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* The ms. of Project Hermes comes to BSRA Hdqrs. from one of our most gifted Associates, and is submitted "for our information". Readers will note the discretion and reserve with which the author expresses himself. In fact, he advises against publication, lest in event experiments should come to nothing, the BSRA "might appear a bit ridiculous." But the BSRA publications are a clearing house for novel and may-be productive ideas in the field of Borderland Research; their value can be determined only by experiment and cooperation -- which in turn implies that they must be made known. The fact that we publish them implies nothing except that the BSR Director thinks them interesting and worth examination; and the author of the Hermes ms himself makes no other claims. He is, however, well known to many of our Associates, and his identity would command a respectful hearing for anything he has to offer. -ML-


1) This circuit and other information was given to me via 'para-normal' means, by a technical source with whom I have been in contact at intervals for the past 4 or 5 years. Some of the information from this source has proven to be valuable, but -- caution -- much of the other information received proved to be worthless. Therefore, do not place too high a value on it, or assume its correctness, unless or until actual tests can be made.

2) The device is supposedly a reproduction of an ancient communication instrument - one form (there are several others) of what Dick Shaver called "telaug" in his writings. Its main use by the ancients was to communicate telepathically with others on the same "here-living" plane. My informant says, however, that it can also be used to communicate with entities on other planes, if properly tuned. This particular form is very short range under ordinary circumstances. That is: its effect will influence only persons or entities in the immediate vicinity, when used singularly. If, however, two persons each have such a device, and the devices are tuned to each other, they will work over fairly long distances. The actual method of operation is to create a controlled vibrational field which will sensitize those within its influence. It may be noted that several persons have apparently been sensitized to telepathic contact by wild radiations from electric arcs, etc. Electric welders and old time spark gap radio operators were usually regarded as a "peculiar lot", and would frequently confess they got a "lot of screwy ideas" while in the influence of the arc.

3) The original device was made of components which have no modern counterpart and could not be reproduced except in a large laboratory, [4] and at prohibitive cost. The effort during the past few years has, therefore, been to find commercially available components which would produce the same effect as the original. This has involved (on my part) the securing of technical characteristics on hundreds of electronic components, which my contact would check for the particular effect he wished to secure. (This explains the apparent familiarity of the communicator with our components.) The circuit finally evolved is one which he believes will produce essentially the same result as the original device. It must be emphasised, however, that my contact has no facilities for actual construction, and that he has evolved the circuit entirely from the theoretical point of view.

4) Comment on actual circuit: Parts (1) and (4) are a conventional oscillator circuit. Parts (3), (7) and (8) would be a conventional radio-phone modulator circuit if (7) was a by-pass condenser, and (8) was a microphone. As it stands, it is over my head. Communicator is very insistant that nothing but a variable reluctance unit will work as (8). The (2), (5) and (6) set-up at the lower left is also over my head. I cannot visualize what effect they would have. Note that the tube is connected so as to form a triode, but communicator insists that it is essential that the pentode be used, as all triodes which I told him about lacked the proper characteristics.

5) I cannot guarantee to secure any further information which any may desire, as contact with my communicator is at his option, not mine. That is: I have no way of contacting him, but must wait until he decides to contact me.

Further information on "Project Hermes"

After receiving a recent letter from one of our Associates on the subject, I was again in contact with my communicator, and expressed the desire to have the matter checked from the viewpoint of someone on some other plane -- preferrably some electronics expert who had "passed over". Was told that he had devices by which he could "connect" with anyone I wished to contact, provided that person was willing and able to talk at that particular time. I suggested Nikola Tesla and, after a few moment delay, was told that he could and would discuss it for a short time. The following is, therefore, supposed to be a conversation with N.T., but I should like to warn that I have been frequently bothered by case of impersonation in these matters, so it should not be taken at face value, but should be analyzed critically.

(Q):Will this circuit which I have before me work? Will it do what claimed for it?
(NT):(After a slight delay) It is essentially correct. Quite crude, and capable of a great deal of refinement.
(Q):Do you wish to suggest any changes? I would be pleased to make them.
(NT):No. It would be difficult to make you understand, and still more difficult for you to accomplish with available facilities. It is very crude, but will do.
(Q):I have here a letter from an Associate which postulates a beat-note theory.


