by Dean Hardy

My interest in pyramids has spanned a number of years; however, it became intensified approximately five years ago after dreaming that a pyramid could be a useful tool in helping my son who has dyslexia.

After an intensive search of the literature was made, it became apparent to me that there is an energy field within the pyramid which seems to produce unusual phenomena that has an effect on any substance or being which comes into direct contact with it. During this time many experiments were carried out with the construction of small plastic, cardboard, and wooden pyramid models. Some literature and experiments seemed to indicate that not only was the form and alignment of the pyramid important, but also the actual materials and method of pyramid construction. These components all seem to have an effect on the energy field generated within a pyramid.

After talking with many individuals concerning the various construction techniques of pyramids, Kenneth Killick of Ottawa, Canada was finally contacted. On July 18, 1975, he drew up a set of plans, and construction of the pyramid was begun.

Many readers of the Journal of Borderland Research are well aware of the experimentation being carried on in the field of pyramid energy; however, we desire to share with you a new method of construction. It is our belief that the actual construction of the pyramid is one of the most crucial components in maximizing the generation of pyramid energy.

The pyramid, which has been built, has a 24 foot square concrete base, aligned in a magnetic north-south direction. Entrance into the pyramid is made under the floor, by tunnel from the south, and up through the center of the floor in the pyramid. This method of entrance is used so that the continuity of the walls is not broken or in any way disturbed.

The pyramid is approximately 15 feet high and is built to the scale of the Cheops Pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid is attached to the concrete pad with steel lag bolts. This is the only place where steel, or ferrous materials, may be used in the construction of the pyramid. After the pyramid is once completed, ferrous materials should never be brought into the pyramid above the ground (or base) level. This also includes items of clothing and/or jewelry.


The sides of the pyramid are constructed by what is referred to as the laminated method. You will note from the drawing that the laminated method of construction from the inside of the pyramid to the outside is as follows: first, a frame-work of wood, which in larger pyramids would normally be 2x4's, then an insulator, then a conductor, then an insulator. In some cases, additional layers or conductor(s) and insulator(s) may be desirable.

Black and white layering diagram for construction of Hardy's pyramid - from bottom to top: 2"x4" stud, 3/8" construction grade fibrous sheeting, paperbacked aluminium foil insulation (paper side down), 1/2" foam insulation, fiberglass cloth bonded with epoxy. NOTE: Aluminium foil (conductor layer) must begin approximately 4"-6" above the pyramid base and must not be grounded.


The insulators must consist of solid wood (not plywood) and/or fibrous sheeting, and/or Styrofoam sheets, and or fiber glass impregnated with poly resin. The fiber glass is also an excellent outside skin for protection against the weather.

The conductor must be of paper backed aluminum foil or any other nonferrous conductive film or wire mesh screen. There must never be a break in the conductor and there must never be any contact between alternate layers of conductors or insulators. In addition, all conductor layers should begin approximately 4-6 inches above the base of the pyramid.

Use only aluminum nails, or any nonferrous nails, in the construction of the pyramid; however, remember that there must be no breaks in the aluminum foil or mesh and that there must be no electrical short between any two layers of materials. Each succeeding layer may be attached by glue or some type of non-conductive mastic tape.

A pyramid of this size may be used simply as a storm shelter, as a guest room, or as a place where any individual can get away from the mental and physical stress of everyday living.

We believe that we are modern day pioneers, very similar to our forefathers, who were seeking a more abundant life in an environment they knew very little about. We are convinced from our own experiences that there is an energy field generated within the pyramid which is constructed in this manner, and that this energy field may possibly be used to uncover the link between the physical and, often referred to, metaphysical worlds. It is also our belief that these forces may be used to help mankind today in finding a more abundant life.

It is our wish to correspond with individuals who desire to experiment in the spirit of cooperation. We may be reached by writing to: Les Inities of Michigan, Suite A , P.O. Box 7515, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49510.



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