Index of Vol. XI [1955-56]

011955May & JuneInterpretation of the UFO, by John A. Hilliard, BSRA • Flying Saucers and Common Sense -book review- • Concepts In Occult Chemistry, by David Rudman, BSRA • Notes-by-the-Way • Excursus Into Etheric Technology, by Lindy Millard, BSRA • The Mystery of Homoepathy - from Adyar Theosophist • "The Psychic Light" - from "Psychics and Mediums" • Recommended books • Inserts: "Book Clearance" sale • M.K. Jessup's book, "Case For The UFO"
021955July & AugustDid Jonathan Swift Know About "Saucers"? • A Magnetic Frost Guard, by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • Earth, Water, Air, Fire (The "Four Elements") • Nature of the Cosmic Ether - and - Delineation of the Ethers • Elementary Psychodynamics., by Edward S. Schultz, Regional Director, BSRA • Excerpts from Seance Reports - The Elementals • The Voice of the Yada (Comment on Oahspe) • The Fish and the Net • The Etheric or "4-D" Interpretation of the Aeroforms • OBIT - for two Associates
031955September & October"Will The Earth Do A Flip?" by Assoc. Gaston Burridge • "Orgonomic Functionalism" - and - Note On Smog • "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (A Series of startling Scientific Developments) • "The Existence Of An Ether" by C.F. Krafft • "Inside The Space Ships" (Comment on a recent book - from "Clips, Quotes, & Comments") • "Report On Vitamin 'C'" (A Personal Experience) by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • "Reincarnation" (The Doctrine of The Neoplatonists) • Recommended Books: (Miscellaneous) • OBIT - for three Associates
041955November & December"Science and Healing" -Excerpts from THE ARK • The Little Green Men • Project Apollo ("Medical Rays"), by Assoc. Rolf Telano • "Radiesthesia in Britain in 1955", by Egerton Sykes, in PENDULUM • Letter from H. T. Wilkins • The Moray Mystery, by Gaston Burridge, BSRA • TSK Reactions, by M. L. • "Further Evidence Of An Ether", by C. F. Kraft (reprinted from C.Q.C. E-8) • Book Notices - Contemporary Comments
051956January & February"Vibrasonics" - and - Conditions of Space Transit • "The Flying Saucer Conspiracy" (Major Keyhoe's new book) • "The Morley-Martin Experiments" • Experiments of Dr. Chas. W. Littlefield • Cancer Clinic Information, by Assoc. Ralph M. Holland • Space-Craft Of The Sirian System, by Edw. S. Schultz, Reg. Director • A quotation from Arthur Constance • Coming World Changes, by Dr. George Williamson • Neglected Research, by M. L., A. R. Martin and Morey Bernstein • "Value For Etheric Pressure On The Proton", by Assoc. Lindy Millard • Words of Appreciation - from M.L. and Hdqrs. staff- • Miscellaneous Items • Insert page — "Personal Bulletin," and book donations
061956March & AprilThe So-Called Hendershott Motor, by Associate Gaston Burridge • Similar Electrical Terms (Electronic Medical Digest) • San Diego to London (Attempt at Psychic Communication) • Electronics in Medicine • The Negatron (Negative Proton), by C.F. Krafft • "Nineteen Paragraphs": with Comments by Reg. Dir. E.S. Schultz • The Idealistic Point of View • Letter from John Hilliard (Reg. Dir.) • Unusual Radio Program • The Happy Eskimo • TAO Practice - and - • Some Special Book Offers • NOTA BENE: An Addendum Concerning the UFO
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