Index of Vol. XXXVI [1980]

011980January & FebruaryELF WAVES and EEG ENTERTAINMENT, Part I, by Bob Beck • POWER OF THE PAGAN HEALING MIND - from Rodman's "Kahuna Sorcers of Hawaii" 1979 • "I PUT AWAY THE SURGEONS TOYS", by Dr. Sukuto Nikkioi • YOU CAN CURE YOURSELF WITHOUT DRUGS, by Dr. Irving Oyle, with CQC by the Editor • THE COIN OF GREAT PRICE, by Janett Elizabeth Ball • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Cartelism? Another Word For Fascism!, Fascism In Flying Saucer Research,The "Great Awakening" Not For Him Yet, Yes and Japanese Scientists Will Break It, Dangerous Secrets To Hide In Australia, Putting Radionics To Good Use, The Occult Side Of Radionics, The "Cosmic Conspiracy" Revealed, A Born-Again Fundamentalist, Religious Groups Fight Battle Over Desert Land, Has Inflation Peaked?, Are You A Bottoms-Up Religious Devotee?, You Must Learn To Stand To The Light, Dr. Ruth Drown A Star Person?, We're All In It Together Bill, We're The Only Ones Left, The Sacrifice Of Dag Hammarskjold, Biofields, Orthoframes, etc., Our New Box Number and BSRF Literature
021980March & AprilTHE ANCIENT LEGEND OF THE LOST PLEIAD - from DK's "Treatise On Cosmic Fire," with CQC by the Editor • THEIR GOAL IS TO BECOME MEN - from Hisey's "Keys To Inner Space" • A GODFATHER FROM THE LOST PLEIAD - from Bender's "Flying Saucers and the Three Men," with CQC • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Yup Them Vampire Humanoids Is Here, Warning From the Rosicrucians, Warning To BSRAssociates, Fully Conscious But Paralyzed, Warning To Trevor James Constable From Ashtar, Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space and The Great Solar Constant, The Esoteric Intervention Theory, Solution To Pollution And Oil-Shortage: The Nitrogen-Powered Car!, A Threat To The Auto Engine Industry, A Previous Model Was Blown Up, House of Lords Now Has A UFO Research Committee, ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment, President Carter's Aura and His 7o Libra Symbolized, Another Libran Margaret Thatcher, 1979 Annual Report, Careful You're Headed For The "Great Awakening"!, Francie Steiger's Channeled Predictions, James Moseley's Amazing Revelation, and BSRF Literature
031980May & JuneCHAPPAQUIDDICK, FROM ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW-Sybil Leek Psychometrizes the Scene Five Years Later • MAGNETO-HYDRO-MAGNETIC AERODYNES, by Drs. Jean-Pierre and Maurice Viton, Translated by William L. Moore • DEATH AND RESURRECTION, AN EASTER MESSAGE - from Ashtar Through Rayonda • ELF WAVES AND EEG ENTRAINMENT, Part II, by Bob Beck • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Need For Compensating Input, The Jan-Feb Journal Was Something Special, Forget About The Old Carcass, Climate Changes For Sure, The Dendera Zodiac, Hundreds of Stunned Witnesses Watch UFO, Armageddon Is Psycho-Political Warfare Also, Stan Deyo Shot, Showdown Between FBI and CIA, Sometimes Our Hair Stands On End Too, Plato and Confucius Were Fifth Round Men, Governor Defies MIRO In California, Dr. Privitera Freed, The Motto of the Medical Molochs, Dr. Rhine Off on the Great Adventure, Manchurian Candidate At Chappaquiddick, Released For His Next Assignment, More Apparent Power from the Dark Brothers, Authority of the Law of Compensation, Soviet Weather Control Plan Backfires, Conventions and BSRF Literature
041980July & AugustTHE PHASING IN OF THE NEW RACE, Part I -The Puharich Interview • ELF WAVES AND EEG ENTRAINMENT, Part III, by Bob Beck • "THE FORMULA" IS AN AMERICAN SECRET, by Alexander Walker and Ed Skilling, with CQC by the Editor • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - from Their Throats Issues A Poisonous Breath, Defenceless Are The Unawakened, The Insidious Spells Of The Black Robed Brothers, Do You Vibrate To Love Or Hate?, Within The Range Of Human Consciousness, The Sphere Of The Crucifixion, Them Damaged Thought-Currents Is For Real, Alfred Hitchcock, Master Of Mystery Dies, With Comment By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Obvious: Nuns Are Neither Priests Nor Clergy, World War III Averted?, This Is A Moral Universe, Canadians Vote For Democracy, Doom And Gloom Finally Comes To Washington, Anyone For Radionics? The RAU #2, Pole Shift by John White, and BSRF Literature
051980September & OctoberVOLCANOES ARE SUPERFICIAL EXCORIATIONS - from John Uri Lloyd's "Etidorhpa" • THE PHASING IN OF THE NEW RACE, Part II -The Puharich Interview • ELF WAVES AND EEG ENTRAINMENT, Part IV, by Bob Beck • THE STORY OF THE SOLARAMA BOARD, by Muriel Larson • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - The Scribner Solarama Board Schematic (from the famed Dr. A.N. Onymous), Natural Smoke Also Cleanses and Heals, A War-Time Experience We Never Hoped To Experience (on disasters), The First Eruption But Not The Last, The Indian Point Of View, An Occult Point Of View, Big Brother (Elemental) Is Watching You, We Hear From The Editor Of "Shavertron", The Character Assassination Techniques Of The Lucifers (from "Specula"), "Retro Me" For Psychic Self-Defense, Magicians Entrain Selves With ELF Waves (from National Equirer), White Fire-Eater In Honolulu, Everything Was A Sin, Becoming The God In Me, Master Of Masters, Keep Your Accounts Up To Date (on the Van Tassels and the Integratron), Fire Initiation For The National Health Federation, and BSRF Literature
061980November & DecemberAMERICA WILL BE SAVED AS BY A MIRACLE - from Ashtar • A GORSE DEVA - from Findhorn • THE BROTHERHOOD OF ANGELS AND MEN AND WOMEN - from Mario and Leathana • THE PHASING IN OF THE NEW RACE, Part III - from the Puharich Interview • SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW IN WORLD AFFAIRS, by Donald Keys • THE PRISON-ASHRAM PROJECT, by Bo and Sita Lozoff • ELF WAVES AND EEG ENTRAINMENT, Part V, by Bob Beck • CLIPS, QUOTES & COMMENTS - Reintroducing The Natural ELF Field With A Magnetic Pacer (with Schematics) and The Ludwig ELF Vitasette; Death Rumors of Stan Deyo Are Not All They Seem; The Rokafela Money Can Buy Anything and Anybody; Who Is the Robotoid In Washington? (Virtual State Engineers, More Information Wanted on Peter Beter, The New Technique of Ultrasonic Holograms, A Robotoid or Tulpoid Tibetan Style, "It Takes One To Know One", Women's Lib Mexico City 1940); Ariamas Avantarii, Virtual State Engineer, Solar Level, & Sananda, Virtual State Engineer, Planetary Level; Is The Earth Worth Saving This Christmas?, Gratitude To The Elementals, What On Earth Can We Ordinary Individuals Do?; Borderland Researchers Wanted; One Associate Reports; Carburetor Club News; and Literature
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