Index of Vol. XXXV [1979]

011979January & FebruaryPROPOSAL FOR FLYING SAUCER RESEARCH AT UNITED NATIONS - With CQC • C.R.I.F.O. NEWSLETTER, AUG. 6, 1954 and STRINGFIELD INTERVIEW • CLOSE AIR FORCE RETRIEVALS OF THE THIRD KIND, by Stringfield • THOTHMA, BUILDER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID, Part V - Conclusion • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Great Pyramid and the Deluge, Too Much Garbage Emanating From Demented Lunatics, Borderland Science Toward Reality, But Leave Politics Out, There Are Two Ways To Go, the Choice Is Yours, The Path To Survival Is So Apparent, No Jail Shall Hold You, Remember To Say "I Love You", The Most Important Thing In The World, Another Invader Hunted Down and Shot Down, In Was Not A Meteor Or A Satellite!, "Usually Intercepted and Turned Back", The Tunguska "Meteorite" Of 1908, The New Zealand UFO Crash of 1955, The Knasas Blast of 1948, "Flying Saucers On The Attack", Something Explodes Over Madrid, "I'll Be Damned If I'll Be Fooled Again!", The Immortal B-Cell Of John Brown, Is The Revelation Of Oahspe True?, and BSRF Literature
021979March & AprilRADIONICS, A TACTICAL WEAPON FOR MILITARY USE - from Tom Bearden's "Specula", with CQC by the Editor • COURTING DAYS ARE OVER, THE MARRIAGE HAS BEGUN, by David Wilkinson • GEORGE WASHINGTON AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, by Albert J. Menendez • A SELF-POWERED PSYCHOTRONIC GENERATOR, by Robert Hoffman • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - He Died With His Boots On, Take Me To Your Leader, A Close Encounter With "Close Encounters", Extended Twilight Learning, Energy Diagrams As Healing And Protecting Agents, The Late Inventor Of The Aurameter, Positive Water From The Air, Meeting The Dweller On The Threshold, The Lues of Hecate, Finding The Truth In This Lifetime, A Religious Dracula, Are You Pagan, Mystic or Egghead?, The "Ayatollah" Of New York City Of 1863, The Union Stabbed In The Back, Turning The Tables On Scientology, A Menace To Canadian Citizens, 1978 Annual Report, -- Our 20th Year Of Operation, Anxious Askers Answered, Proposed UFO Research Group At United Nations Still Alive, BSRF Literature
031979May & JuneVICTOR SCHAUBERGER AND HIS WORK, by Albert Zock • WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON HUMANITY, A Historic Conference Illustrative of Buddhic Ray Influence • RADIONICS, A TACTICAL WEAPON, Part II - from Tom Bearden's "Specula" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The First Ones To Be Consumed, The Great Accident, Not Years, Only Months!, The False Christ and Women's Rights, The Totally Worthless Food and Drug Administration, Freedom Of Choice Principle Upheld, Stripped By The Doctors, Prayer Works When Backed With Positive Action, Magnificent Obsession, A Prophet With Honor, The Gloom Of Wingo's Night, Southern California's "Three Mile Island", Pope Reaffirms Celibacy For Priests, Carter Continues The UFO Silence Policy, "The Public Can Never Be Prepared!", The American Lords Of Materialism, The Law of Cyclic Growth, Roger Bacon's "Wheel", the Philadelphia Experiment, and BSRF Literature
041979July & AugustTHE CLONES OF ENKI, by J.R. Jochmans • THE CLONES FROM OUTER SPACE, by Dr. J. Hurtak • Robert Bloch's "WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF?" (Review of an episode of Star Trek by Riley Crabb) • POWER BEYOND YOUR FONDEST DREAMS, by the Yada di Shi'ite • THE DRONES OF THE UNDERGROUND CITY, by Ted Illion • THE KAHUNA MAGICK OF HAWAII - from a 1948 Round Robin • RADIONICS, A TACTICAL WEAPON, Part III - from Tom Bearden's "Specula" and from Albert Bender's "Flying Saucers and the Three Men" • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Did A Negative Thought Boomerang?, No There Is No Easy Way To Work The Cabala, The Church and Its False Doctrines, The Importance of Choosing the Right Parents, Saucer Wit Rides Again, Turn To Our Lord The Sun For Power, What's This Polar Flip Business?, California's Environmental Pollution Agency, Into The Valley Of Shadow and Out Again, The Higher Fifth State Of Consciousness, Measuring The Brain Hemispheres, The Mind Mirror, The 1979 USPA conference, Can 5% Of The Population Save Us?, Dr. Decker Just Suddenly Stepped Over, The U.S. Air Force Stymied By Civilians Again, No Unholy Alliance With Orion's Pirates, God Will Never Forgive Us, No More World War Again, and BSRF Literature
051979September & OctoberTHE SENATOR TELLS IT LIKE IT IS - Scheer Interviews Kennedy • BUDDHISM AND SOCIAL ETHICS, by Dr. B.P. Kirthisinghe • YUP, HE RUNS HIS CAR ON WATER! - from the New Zealand "Herald", with CQC by the Editor • THE DESTRUCTION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS - Jane Fonda's Statement • RADIONICS, A TACTICAL WEAPON, Part IV - from Tom Bearden's "Specula", with CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Hyperspatial Flux In 1933, Hyperspatial Amplification In 1979, What Says The Inner Circle?, What About Protection From Heat?, Speaking Of Max Freedom Long, Expect Absolutely No Mercy, The Aurameter and Color Therapy, George Van Tassel A Modern Prometheus, The Kiss Of Death, The Curse of the Government Ghouls Is Complete, The Earth Gods Spoke At Giant Rock, Double Your Gasoline Mileage?, and Other Matters, BSRF Literature
061979November & DecemberA CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM ASHTAR - Through Rayonda • PARLIAMENT TAKES UP FLYING SAUCERS, by the Earl of Clancarty • A NEW CHURCH FOR THE NEW AGE, ALREADY VISIBLE THIS CHRISTMAS-With CQC by the Editor on D.K.'s "Treatise" and John Dart • NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE STAR PEOPLE - from the "Enquirer" • "DOES THE PLANET EARTH HARBOR SPACEMEN?", by Dr. Wilhelm Reich • RADIONICS, A TACTICAL WEAPON, Part V - from Tom Bearden's "Specula", with CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Gods and Elementals of the Storms, Calm Poised Unshakable Power, Information Transfer Between Minds, Dangers of Personal Elemental Contact, We Are Atlantis Recycled On A Higher Arc, Are You Ready For Real Power?, The Fire Initiation of Tom Bearden and Wife, Psychotronics Investigators Being Eliminated, Days Of The End Upon The Earth, Five Steps In Publishing The Journal, Zero Is On the Trilaterals Running Washington, The Fire Initiation of Doris Van Tassel, Standoff at the Integratron, Scientific Articles About Spiritual and Mental Problems, Hope Foundation Health Center in New Mexico and BSRF Literature
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