"In 1973 the Czech engineer Pavlita demonstrated psychotronic devices to Dr. Stanley Krippner, who was staying with him at the time. (See Stanley Krippner, 'A First-Hand Look at Psychotronic Generators' in 'Future Science', eds. John White and Stanley Krippner, Anchor Books, 1977, pp. 420-430.) In 1974 he demonstrated killing insects at a distance, and stated he had found 64 'points' (I believe he actually referred to Adamenko's plexuses) on the body which gave specific reactions. He also stated he had built a specific PT generator for each point. The implication is that 64 different reactions -- everything from powerful and uncontrollable emotion, to seizure, to paralysis, to death -- can be induced at a distance psychotronically. Pavlita has stated that his own daughter once was inadvertently injured (a portion of her body paralyzed) by a psychotronic generator and he had to race against time to build another type of generator to revive the benumbed body and save her."

There was a good example of Psychotronic attack in an American court room early in the Watergate case back in 1973. Judge John Sirica was reading a revealing letter from Watergate burglar McCord to the Court when he had a sudden seizure, a violent pain in his chest. He called a recess, staggered to his chambers and collapsed on a couch. Fortunately, his clerks and others were able to revive him with smelling salts and other aids. He recovered enough that he could return to the Bench and complete the reading of the letter which pointed toward the President and his staff as the originators of the crime.

Judge Sirica reminded us of this incident during a lengthy interview with him, by two CBS TV reporters, on the Sunday evening "60 Minutes" program, April 1, 1979. This was in connection with the publication of the Judge's book of reminiscences of his Watergate experience "to set the record straight" about the President's coverup of the crime.

Remember, as borderlanders, we must be aware of the occult principle that no Radionic or Psychotronic device will work, for health or illth, without the cooperation of devas or elementals. [19] These non-human spirits do not create energy. God does that; but, as the "engineers" of the universe they direct energy, whether it is Love or Hate; and that is the all-important distinction where you are concerned; for it determines the class of elementals who come at your call: Those who would create, or Those who would destroy. As a self-conscious -- therefore responsible -- being of free-will, the choice is yours.


"The net of which I am a member," continues Bearden, "has uncovered evidence that Pavlita now directs a highly classified project, and has developed two weapons -- one effective for 320 kilometers and one effective at any distance. Pavlita has been building psychotronic generators for about 30 years. See DIA Report DST-18108-387-75. Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research (U) for pictures of some of Pavlita's simple devices, including one which kills flies. (This report has been released under the Freedom of Information Act.)"

So, Pavlita has sold his soul to some Lunar Pitri, for earthly power. This is true also of the government agents who directed the attack on Judge Sirica in a murderous attempt to protect Nixon, the darling of MIRO. The Russian dictator Stalin is another human who sold his soul to a devil from the Moon, for earthly power.

"After World War II, Soviet scientists were ordered by Stalin to actively seek another area of great breakthrough -- such as the U.S. atomic bomb had been -- and leave no stone unturned in their search," writes COL Bearden. "Apparently the Moray detector was resurrected and intense experiment and development began on it. I believe that in 1958 the Soviet nuclear catastrophe near the Urals was the result of an attempt to transmit a nuclear explosion through hyperspace (the peculiarity of a transmitter tuning failure would have resulted in an explosion emerging from the nearest large nuclear waste storage, and that apparently happened.)"

Yes, that's the main thesis of COL Bearden's article: Russian physicists have developed and proven a technique for "exporting" an atomic explosion Radionically to any part of the world, instantaneously -- that is to any part of the world where they can plant a pre-tuned receiver or "witness". Beyond that, his research indicates that one underground explosion at Semipalatinsk can be reproduced at any number of places on the earth if pre-tuned receivers are planted ahead of time at those places. A weapon of absolute power indeed! There is one great hazard, however; if the intended victim locates the pre-tuned receivers and somehow gets them back into Russia in time, the Soviet physical-plane agents of the Lunar Pitris will be destroying and making portions of their own nation uninhabitable!



"In 1957 a major new interpretation of quantum mechanics was originated by [Hugh] Everett at Princeton University under the world-renowned John Wheeler. This is the theory of the universal wave function -- the many worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics. Practically the entire Western output on the subject is available in a book by that title from Princeton University Press.

"This physics is so exceedingly strange," writes Bearden, "that it has been ignored by almost all Western physicists -- indeed it is so strange that even its originators, Everett and Wheeler, are said not to be able to believe it (Wheeler once stated that he could believe it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but not at any other time). Using the MWI, however, one can produce a theoretical model of psychotronics (Radionics) which is totally consistent with the entire experimental basis of modern physics."

Of course the occult scientist not only believes in the Many-Worlds or 4-D interpretation of life seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, but he or she lives it! This was especially true of your Director when he lived with a materializing medium for five years, 1939-1943, and 4-D or Many-Worlds phenomena were a matter of daily and nightly occurrence. Now I have the "quantum mechanics" of the Cabala and the Tree of Life to give me the necessary theoretical support for my beliefs and experiences. A topology of the universe is very important.

"The Soviets apparently seized on this new theoretical work (from Princeton) and applied it to the Moray device, solving their theoretical and technical difficulties. In 1960 then, Khrushchev -- speaking to the Presidium -- stated that the USSR had a new weapon in development ('just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak') that was so powerful it could wipe out all life on earth. I believe he referred to the nuclear hyperspace howitzer and to the 'death ray' PT weapons under development at that time . . .

" . . . With Psychotronic modulation, radar is formidable in the field army, since merely radiating incoming missiles with the proper PT-modulated pattern can kill the missiles with 100% kill probability. This effect has possibly been tested against U.S. reconnaissance satellites in the so—called 'laser blinding' incidents. Soviet satellites are probably already equipped with PT modulators; if so, they can unleash any death-disease pattern desired on an unsuspecting target populace by simple weak RF radiation from space.

"Clandestine testing of PT weapons also appears to have been accomplished directly in the United States. E.g., the Legionnaires disease . . ." (Cont. in the next Journal)

Continue with "Radionics, A Tactical Weapon for Military Use" (Part III)


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