Index of Vol. XIII [1957-58]

011957May & June"Anti-Inertia", by Physicist C.F. Krafft • "Dowsing" of Straight-Line Forces, by O. Reynolds, BSRA • "The South Pole's Bulging Ice Cap", by Hugh A. Brown, E.E. • - and - "The Cameron Aurameter" • "Did Tektites Come From A Lost World?", by G. Burridge, BSR • Blood Nature Of The Space People, by R. Natalli • The RH Factor In Relation To "Dowsing" • "Handwriting On The Wall" ("Abbey Bulletin" No. 1) • "Valence Angles of Nitrogen and Oxygen", by Physicist C.F. Krafft • Publication by the de la Warr Laboratories - and - The new NICAP magazine • "Map Divining", by E. Penrose ("World Science Review" and "Flying Saucer Review") • "The Expanding Case For The UFO" (book review) • Double-Talk? No!, by R.R. Editor • We The People, by N. Nicolaides, BSRA
021957July & AugustLESS WEIGHT AND MORE FLIGHT, by G. Burridge, BSRA • THE LUMINOSITY OF FLYING SAUCERS, by C.F. Krafft, BSRA • DOWSING OF STRAIGHT-LINE FORCES - part II, by O. Reynolds, BSRA • "THE RETURN OF THE DOVE" (the role of N. Tesla in the New Age) • "PICK THE BONES OUT OF THIS' (from "URANUS" magazine) • - and - EXCERPTS from Senator C. Holifield's address • VARIA: • A Point of Order, by BSR Editor • "The Invisible Powers", by N. Nicolaides • Miscellanea: BSRA Items • Insert - "Book Clearance" List
031957September & OctoberANTI-MATTER, by G. Burridge, BSRA • TEXT AND PRETEXT (excerpts from Flying Roll) • THE GREAT ANALYSIS (a plea for a rational world order) • "FLYING SAUCERS UBER SUDAFRIKA" (comment on a recent book) • "EASTER - THE BIRTHDAY OF THE GODS" (excerpts from essay by Dr. A. B. Kuhn) • "THE FIGHT AGAINST INSECTICIDE AIR RAIDS" (excerpts from letter of Marjorie Spock) • BIEFIELD - BROWN EFFECT, by C.F. Krafft, Physicist • NOTE TO "ROUND ROBIN" (Professor Jessop explains) • THE INVISIBLE POWERS - and - A NOTE OF EXPLANATION
041957November & December"Breaking Through The Light Barrier", by E. G. Reed, BSRA • "What Does The Wheel Of Venus Portend?", by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • "Moon Inhabited?", by Derek D. Dempster • "Flying Saucer Pilgrimage" (Comment on a new book) • "Our Mischief Or Our Chief Miss?", by G. B., BSR Assoc. • "UFO Report From Japan" (Excerpts) • "Letter From Ceylon" • - and - The "Asian" Flu Racket • "Some Observations On Electro-Magnetic Phenomena" • "What Is Their Mission?", by G. C. W., BSR Assoc. • Advertising & Order Page
051958January & February"Four Fallacies In Modern Scientific Thinking", by E. G. Reed, BSRA • "Bluntly Speaking", by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • "On How To Make The '4-D' Hypothesis Workable", by Lindy Millard, BSRA • "Notes On The Place Of Atlantis In World Evolution", by Charles J. Ryan, M.A. • "Antigravitic Possibilities of Supermatter", by C. F. Krafft, BSRA • "Inquiry From Alaska", by Louis C. Vacca, BSRA • "Excerpts From The Seances" (Deep trance mediumship of Mark Probert) • "Dowsing Of Straight-Line Forces" part III, by O. Reynolds, BSRA
061958March & April"The Henderson Electronic Antigravitator", by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • "The Tree Great Traditions" (from Dion Fortune's "Esoteric Orders and Their Work") • "Paraquestosis, Cackelitis, Smugnosis, and Kleptosis", by E. G. Reed, BSRA • "Towards A Revision of the History of Science", by Lindy Millard, BSRA • "Atlantis - and Our Present World Problem", by Alice Winston, BSRA • "The Approach to Idealistic Philosophy" (from Mediums and Mediumship - M. L.)
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