Hidden Worlds

Two Inventors Return & Project Hermes

Two Inventors Return & Project Hermes
by J. Gilbert E. Wright (Author)

This is one of the earliest and most curious of all Borderland projects. Imagine an engineer from the General Electric Company making psychic contact with Steinmetz and Edison! That is exactly what happened to this author who describes his experiences in the first part of this book. In Part 2 he describes Project Hermes, an electronic device designed to stimulate the telepathic transmitting and receiving centers in the brain. Building instructions are included. Also for the imaginative — a schematic for the Hidden World receiver from the notorious Shaver Mystery.

Stapled: 42 pp
Language: English
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The Human Atmosphere
by William J. Kilner (Author)

Subtitle: Or, The aura made visible by the aid of chemical screens

Language: English
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Hollow Earth

The Reality of the Underground Cavern World
by Riley Hansard Crabb (Author)

Is the planet Earth hollow? Scientists ridicule the idea but their molten core theory has never been proven either. Whether solid or hollow, there are mysterious networks of tunnels and caverns penetrating much of the earth’s outer shell. Here, stories of the Inner Earth and its bizarre denizens are analyzed, a Guided Tour of the Earth’s Interior.

Stapled: 33 pp
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Those Astounding Ice Ages
by Dolph Earl Hooker (Author)

From whence came the great sheets of ice that covered much of the earth during the ice ages? The ice was deposited rapidly, freezing mammoths in mid-chew on their tropical plant dinners. This astounding book describes the “canopy theory” of planetary development, that is, a spherical shell of mineral and water rotated at a distance from earth’s surface. Periodically minerals would fall, creating the stratification found in sedimentary rock and ice would fall, creating the geologically short-lived ice ages which disappeared as the ice melted.

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The Cellular Cosmogony
by Cyrus Teed (a.k.a. Koresh) (Author)

Subtitle: The Earth a Concave Sphere

Teed was quite well versed in optical theory, geodesy (surveying) and the like and did many large-scale physical experiments indicating that the surface of the earth curves up. Right or Wrong? It’s an amazing view that will provide great intellectual stimulation and deep thought just seeing how such a diverse view can be built from solid physical evidence.

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