Index of Vol. XXXIV [1978]

011978January & FebruaryRESOLUTION FOR UFO RESEARCH AT UNITED NATIONS - from Ambassador Wellington Friday • "I WAS HEALED," A HOMOSEXUAL TELLS HIS STORY - from "Sharing" • LESBIANISM, A SEXUAL MINORITY - from "Religious Research Newsletter," and CQC by the Editor • LOVE IS THE BRIDGE, by Hazel and Irene Close, and CQC by the Editor • THE ASTROLOGICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL PROBABLILITIES OF THAT MARCH 1978 PROPHECY, by C.B. Wynniatt • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Isaiah Prophet With Honor, The Medicine Men "We Do Our Best", Doctors Aren't Gods But They Come Close, "I Was A Pill Doctor", Give Credit To Spirit Doctors, Nurses and Angels, The "God" Of Radionics Or Psychotronics, The Fury Of Those Winter Storms Back East, Tesla Coil For MWO, Energy Saving Inventions Being Suppressed By The Environmental Pollution Agency, Centro UFOlogical Nationale Congress, Crossing the Cosmic Barrier, Holistic Treatment Via Radionics, The Fury Of Those California Storms, The Golden Rule Canceled In Wisconsin And Washington, and BSRF Literature
021978March & AprilTHE PSYCHIC FACTOR IN UFO RESEARCH, by Olivia Robertson, from "Gnostica" • TAKING A DOCTOR'S OPINION FOR TRUTH IS DISEASE!, by Phineas P. Quimby • UFOs LINKED TO ANIMAL MUTILATIONS - from the "National Enquirer", plus View From the Ashtar Command • WEATHER ENGINEERING, AN UPDATE, by Trevor James Constable • THE LORD USUALLY HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, by Charles Evers • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - "THE BLOOPER BOWL" Rather Than The Superbowl, There Is White Magick Also In Texas, Pagan Magick In Florida, Radionic Bone Setting, The Air Ionizer or Negative Ion Generator, Prophecy Of An Economic Crash by Nikola Tesla, Only Temporary Relief, The Great Market Crash of May 1962, "Let's All Pray For The CIA and Dr. Peter Beter", "UFOs And Anti-Gravity", 1977 Annual Report, Our World-Wide Membership, Increasing Interest In The Polar Flip, The Sudden Passing of George Van Tassell, and Republishing the Pathometric Journal
031978May & JuneINVESTMENT BANKERS BLOCK LAETRILE - from the National Health Federation Bulletin, February 1978 • THOTHMA, BUILDER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID - from "Oahspe", by John Newbrough • DON'T SUFFER THE PSYCHIC WARFARE OF ARMAGEDDON, by Mary and Dean Hardy • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, by Ray Bradbury • "THEY COME AND THEY GO, FROM THE SEEMING NOTHINGNESS OF SPACE", by Raja Natcha • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Fifth Dimensional Patterns of Creative Thought, As Seen By Claude Bragdon, Fifth Dimensional Mind Over Matter, Auto-Suggestion of Self-Hypnosis, Fifth Dimension Healing By A Buddhist Priest, Praising The Russians With Silence?, Help! Russia Is Ready To Take Us Over!, Psychological Warfare Against The People, They Say The Gold Is Gone From Ft. Knox, The Backward Involutionary Pull of the Lunar Pitris, The Higher Mind, A Setback To Ordered Development, The "Imprisonment" of Women, Looeamong's Agents Refuse To Privide Alternatives (To Abortion), George W. Van Tassell: In Memoriam, "Ether-Technology" A Rational Approach To Gravity Control, Vitality Transfusions, Pathoclast Instruction Book and BSRF Literature
041978July & AugustWHAT DO THE FLYING SAUCERS PORTEND?, by the Yada di Shi'ite • OUR SUN MAY HAVE A COMPANION STAR! - CQC by the Editor • JOHN KEEL, A WILDERNESS CRYING FOR A VOICE - CQC by the Editor • THOTHMA, BUILDER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, Part II - from Oahspe, by Newbrough • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - New Age Awareness, Wanted, A Portable Anti-Radionic Device, The Death Ray Rate, Devas of the Seventh Order, Divine Alchemy The Healing Process, The Alchemy Of The Dark Brotherhood, Tax-Supported Radionics, Father and Seven Children Die In Wall Of Fire, The Ordered Process Of Development Is Delayed, Imprisoning the Escaping Higher Self, Can You Abandon Some Part Of Yourself?, The Sixth Pentacle Of Mars, This Is The Fifth Dimension, Psychotronics Annual Conference in Atlanta, "Energy Unlimited", Upgrading The Glands and the Chakras or "Eyes", Ireland Has Them Too! the Men-In- Black!, Creative Juices Power the Break-Through, The Great Invocation, The Affirmation of the Disciples, A Disciple Joins Up and Welcome, Getting Rid of Blue Spruce Bugs, and BSRF Literature
051978September & OctoberWE'VE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT MANY TIMES - from the Findhorn "Open Letter" • WHY WE HAVE THE HYPERACTIVE JITTERS - from the NHF "Bulletin" • DOWSING AND RADIONICS ARE ESP APPLIED, by Associate A.P.S. • FRICKER TELLS VIEWERS WHY FIRST CURE SHOCKED HIM, by Maurice Barbanell • THOTHMA, BUILDER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, Part III - from Oahspe • THE ELECTRIC BATTERIES FROM BABYLON, by J.R. Jochmans • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Death Rays and Other Morbid Fantasies, "I Found That I Was In A Dusky Wood", Gustave Dores' Art, Take Care The Border Is Patrolled, The Privilege of Working With the Angels, The UFO Mystery Can Never Be Solved, Total Victory For the Military Bureaucrats?, A Pope And Flying Saucers, "We Are Neither Your Bosses Nor Your Servants", The Need To Have Self-Sufficiency, Teamwork With the Invisibles, The Much-Traveled Five Rites of Rejuvenation, Mind Over Matter On The Football Field, "Heather, Confessions of a Witch", "Operation Mind Control", "Supersensonics", "The Pulse of the Universe", "Color, The Bridge to the New Age" and BSRF Literature
061978November & DecemberTHE PENDULUM FOR DEVELOPING PSYCHIC SENSITIVITY, by Christopher Hills • DR. KUBLER-ROSS MEETS HER "VIRGIL" FACE TO FACE, by Maurice Barbanell • "CALL ME MIKE", A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND - from "Gold Sector I" • THE SMOKING GUN - from Haldeman's "The Ends of Power" • THOTHMA, BUILDER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, Part IV - from "Oahspe" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Another point of View On Healing, Blue and Red Light As Healers, Another Coverup of the Original Coverup, Of Course Radionics Works!, And So Does The Radioclast, And So Does The Hitachi "Magic Wand", The Olive Oil-Grapefruit Juice Cure, Borderland Research in Indianapolis, Guru Gallimore, Keep Your Mouth Shut Or Else!, Knowledge Too Profound For The Material Minded, Man Becomes More Than Man By Way Of The Cross, The Blindness of Self-Righteousness, The Lives Of Jesus the Space Man, Luciani the Revolutionary, The Re-Spiritualization of the Church, An Early Christmas Present for the ERA, Mary Star of the Sea, and BSRF Literature
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