 Can you get its contents?
(NT):Yes. I can get anything which you have in your mind.
(Q):Is his hypothesis correct?
(NT):Yes and no. There is some hetereodyning involved, but it is a direct communication device essentially.
(Q):I had always assumed that mental waves were far above radio range. If this is a direct communication device, then they must be in that range. Is that correct?
(NT):Yes. They are within the range of conventional radio apparatus, if they are sensitive enough, although a receiver would not detect it except as low-level "interference". They are not properly constructed to "translate" the thought waves.
(Q):Could you tell me the exact frequencies of these thought waves?
(NT):I must convert into terms which you will understand. (Several moments delay) Each individual has a frequency of his or her own just as each radio station has its own frequency. Each plane, however, has a normal range, with individuals on that plane on some frequency within that range. Beginning at the lowest level, there is a group of demonic and elementary entities in the range of about 10 to 20 myriacycles. The lowest astral level begins at about 30 and continues upward to about 80 for the higher astrals. Those on the planetary etheria levels communicate on a range of about 70 to 90. You will note that there is a great deal of overlapping. In fact, there are no firmly fixed lines between levels. They just merge into one another. The thought waves of the embodied "here living" persons of your planet are within the range of about 10 to 40 myriacycles, with 20 being about the normal average. Tho you will note that there are many who, unfortunately, are in direct contact with the lower astrals. Many of them may be unaware of it, but are influenced by it. Most of your people are sensitive only to frequencies very near their own, but there are some (including the true mediums) who have the ability to tune their mental vibrations to higher or lower ranges at will.
(Q):I should think that radio and other apparatus would cause a lot of interference on other planes.
(NK):It does. Since the birth of your electronics age, there has been a terrific din here.[1] Radio and television is no problem. Your F.C.C. can be influenced not to grant licenses for the particular frequencies which we know will disturb us. They do not realize it, but they are under constant watch and guidance from other planes. In the case of some other apparatus, the problem may be more difficult, and more direct and drastic action may be required at times. After a man has had his peace and quiet disturbed for about so long, he is going to go out and silence the source of it.[2] He will usually be polite about it, if he can be, but By Gad sir, he intends to stop it regardless!
(Q):I didn't know that those on higher planes were subject to such human instincts and failings.
(NK):You know better than that. Don't forget that "higher" merely refers to vibrational levels, and not necessarily moral instincts.[3] I would remind you that, when you first began to recall your life on Venus Etheria, the details were so much as they are on your present plane that it was a few years before you realized that it was not on Venus Materia, as you first assumed. I have never been there, but I doubt that all was sweetness and peace.


(Q):No: As I recall, there was a lot of variation between individuals. The general level seemed to be higher than here, but there was bad and good. They seemed to live and love and hate and hope just as those on any other plane. As you say, that fact confused me for a long time, although I was aware that Venus Materia was not ordinarily regarded as habitable by higher incarnates, and the life forms were on a rather low order there.
(NK):That is my understanding. I have never been to either.
(Q):However, they know of you there. I assume that you must be of Lemurian origin, to use the Earth designation, and I understand that they usually discarnate to Terra Etheria.
(NK):That is correct. Some of us have visited your Etherian Nors there, but I have never happened to be one of those. If they know of me, it must be from contacts which I have made with them on Terra Materia at various times.
(Q):I assume that that is it. At any rate, sir, you are highly regarded by my people. But to get back to "Project Hermes", which, as you perhaps know was so named because he was the messenger of the gods and this device can perhaps comunicate with some of those whom the early Tellurians regarded as gods --
(NK):The name is appropriate. One name is as good as another.
(Q):The question I wished to ask, sir, was regarding the secrecy of the thing. My communicator fears that it could be misused if it should fall into the wrong hands, and could cause great harm. He therefore urges that it be restricted to only those of good will.
(NK):That is impossible. Who is to judge who is of good will? How are you going to prevent leaks? No. If you get it developed, give it to the world, without reservations. Every new thing will cause some harm. That is the nature of new things. You have to take the bad along with the good. But, on the other hand, who is to say which part is bad and which part is good? That is all in the point of view. But I do not wish to get involved in a philosophical discussion of good and evil. That is not my forte. I have never considered that part of it in my work. We must do our job and let the chips fall where they may. I cannot spare any more time now, so good-bye.


Note: [1] and [2], p. 3 of this article: The Mark P. Controls explained several years ago that certain regions of the etheric worlds were being seriously disturbed by the atobomb detonations, and have lately asserted that supersonic speeds were producing a similar effect -- and that the Etheric people might be compelled to take radical measures in self defense. The use of such speeds in warfare, to produce devastating concussions, may well precipitate an Etheric intervention -- Increasing and inexplicable disasters to jet planes may possibly fit into this picture.

[3] Just as the word pure to the occultist means unadulterated, so higher refers to waves, vibrations, or frequencies: neither word has any moral or religious connotation. ML-



Project Hermes device, built around a Raytheon 2E 31/32 tube.



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