Bearden has an interesting explanation for the nuclear disaster in Russia which made hundreds of square miles of Russia uninhabitable. "I believe that in 1958 the Soviet nuclear catastrophe near the Urals was the result of an attempt to transmit a nuclear explosion through hyperspace (the peculiarity of a transmitter tuning failure would have resulted in an explosion emerging from the nearest large nuclear waste storage, and that apparently happened).

"In 1957, however, a major new interpretation of quantum mechanics was originated by [Hugh] Everett at Princeton University under the world-renowned John Wheeler. This is the theory of universal wave function -- the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics. Practically the entire Western output on the subject is available in a book by that title from Princeton University Press."

Yes, it is encouraging that a few physicists are taking off their blinders and making a sincere attempt to relate physics to occult philosophy. It is amusing that, though psychic phenomena have been with mankind since our earliest beginnings on this planet, physicists take the attitude that because they could not explain by their myopic view of life, psychic phenomena didn't exist. It is sad that while government authorities here in the United States have been systematically destroying Radionic or Psychotronic equipment, and persecuting Radionic operators dedicated to helping mankind, government authorities in Russia have been encouraging this New Age science for the destruction of mankind!

"This physics is so exceedingly strange that it has been ignored by almost all Western physicists -- indeed, it is so strange that even its originators, Everett and Wheeler, are said not to be able to believe it (Wheeler once stated that he could believe it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but not at any other time). Using the Many Worlds Interpretation, however, one can produce a theoretical model of Psychotronics which is totally consistent with the entire experimental basis of modern physics!

"The Soviets apparently seized on this new theoretical work and applied it to the Moray device, solving their theoretical difficulties . . .


"About 1959 or 1960, the radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with weak microwave radiation apparently began. The purpose of the radiation is a brilliant intelligence probe. The Soviets were vitally interested in positively ascertaining whether or not their U.S. adversary knew about Psychotronics (i.e. whether or not the U.S. had built PT weapons of its own and might have built defense counterweapons as well)."

No, at that time the technical authorities in the government were examining workable, usable Radionic or Psychotronic equipment with contempt, labeling it fraudulent, and throwing the operators in jail! -- Dr. Chapman here in Vista and Dr. Ruth Drown in Hollywood.

"Accordingly, the Russians began weak PT-modulated microwave radiation of a high-level U.S. target -- the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union -- which would guarantee the personal attention of the State Department, NSA, CIA, DIA, the President, etc." (You left an important one out, Tom: the Office of Naval Intelligence. RHC)

"The PT modulation apparently consisted of various disease patterns of gradually increasing seriousness -- flu, blood changes, heart irregularity, cancer, etc. By the U.S.'s reaction, whether or not it knew anything of PT could be positively assessed. If the U.S. reacted--only to ordinary electromagnetics, then with 100% certainty it knew nothing of Psychotronics, hence had no secret PT weapons of its own or counters to the Soviet PT weapons. So, since about 1959 or 1960, by our slow reaction to the radiation of the U.S. Embassy -- and then by our reaction only to the electromagnetic aspects -- we have been assuring the Soviets that we know nothing of PT. Even though several presidents have protested the radiation, the Soviets have persisted in it because it is an intelligence tool of the utmost importance to them.


"For confirmation of Soviet experimentation with PT induction of death and disease, see V.P. Kaznacheyev et al, 'Distant Intercellular Interactions in a System of Two Tissue Cultures', Psychoenergetic Systems, Vol. 1, No. 3, March 1976, pp. 141-142; and by the same authors, 'Apparent Information Transfer Between Two Groups Of Cells', Psychoenergetic Systems, Vol. 1, No. 1, December 1974, p. 37. These articles give one a glimpse of the results of over 5,000 Soviet experiments on the basic effect.

"Kaznachayev, e.g., is the head of the Siberian Branch of the Soviet Academy of Medicine, and has at his disposal every disease germ/virus/toxin, etc. known to man. Note that the reported experiments were performed in the dark to prevent the quenching effect of the visible light spectrum, and the effect is only obtained through the quartz which has Infra-red and Ultra-violet windows. Also note there is a closely related experiment [21] that is fundamental to quantum physics: in the two slit experiment -- which contains all the mystery of quantum mechanics, according to Nobel prizewinner Richard Feynman, cofounder of quantum electrodynamics -- one does not get the quantum effect with an electron, e.g., if the electron is first hit by a photon of light before reaching the two-slit region."

So what's new? The "quenching effect" of visible light is well known in psychic research; this is the reason for the dark seance room! This is one of the more obvious differences between the physical and astral worlds. The spirits say that our day here is their night "over there". The quenching effect of visible light was discovered early in Radionics. This is why the black box idea. The interior of the diagnostic equipment must be dark. Some designs called for covering all circuitry with black tar.


The two-slit experiment staggered orthodox science and shocked the physicists out of their mechanistic point of view. A beam of electrons was directed at a barrier with two slits in it. According to classical physical theory an electron could go through one slit or the other, but not through both because it is supposed to be a physical particle; but to the dismay of the experimenters, their recording equipment indicated that the electron was going through both slits at the same time! This indicated that the electron is really a wave of energy, not a physical particle. Below is David Saxon's illustration of the experiment from his book "Physics", published in 1967 by Holt Rhinehart and Winston, New York.

Illustrative figure of the two-slit experiment from Saxon's 'Physics'.

"According to Feynman," continues Bearden, "the quantum effect in the two-slit experiment is not explainable by any classical means. The reason is that the explanation is not possible by Aristotle's three laws of logic, on which all Western logic, physics and mathematics are based. However, a fourth law of logic can be written which, together with the present three laws, provides a closed meta-logic which does contain the explanation of the two-slit experiment. The fact there is no problem [22] in explaining the experiment if one takes into , account the nested structure of time was pointed out as long ago as 1957 by Charles Muses. For the basic theory of the hyperspatial amplifier, see Thomas E. Bearden, 'The One Human Problem, Its Solution, and Its Relation To UFO Phenomena', appendix I, 'The Holographic Hyperchannel Effect', January 3, 1977, DDC . . ."

The Tree of Life in the Four Worlds - 1. Atziluth (Spiritual), 2. Briah (Mental), 3. Yetzirah (Emotional), 4. Assiah (Physical).


The "nested structure of time" is an old story to occult scientists, East and West! And every Mystery School worthy of the name can give the student the topography of the Universe. These "road maps" of the heavens have been worked out by direct observation of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of initiates and adepts who have preceded us on the Path to freedom from the tomb of the flesh, dramatized for us here in the Western world by the birth, youth maturity, martyrdom and transfiguration of Jesus.

Jesus studied this Cabalistic Topography of the Universe during His "sojourn in Egypt", where diagrams of the nested structure of time were part of the curriculum of the Mystery Schools there, in Luxor, Thebes, Abydos, etc. The Tree of Life in the Four Worlds drawn here is an example of it.

To your editor, the Quantum energy of the two-slit experiment on the preceding page equates with Kether of Assiah, primal energy of the physical world; and the two slits represent Chokmah and Binah, or energy being polarized into positive and negative matter as it descends the scale of tangibility.

In this context Quantum is mind, is consciousness, is impersonal love -- the Life of deep space continually pressing in upon us, demanding to be used, to be expressed in forms of beauty and usefulness. "Know ye not that ye are Gods, and Goddesses?" cried the Master. What have you done with your power of creation; Let us hope that some it, at least, has been put to good use this Christmas of 1979 -- if only to help counteract the evil and destruction rampant in the world.


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