Index of Vol. XXXIII [1977]

011977January & FebruarySHOOTING AN AIR FORCE UFO PILOT - from "True" UFO Quarterly #3 • THE MAGICK OF TRITHEMIUS - CQC by the Editor • THE MOLOCH OF THE AMA, FISHBEIN - CQC On His Manifest Destiny As Suggested by H.P. Blavatsky • "LEADING PSYCHIC CALLS HALT TO ALL TESTS", by Maurice Barbanell • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Arthur "The Earth Is Flat" Compton, Triumph Over Pain The Teacher, Expect No Mercy From The Brothers Of The Shadow, The Curse On The Kennedys?, Kundalini Yoga Gets Results, The Yada On The King Chakra, The Chakras Can Open Any Time, The Occult Meaning Of the Crucifixion, Wrong Motive Brings Wrong Results, Should I Join The Scientologists?, The Big Push For World Rulership, Violating the Newspaper's Civil Right To Print, Importing Gangster-Type Weapons, And Making Expert Use Of The Death, and BSRF Literature
021977March & AprilA CASE OF SIGNIFICANT OBSESSION, by an Associate and Dion Fortune • LINCOLN, THE THEOLOGIAN OF U.S. ANGUISH, by Dan L. Thrapp • GOD KNOWS, BETTER THAN WE DO, by Lee Bathurst • PSYCHIC "MECHANIC" TEACHES HER SKILLS, by Edward J. Pressberg • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Kissinger's Chinese Puzzle, ESP Experts To Replace Spys, Universite de Paris, "Solar, Wind, Wave, Bio-Gas, Orgone Energies", Radionics With No Rubbing Plate, The First Hieronymous Instrument, Radionics and its Field Effect, Keeping the Good Guys Well With Radionics, A Borderline Problem, A Borderline Problem Solved, What Makes Jimmy Run?, "A Direct Line To The President", He Is Interested In Healing, The Fer Magnetic Loop, 1976 Annual Report, UFO Project At School, Speaking of Flying Saucers The Enterprise!, Suicide or Political Murder?, A Day In The Life Of A Healer, Project Bluebird-An Appeal To Save the West, Rainmaker Overdoes It, Rain, Hail Ruin Crops, Weather Modification in 11th Century Tibet, and BSRF Literature
031977May & JuneSCIENTISTS AMAZED BY THEIR OWN MENTAL POWER, by Robert G. Smith, in "Enquirer" • MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH VAMPIRISM, by Susie Austin • A CASE OF SIGNIFICANT OBSESSION, Part II, by an Associate and Dion Fortune • THE ANTI- or CONTRA-GRAVITY BREAKTHROUGH - from "Flying Saucers Uncensored" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Within and Without the Scientology Battle, Meeting a Conditioned Entity Face to Face, "Jaworski Promises a Nixongate", A Message From Galen Hieronymous, Problems With Nematodes, UKACO Rates Anyone?, Radionics in Toronto and the Separatists, There'll Be Some Changes Made-Next Year-as California Loses and Gains Real Estate, Solve The Energy Crisis With UFO Propulsion and Lift, the Great Danger of Anti-Gravity Success, "The Secret of How UFOs Fly", So What's New?, and BSRF Literature on Dr. Abrams
041977July & AugustHIGH PRIEST OF THE DRUG CULTURE, "BABA RAM DASS" ALPERT, by Sara Davidson and Riley Crabb: The Tree of Life of the Western Tradition; Dass's American Ministry Begins; "Blissed Out" Without Acid; The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha; I Am Behind the False Personality; An Instrument of Service; Purifying Sex With Fire (In the Himalayas); Back To His American Ministry; Stay On The Move And Impersonal; The Man or Woman of Genius; Marriage Is Encouraged, In the West!; Are You Rightly Married? • IMPLOSION MOTOR FOR FLYING SAUCERS, and FOR HOME POWER PLANTS, by Leopold Brandstatter • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Implosion At First Hand, Evidence For An Imploding Vortex, Create a Vacuum In The Direction Of Travel, Atmospheric Drive, W.B. Smith's "New Science" Is Available, Speaking of Censorship: The Disruptors, A Giant, Nationwide Spiderweb, H.L. Hunt The Biggest Disruptor Of All, Get Out of Dallas Fast, Heaven Is Around Me But Not Of Me, "Cast From Thee Thy Riches!", The Dangers Of Being A Rich Man, Speaking Of Earth, Koch Remedies Anyone?, 1977 Psychotronics (Radionics) Conference at Astara Center, Upland, and BSRF Literature
051977September & OctoberELECTRONIC TREATMENT OF AGRICULTURE -Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, 1953 • SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON, by George H. Leonard • THE ELECTRONIC REACTIONS OF DR. ABRAMS, by Upton Sinclair, Part I • THE GOING AND THE GLORY, by Gloria Lee • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Fight Wasn't Worth The Cost, Why Are Some Protected and Others Not?, The Good Side of Scientology or Dianetics, A Difference of Opinion on Elementals, Man's - and Woman's-Elemental Gods, The False God's of the World's Religions, Kabalactes, Triune God of Vind-yu and Her Heavens, War In Heaven and On Earth, The Criminal Arm of the Priesthood, The Tomb of Ignorace, And Some Of The False Gods who Help Maintain It, A Famous American Faqueer, The Way Of All Flesh, Taos Valley The Transition Point, The Passing of Ray Palmer, Fred MacMurray and His Throat Cancer, Radionics Goes Public In California, A Monument To Martha Mitchell, Further Information On Viktor Shauberger?, and BSRF Literature
061977November & DecemberSCIENTOLOGY: MONEY-MAKER OR RELIGION?, by Cynthia Gorney • THE HOME-MADE E-METER • THOSE EMOTION-AROUSING QUESTIONS • SCIENTOLOGY'S DRAMATIC DEPARTURE • ERA, THE ELECTRONIC REACTIONS OF ABRAMS, Part II, by Upton Sinclair • THE PSYCHIC WARFARE OF ARMAGEDDON IS ON, by Edward Sigall • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Russian Psionic Warfare, Unpleasant Contact With a Battery of Power, One Psionic Battle the Russians Lost, The Searl Three-Seater Levity Disc, The Second Coming-The Second Christmas, Prepare For The Guest That Is To Come, The Prince Of Rock And Roll, The Raw Power of Presley's Dweller or Shadow, Psychic Self-Defense With "Retro-Me", Another Campaign Promise Into The Discard, Who Gives The CIA Its Orders?, "Earth's Last Mile, We Sad", The Great Awakening Is Here, The Second Coming and Solar Initiation From Sirius, The Principle Of All Things, The Invocation To The Flame and BSRF Literature
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