In the early 1900s the son of immigrant Swedes in Salt Lake City, Utah was sent back to the Old Country to study. His name, T. Henry Moray and he was a natural scientist. While in Sweden he discovered a rare earth which excited him with the possibilities of its use in electro-magnetic circuitry. Back home he began the research which eventuated in the perfection of the solid-state device we now call the transistor.

By the 1920s Moray had incorporated this Swedish earth into a complicated electronic circuit which was self-energizing! He was tapping the Zero-Point Vacuum of space -- which isn't a vacuum but rather a mass of free-flowing energy waiting to be used by anyone who has the know-how. He was willing to demonstrate his device to anyone who would take the time to watch and listen, as he explained how he was powering electric lights, flat irons, electric fans and the early radios.

Among those who were interested were pinkos from the Rural Electric Administration from Washington, and, according to Tom Bearden, a Soviet Army officer in civvies. When Moray was rejected by his own people in Utah the pinkos urged him to go to Russia where his marvelous invention "would be put to the service of the people". Moray didn't go, but Bearden believes complete details of the free-energy device did go to Russia and were available to Russian physicists when Stalin and later Khrushchev demanded a radically new type of weaponry, one far superior to atomic weapons.

Bearden mentions Moray's work "to show that the Soviets clandestinely obtained the major secret of psychotronic detection and amplification by 1940. In modern physics terminology in one sense they obtained the secret of how to directly amplify virtual state into observable state. In another sense they learned the secret of how to directly tap zero-point energy or pure vacuum.

"Validation of zero-point energy has of course long since been accomplished. Quantum physics predicts it, and the Soviets have reported its direct measurement. References can be furnished if necessary. The well-known Lamb Shift, e.g., is a physical effect due to zero-point energy, and it demonstrates that vacuum energy can physically be tapped to yield observable results."


Yup, it sure can! The materializing medium, Daniel Douglas Home, demonstrated Zero-Point Vacuum energy to the sceptical Crookes one night in London. Home reached into the coal fire on the grate and picked up a red hot coal. He cupped the burning coal in his hands and blew on it, into white heat -- with Crookes and his fellow scientists closely observing -- then returned the coal to the grate. Home's hands were not burned. They weren't even hot!

In another observable demonstration of Zero-Point Vacuum, in a third floor apartment, Home went into deep trance. His rigid body was lifted to the horizontal by invisible forces. A pair of French windows flew open, out onto the busy street three floors below. Home's body moved through the window out over the street, to the astonishment of the scientists. Another pair of French windows on the same wall of the room were opened by invisible hands from the vacuum of space. Home's body came floating rigidly back through those windows into the room.

Your Editor's education in the power and presence of what physicist Bearden calls Hyper-fields began in Minneapolis 40 years ago, when we had a materializing medium living in our house. We had psychic phenomena frequently, day and night, for seven years. Such mediums leave usable hyperfield material around wherever they live. One interesting example occurred while we were all away from home and the place locked up. When we returned the table had been set by ghostly hands, in a style never used in our family. Plates and cups were set face down on the table. A paper napkin by each plate had been rolled into a perfect circle. The silverware, instead of being by the plates, was bunched into a water tumbler, handles down, on the middle of the table.

More dramatic and useful was psychic surgery performed on me. I was a trucker at Minneapolis-Honeywell at the time and had ruptured myself pushing an over-loaded hand truck. Work was impossible because of the angry red swelling and pain. I was told that the injury would be repaired during my sleep that night. It was. The next morning the pain, redness and swelling were gone and I went to work. A mental hyperfield had been super-imposed on the electromagnetic field of the injury.

"From my own work," writes Bearden, "the point to be made here is that there exist more fundamental component fields than electromagnetic fields, and these 'hyperfields' produce electro-magnetic field itself. These hyperfields can also just as easily extinguish electromagnetic fields or virtual photons" -- IF one knows how to amplify the hyperfield! The result could be the dematerialization of a physical object, such as a cancer tumor.

Bearden writes that the effects of a hyperfield can be seen "by taping a bar magnet to a color TV tube and photographing the pattern. The electron beam differentiates the magnetic field with respect to length and time. Differentiating Maxwell's equations twice should thus yield the fourth order equations of the hyperfields."


A more practical and deadly effect of hyperfield amplification was the total destruction of the U.S. submarine "Thresher" and its crew in the Atlantic deep, according to COL Bearden: "When Kennedy called Khrushchev's bluff, he had to back down in the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was a dangerous and critical loss of face among Party leaders.

"Khrushchev desperately needed to recover lost stature and 'face'. Accordingly, when his new Psychotronic weapons were deployed in April 1963, I am convinced that he staged an immediate and spectacular display to recoup. I.e., he killed the U.S. nuclear submarine Thresher, psychotronically from the Soviet Union -- simply from its photograph, which can easily be done if one has hyperspatial amplifiers.

Illustration of a potential Psychotronic Anti-Submarine Weapon System.

"For the basic theory of the hyperspatial amplifier, see Thomas E. Bearden, 'The One Human Problem, Its Solution, and Its Relation to UFO Phenomena', Appendix I, 'The Holographic Hyperchannel Effect,' January 3, 1977, DDC. The sub could be killed if running deep (shielded against visible light), but probably not on the surface. The characteristics of such a kill would be: (1) the sub would have suddenly ceased responding to its controls, although the controls were working normally, (2), the sub's hull would suddenly have split and crushed. That appears to be the way the Thresher died, in that sequence . . .

"PT weapons, however, have a very serious shortcoming: they depend for their operation on a great many coherent stages -- say 100 -- which must be operating in a very stable (isotropic) hyper-spatial flux. Every so often this flux becomes turbulent (novas exploding, astronomical effects, whatever) and all PT weapons suddenly cease working. The inability to operate lasts as long as the flux turbulence lasts, 15 minutes up to three days . . . PT weapons have a totally different failure mode, all or nothing . . ." (Thomas E. Bearden, PO Box 1182, Huntsville, Alabama 35801)

Conclude with "Radionics, A Tactical Weapon for Military Use" (Part V)


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