The Gruesome Etheric Border Patrol
or Raw Meat Electronics

by Andrew Hardie

I appreciated the printing of Hanford's message on the robots in the December Journal, and the mention of who the channel was. It gives my girls a real lift to see their writings printed and placed before the public, especially in a Journal of your calibre; but I was disappointed that you did not print the messages we got from Myron along this same line. Come to think of it, I don't believe I sent these and I should have.

When Marian was here in October there were some broadcasts via radio and news stories about the Colorado woman who found that her pet horse Snippy had been slain. The blood was all drained from it. Some of the flesh was taken and the hide used to wrap up the remainder. Even the brains had been extracted. There was also their experience with a UFO that chased her son till he had to escape from it by running his car between two trees and fleeing on foot to his home.

We heard that Prof. Condon of the University of Colorado sent an investigator to review this matter. A horse doctor told this woman that it was ordinary hunters that did the job. This didn't explain the radio-active burn she got on her hands and arm from picking up one parcel of the flesh still wrapped up. This was in a space that showed plainly that some strange machine had landed there for trees were crushed down. So we were curious to find out from Myron or Hanford, or somebody, what the real truth was concerning this and here is what we got.

"Many would like to know the real truth about what these UFOs are up to in their pursuit of men and animals. What really happens would be too great a shock to mortals who dwell in the safety of materialistic logic. It is perhaps unwise to go into great detail as to what actually happened in the horse incident in Colorado; but I wish to let you tnto an area of understanding of this type of happening," (wrote Myron through Marian).

"To begin with, we are not dealing with the Christ Forces or entities that share our Laws motives or actions. We are dealing with an opposite quality, one which you would term evil. These small beings are vampirish in nature. Though of the low 4th Dimension they find both human and animal blood to their liking. It is with great haste and precision that they stun and kill animals in an open and accessible area, not too close to humans who they do not wish to utilize. These, in this [13] instance wanted a large quantity of flesh and blood, if possible, without attracting attention to their activities."


"The dissecting of the flesh is done with rays from their ships, and these hunks of meat are often eaten raw or are used in experimental labs of which they have many. This is not the only instance where they have been caught red-handed so to speak. They often prey upon wild animals in areas where they are free to carry on these experiments on the ground without interference from 3D mortals.

"The rays that are used to disect these beasts are the same that are used to stun and skin. This is where extensive radioactivity comes in in these cases. These forces are becoming increasingly bold and they draw much added energy from the violent outbursts that humans all over the earth are subject to. As this momentum accelerates these evil forces shall be manifesting in all manner of fiendish ways.

"It is with great urgency that we stress the importance of all humans to align themsleves with the Christ Forces for Guidance, Understanding and Protection. Stand in the Christ Light and learn to use it. This is your only defense against this evil."

Myron, Ashtar Command

The next day after getting this we still weren't satisfied with this message and Myron knew it; so just before Marian left for home in Oregon he answered our thought by this last message. Poor old Hanford (the "doorkeeper") has his job out keeping certain ones out and letting those that have the most thing of importance in. This time Hanford wrote first, "I feel that perhaps it is best to let Myron add to his last message so as to clear that score."


"The people or should I say creatures that are doing these fiendish deeds come from both the inside of the earth, and from bases that they have set up on the moon. Just as your earth has many different activities and kinds of entities moving about on it, so does the moon."

(Which moon is Myron referring to, the visible one we all know and see? Or the dark moon Fowzer, mentioned in the space messages received by Ric Williamson and his group in 1952? RHC.)

"This has to be cleansed away and put into a new spiritual frequency. While the moon is not to have the same type of cleansing as the earth, it too will be part of the New Heaven. There is constant negative activity going on under the earth. Large caverns are being used as hiding places for this type of negation."


(We wonder if the Sicilian earthquakes of Jan. 15 – 16 – 17, 1968 might be an example of Cavern cleansing activity? Western Sicily, where they occurred, is the ancestral home of the Mafia. The jolts disturb the stability of the crust above the Caverns. The top falls in wiping out the Cavern and its inhabitants. The earth above settles or falls in a destructive displacement. RHC.)

"Believe me they come in almost any size -- shape -- color. We monitor them at all times from our Stations and their efforts are expanding as the human level of emotions becomes more and more uncontrolled., This whole thing is going to burst like a balloon and those of you who have heard the spiritual call shall be truly blest. Stand in the Christ Light and claim your spiritual heritage."

I am Myron, Ashtar Command.


So much for that, and we hope after all this half-blind effort of typing this out you will find some good in it. If not, send it back. Now for more.

