia" • A Comprehensive Field Theory -Formulated and Presented by Major Harry F. May • The Invisible Twin - and - • Dr. Goldhaber's Hypotheses • Radiation - How Great the Peril? - from "AWAKE" • Space - & The Ethers • John C. Brown & "The Immortal Cell" • Excerpts from BSR Bulletin 10-C-53 • Unusual Clipping • The "Little Listening Post" • SPACEMEN - an Insert Page
041956November & December"Flying Saucers Over South Africa" (book by Eedgar Sievers), by Assoc. "Hans Hermit" • "Question To Andolo" -letter from Trevor James to RR Editor • "Two More Spangles For Gravity's Cloak", by Assoc. G. Burridge • "The 'B'-Cell" of Assoc. John C. Brown — from "Metaphysical Digest" • "On What Causes Gravitation", by Assoc. Victor M. Waage
051957January & FebruaryOFFENDERS AGAINST PEACE - from "Le Courriere Interplanetaire" • EXTRAORDINARY MAP DIVINING - by Assoc. Gaston Burridge • THE DROSNES-LAZENBY CANCER TREATMENT - and - Psychotherapy • ANTI-GRAVITY and SPACE-SHIP PROPULSION - by Physicist C.F. Krafft • - and - A Letter of Importance • THE INDISPENSABLE COMPLEMENT • "PRANA" and SUB-ATOMIC ENERGY CONVERTERS - by Assoc. "Lindy Millard" • DANIEL FRY DISCUSSES SPACE-CRAFT • SUPERMATTER - by C.F. Krafft • LETTER from W. Gordon Allen - and - MISCELLANEA • INSERT page: Letter from ARTHUR CONSTANCE to BSR ASSOCIATES
061957March & AprilLumen: to Quaerens (Flammarion) • Crosse's Acari (from Gould's Oddities) • How Emmuel Carroll Divines A Map, by Assoc. G. Burridge • Discovery In Physics (R.C. Cowen in Monitor) • Verb. Sap., (Good Advice, by Max Freedom Long) • Proceedings: College of Universal Wisdom • Thinking and Destiny, by H.W. Percival • The Spitzbergen UFO (A.P.R.G. Reporter) • Correspondence & Miscellaneous: H.D. Clark, on Food Irradiation - Ralph M. Holland, & Voice No. 27 - Scientific Comment: by N. Nicolaides - Notes on Fluoridation; News Oddities; • "Coming Of The Guardians"; & other items of BSR interest • Illuminism - A Tabulation
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