Bearden's illustration of the three main components of a Psychotronic or Radionic treatment device, with details on the induction of Legionnaires' Disease.

Above is a Xerox repro of Bearden's illustration of the three main components of a Psychotronic or Radionic treatment device. Only here the intention is evil rather than good; so the guidance and control comes from Satanic forces from within the earth, the polarity opposite of the healing forces of the Christ, who derive Their power from the Sun.

"Clandestine testing of PT (Radionic) weapons also appears to have been accomplished directly in the United States," writes COL Bearden in "Specula". "The Legionnaires' disease appears to have been one such test (at their convention in Philadelphia). The suspect agent was actually seen, according to sworn testimony before a Congressional committee. I.e., a person with a book-sized object in his hand (tape recorder with PT pattern), a tobacco-pouch sized object in his coat breast pocket (transmitter) and a wire running to his tie clip (antenna) was present and mingled with the Legionnaires for several hours. He was heard to exclaim several times to various Legionnaires that it was too late and they were all doomed. The eventual [21] appearance of the weird 'biological agent' that is different from any other germ known can also be explained, but that is another story. Other such tests have also been conducted."

Yes, the brand new Legionnaires' disease bacterium could have been produced by genetic engineering in a government laboratory, Russian or American. Bearden leaves the impression that the Philadelphia experimenter was a Russian agent, but in view of the fact that certain government agencies in this country have gone heavily into Mind Control experiments since the late 1940s, the "Dr. Faust" of the Legionnaires' convention might just as well have been a Federal Civil servant whose salary comes from our taxes. The CIA didn't hesitate to experiment with LSD and other mind-bending drugs on unsuspecting Americans, sending some to violent, suicidal deaths!

Below is a Xerox repro of an illustration of how a Psychotronic disease pattern is developed on a De La Warr radionic instrument. This is on page 495 of Christopher Hills' magnificent opus, "Supersensonics". Once the rate of the disease is found on the four dials, that pattern of settings or points can all be reproduced on one dial or circle as a symbol of that particular disease and no other. Theoretically, the disease can then be reproduced in any organism, any time, any place, by a skilled radionic operator using a suitable Psychotronic generator, transmitter, broadcaster or whatever you choose to call it.

Four dials.


Yes, and so is your television set! Any electronic appliance that has a Tesla Coil in it is a potential Radionic or Psychotronic transmitter or broadcaster, a portal to 4-D worlds of great power and not bound by time or space. One of the earliest of the Flying Saucer researchers, Albert Bender, was victimized through judicious use of the "psychotronic transmitter" in the attic bedroom of his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1952. His close encounters of the third kind were with Clones of the Lunar Mafia, better known as the Men In Black; but it wasn't until I was absorbing Bearden's article on Russian Psychotronic Weapons that the significance of one item in Bender's story struck home, his radio set being on!



It was only a week after Albert Bender had put out the first issue of the "Space Review", the publication of his new International Flying Saucer Bureau: "I usually found time to attend a local movie theater and this was generally a Friday evening after a hard full week at the office and evenings with the IFSB. On that particular Friday evening I left the movie about 11:15 and walked home. I was on a dark section of Broad Street when I suddenly developed a throbbing headache and my ears seemed to block up. I felt as if something were pulled over my head and shut out everything about me. For some reason I looked skyward and when I did, I saw a bluish flash. At the same time I had the sensation that my feet were being lifted off the ground. My head throbbed, and again, as when I received the strange telephone call, I had the strong impression that somebody or something was telling me to forget IFSB, to give it up. As suddenly as the feeling came it left, and my head ceased to ache.

"I arrived home safely, unlocked the front door, and hurried inside. I felt great relief, as if I had been able to shut out what had happened on the street. My stepfather was already in bed, so I tiptoed quietly up to my den, and while doing so put out the hall light and continued to my room in darkness. But as I neared my door a bluish light suddenly emanated from under it. Then the entire door was framed in a bluish glow as the light grew in intensity. I ran quickly to the hall switch and put on the light. I thought that the small oil burner in my den might have been left on when I went out and could be flaring up or have started a fire.

"I unlocked the door and pushed it open. A large object of undefinable outline was aglow in the center of the room. It looked like a bright, shimmering mirage. As I switched on the room light the strange effect disappeared, and everything seemed to be normal. The oil burner was not on; it had been turned out, as I had no doubt left it, because I did not like to sleep with heat on in my room.

"I then noted another peculiar thing. A strange odor filled the room. It smelled like burning sulphur, and was so strong it irritated my eyes. I opened a window to let in fresh air and began a quick examination of the room because I had noted that several files of IFSB records were disturbed. I was startled to find my radio was on, but without any sound coming from it! . . "

In succeeding encounters with the Men in Black -- there were twelve in all -- the turned-on radio set was one of the characteristics of their visits, a Psychotronic or Radionic broadcaster which generated etheric energy to help the MIB to produce their psychic phenomena, including partial materialization of form.

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