I don't know if you have been getting it but we sure have of late -- about a Coastal disaster due to change the California coast line shortly. I sure hate to peddle disaster stuff but here's what we get on this. First, while a little has been said about this coastal shake-up, more has been said about the placing of a Protective Force Field around all near this coast region that are to be preserved for future work with the Space folks, what it's like and how it works. This may turn out to be a long article but if you can stand it I can too.

"I have been with Mario and Ashtar aboard a Spacecraft high over this coastline. We are preparing for an invisible shield to be lowered over each of the members of the Ashtar Command that may be caught in this coastal disturbance we foresee. This shield is an Etheric Force Field. That would best describe it. It is made of energy of a very high frequency. Its purpose is to protect those it surrounds from any negation, whether man-made or of any other origin. This shield moves with you and extends out to a distance of approximately 30 feet. It is not evident to anyone but those of the Christ forces whose business it is to guard and protect individuals who will be instrumental in helping us in the future.

"I can tell you that things are shaping up fast -- faster than we had thought it would be a year ago. Human reaction in violence is mounting and it is safest to be in your own home in a vibration that is one of spiritual peace and harmony."

I am Myron, Ashtar Command.

To all this Hanford adds his bit: "The Forces that are to do this job are assembling and it makes a tremendous impression [15] on me as your door keeper. I can't describe it as I'd like to but they seem to be of a very advanced and spiritual nature."

("Human reaction in violence" which could trigger a natural catastrophe of larger proportions by etheric repercussion occurred in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon, Jan. 25th. "A labor rally called to show support for strikers at the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner turned into a window-smashing, rock-throwing mob scene at the paper's downtown plant; A crowd that police estimated reached 2,000 surrounded the newspaper plant, marched peacefully in the gathering darkness, then turned suddenly violent as firecrackers began to explode around the premises." LA Times. RHC)


Our teenage friend over there with his gang of student healers whom we call West likes to spill the beans now and then. Here is his description of this covering of protection. He and his friends watched higher beings place the shields over certain ones to be protected from this coastal disaster. This operation covered several days while Marian was here.

"I'm going to tell you what this Shield looked like to me," wrote Westerly. "I've been watching and each one of you have one, and it goes out from your spiritual centers like if you were a light bulb. These ray out to the area all around you, but at the edge_where this stops it is like it is cut off abruptly, and there is a whirling mass of colored light (vibrating). This is called Etheric, or an Electric-Magnetic Force-field. It is active instantly when an object or a being charged with an opposite vibration comes through or near this force-field, which is of a positive nature.

"I have moved back and forth through it, and I have tried to pose as an evil entity and see if there is resistance there. I found that what I 'think' does not affect it as any substance. They tell me it is because I am not really evil but only pretending, and what I am registers on it -- not what I think for a moment.

"So now you see what your force-field is like. It is full of colors and waves of light and when you pray these expand and flow out in a brighter arc of light. It looks like a light bulb that has been turned on from dim to bright. So this is the reason they say send out the Light and make it a part of your every thought."

Later, in another message from Westerly, he reported how several attacks had been made by dark forces to crash this barrier, but failed to make it. So evidently it works.

Here is an extract from a message from Lance, who was sent to us by Ashtar. He is not an earth spirit but an Etherian.

"Your father asked about the expected earthquake along the [16] coast. This I see has crystallized on the Astral (Etheric?) level, and it is just a matter of thought patterns until it is lowered into manifestation upon the Earth plane. What holds this back from happening is the influx of Spiritual Light we can draw upon to forestall this from manifesting. It can't be held back forever, for man has karma to pay, and it must be paid at some time.

"This is the reason we are building up banks of spiritual people -- rather Light banks -- to draw upon. The dates you receive could or could not be accurate because even we do not know that far in advance the exact time. We can tell you, yes, it will happen; but how soon and how seriously, to what extent, is something man controls. Spiritual ignorance is a whiplash. I feel I've established some rapport with you again and I shall be near to write at another time."

I am Lance.


Now I want to give you something from Ashtar, received Nov. 8, 1967. This would indicate that "something big" is expected to occur within three months from that date. This would bring it to early February '68, Take it or leave it. Ashtar has never fooled us yet and we are hoping he will this time for we sure arenvt crazy to see anything happen that will destroy life or property and involve mass destruction. "Shall I alone be saved and hear the whole world cry?" Could well be the title of my next book. Ha! First, Bayham -- he is guide and teacher of Virginia's grandchild, Andrea -- has this to say.

"Mary, the days ahead are growing exceedingly dark with threats to your safety and peace of mind. We have prepared a place for you all that you can be taken to in event of dire necessity. This next period shall be one which many shall be tested to the extreme." [This is part, then Ashtar comes in with this.] "I come to add what Bayham has given you and to tell you that while there has been a slight lessening of danger, it grows again darker than before. The next three months are critical for earth and all who wish to continue living on its surface.

"The forces of darkness are assembling in very large numbers for an assault upon the human mind and spirit. Watch the up-swing in violence of a family nature, or rather outbursts in this unsuspecting area of life. All efforts are being made by the dark ones to unbalance those who dwell on the edge of normalcy, ones who have no spiritual backbone to resist in depth the onslaught of negative vibrations.

"Draw close to us and that which you have been taught. Despair not for those who are not interested. In the future they can swing your way overnight and be receptive to much help. Until then, they dwell in the twilight zone of understanding, asleep to truth and light. Stand firm and use your understanding [17] to project Light in abundance."

I am Ashtar.


Now, in the last message we got from Ashtar is a very significant remark. I'd like to give you the whole message but will confine it to this part which shows that the Spirit and Space Brothers now have access to a Power or instrument of offence and defense they've never been permitted to use before. Owing to the nature of the assault upon this planet by forces that are neither from the Moon nor from our own sphere, but as I understand are coming from an inversive Galaxie far beyond our own, this special power or force has now been granted our space beings to use. The evil ones now upon this planet -- the residue of evil from Maldek (the destroyed planet between Mars and jupiter. RHC.) -- are as nothing compared with the power of evil from these from outer space, hence more powerful weapons are needed to combat this attack now imminent.

"My blessing on you three. These is an overshadowing power here today and I shall tell you that it is a Solar form of protection. Myron was drawing from its energy to write and I, too, am drawing from it.

"The atmosphere is one of crisis and of waiting.

"The hour is drawing close for us to use energy that we have not been allowed to use fully up to this time. Conditions had to come full cycle (circle) on the material plane first. This Solar energy is flowing out to all of you of the Christ Command. The Ashtar Command is a working part. Sananda has spoken of this Newness that showers forth on good and bad alike -- accenting the qualities of both to a greater degree. Your Overself has spoken of you as a battery to store and give out this energy when the time comes for you to do this. This I want you all to do: draw Light into yourself in all manner of ways that you can; saturate your mind with radiance of that which is Divine in essence; for the day draws nigh for your true work to begin.

"The Christ Light sustains all who truly desire to walk the Path of He who is the Wayshower."

I am Ashtar.

Now one more message, from our Wayshower. I had commented to Marian on how Sananda spoke or made His approach to other Light Centers, and wondered if it was the same being or some imposter pretending it was Sananda. I did not ask for any message but it came. You can't hide your thoughts from those above.

I will close this book with Sananda's last message. It sure came as a surprise. It shows how careful one should be to watch what they're thinking about. I apologize for this long letter but take comfort in that this will be my last one to you this [18] year. We hope some of this can be useful to you in your work, at least thought-provoking. It all shows the closeness we are getting to the 4th Dimension, and how wonderful it is to draw close to our friends and loved ones in that department of life. What the year 1968 will bring forth one can only guess, but if it turns out to be as spiritually profitable as 1967 has, we will be very happy.


"I walk many paths and speak in many ways. My message is always the same in text. There shall be many more to give forth my words. There shall be phrases and subjects covered dealing with all things as all things shall be made new.

"Channels and mediums are but vessels for my use. Because they strive for Christhood they assert their mannerisms for me to either use or dominate. I often choose to use them for I do not wish to dominate any soul striving for its own Christ expression. All searching in this area will be richly rewarded -- more than has been possible at any time in the history of your earth.

"You have chosen to help prepare the way for my coming; that is why I am here with you as your Master Teacher. We serve each other; and in serving the Christ in one another, we serve our Father in heaven in like manner.

"Your father has served. Your mother has served. Your sister has served, and those your lives have touched serve also. The flood gates of heaven are opening. Great radiance shall cover all of you with love and patience.

"Be not weary for all is within my Father's plan.

"He has sent me to you to guide and direct your feet.

"My Mantle is Light and this is your Shield.

"Stand firm in this knowledge."


* * *

"In such a time of troubles as this one the supreme virtue of a statesman is prudence. Which means the art of navigating along a rocky coast in a stormy sea. For this they must forswear grandoise policies, such as fighting for universal peace or fighting to remake the civilizations of Asia and Africa. They must recognize the limitations of their powers, and while they cannot and will not withdraw into isolation, they must avoid ideological interventions . . . For good or evil, the modern world cannot be conquered or converted or governed by anyone. The world is not one but many."

Walter Lippman