In March 1978 there was a spate of news items about strong ELF wave broadcasts from Russia, coming over the polar area into Canada and the United States; and then, as Bob Beck says, "there was a total news blackout and there were denials by the FCC, the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. Totally predictable, right?" And he had a tape recording of the signals to play for the Conference audience. Then, from the screen, he reads the slide copy of a newspaper headline:

"'Mystery Radio Signals May Cause Illness.' Hell! They were totally disrupting left and right (brain) hemisphere synchronization! People who had never had any tendency toward epilepsy, had no hereditary tendencies in this direction, were going slightly unconscious. According to Marshall Van Ert there was a two mile stretch of perfectly clear highway where there had been four deaths in about a week. People were simply driving their cars off the road or into a telephone pole, or into oncoming traffic.

"These are not apocryphal stories. These are a matter of public health records --"

"How closely can you define this area?" asked a listener.

"We're defining the frequencies to a hundredth of a Hertz," replied Mr. Beck.

"I mean the geographic area."

"Oh, it's in Los Angeles now at about 25 microgauss, and yes, it's spreading. Now the reason that Eugene, Oregon, is particularly toxic is because there is an 800-mile long antenna terminating up there, called the Bonneville Power Authority transmission line. I guess some of you engineers have heard of this thing.

"They are generating current and sending it down to California as direct current, 340,000 volts. A DC line is an absolutely perfect, long wire antenna. In fact it would be highly attractive to people who couldn't launch Project Sanguine to use that as our own transmission system, at 2.2 Hertz."


"I just came through several weeks ago," said one of the listeners. "They have tremendous personality problems (in Oregon?) -- getting along with each other -- equipment problems -- drinking problems, and things like that. We couldn't get over all the traumas we were having."

"Right on! Right on!" said Beck. "Because of some of the things that appeared in the press, some of the people got a little bit scared. What's going to happen to real estate? WHat's going to happen to industry if they fold? Why is there a news blackout when there is anything that they can't do anything about? Get a picture here?"

"Why is it spreading geographically?" asked a listener. "Are they scanning with their antennas?"

"I've read a lot of theories about this," replies Beck. "Some of them I am at liberty to talk about. We'll go into that in the question and answer period." (another slide)


"Whole citizen's groups are getting up in arms, and they don't know who to sue." (Laughter from the audience) "Because of the zapping of America, they're going out after the poor little communications towers and relay points for the telephone company and what have you -- But that ain't the problem, Baby! Heh heh, that ain't the solution!" (Another slide)

"Now Marshall Manner and I got to be pretty good friends after some of this. This, incidentally, is Kay Prince, the lady in the bottom picture; and Marshall and I spent a lot of time up there running down some of these fields. I can't talk about some of this. Some of it I can. But there were only one or two people in that area that had equipment even capable of finding the spectrum distribution -- and I'll show you photographs of this. One chap asked me in the lunch room if we have actual spectrum analysis stills of this Russian Woodpecker (the term selected by ham radio operators as being most descriptive of the audio characteristics of the ELF wave transmissions from Russia) and yes, we do; and that chap was William Bise.

"Now, Bill Bise is a highly qualified engineer but he has one thing that is terribly wrong with him. He's exactly like I am. He's interested in Kook subjects; therefore, his data has been pretty well thrown out by government officials who would normally accept it exactly as it is, the truth. So you’ve got to run under two different covers if you're going to survive on this planet. If you hang out with kook groups like I do (Mr. Beck was a member of BSRF for several years and did attend some of our conventions and lectures on borderland subjects in Los Angeles), you automatically -- uh, what would you call us, Henry? -- stupid? We don't know what we're talking about.

"The EPA man (Environmental Pollution Agency) got to town [16] and started tracking the signal. The first thing these Turkeys did was blame it on the 4.717 Megahertz signal which was coming out of the Dixon and Alameda Naval Station and -- we'll now have a concert here (and he plays a tape of the Woodpecker signal, a strongly accented beep beep, with a little burst of noise after several beeps.)


"Okay," (he runs the burst again) "that little burst of white noise that you hear after the beeps is carrying the information -- on this particular channel -- as some of us in the room know; and in order to quiet the population -- and make absolute fools out of themselves, heh -- Richard Tell, Dr. Tell, who is in charge of the Western Environmental Protection Agency team that works out of Nevada -- 'Oh, all you guys are hearing is Dixon and, yeah, that sounds a little bit strange to people who don't know about that transmitter.'

"The last time I talked to him he was just about as apologetic as Dr. Allen Hynek who -- incidentally, in UFOlogy is a very good man -- getting nicknamed Swamp Gas Hynek because he'd been misquoted about the Flying Saucer up there (Michigan). Anyway, the Turkeys came down here with a truck that had a hearing range of 10 Kilohertz, which was the lowest thing they had been using for submarine communication up until a few years ago.

"'Oh, we're going to find the problem!' Hell, they were orders of magnitude off; so the signal you just heard was the Navy transmitter, at 4.717 Megahertz from Dixon, that they were going to blame the whole thing on. This was the tar baby, the scapegoat. It would not work.

"The next thing was that the Power Grid was identified as the source of the signal. Any highschool kid can tell you that any long wire hanging out there in space can act as an antenna and pick up all the other signals that are being transmitted and re-radiate them, okay? Even if our Navy is fooling around with long wires as a substitute for Sanguine antennas that had been ostensibly kicked out of several states. They traced the signal and it was strongest around power grids. So what else is new? Okay?

"'I'm a taxpayer! Are we paying for this kind of stupidity?'" (A chorus of strong 'yeses' and laughter from the audience.) "What? Okay. These are some of the newspaper clippings that are going in the archives. Now, they created such an outrage among everyone who graduated from highschool that the FCC itself (Federal Communications Commission) had to back off from this embarrassing, pseudo-solution." (Pause, sound of projector blower while audience views a picture.) "We won't even talk about this guy. He's got a mental problem and he's being hit by it. But, the chap who launched the whole thing is good old Walter here -- uh, I'm the heavy-set guy from the left, and this is Kay Prince, the radiological chief [17] of the State of Oregon, and Marshall Van Ert, who until recently was the health physicist for the University of Oregon, Industrial Physics Department. The guy on the left is Mike Thoele, the guy who wrote the articles, putting his reputation on the line before news blackout. He is the journalist who came along to some of these sites with us.


"The third lady from the end was a friend of Kay Prince's who had come down from the capital to be with us on this particular field trip. At one of these sites, where we were measuring about a 50 Microgauss ELF signal at about 5 Hertz, she got so sick that we almost had to carry her out to the car.

"She broke out in red splotches. She couldn't hold her coffee cup. She became disoriented, felt that she was going to faint, had trouble breathing. You don't need an instrument to find this stuff, kids. You only need an instrument to prove what it is to the establishment.

"This is Walter's living room where we started the series of tests, showing some of the equipment. I've been asked to show some of the spectrum analyzer Polaroid shots. This was done on one of the better devices. You normally don't see these. They were made only for the Central Intelligence Agency bug finders, to find surreptitious transmitters. It's a Model 1501 Spectrum Analyzer. I came closer to hitting Bill on the head and stealing this thing than anything I've seen in my life. It's a little package that tunes almost from DC up to beyond 500 Megahertz. You can tune in any frequency. It measures the entire spectrum, on each side of it, displays the frequency on oscilloscope, the band width, the amplitude, the F-sub-zero, etc. (next slide)

"Another group of people who thought, 'Well, the Soviets have finally gotten a ranging system here for their underwater silos for nuclear weapons. They're ahad of us in Project Sanguine.' Another group -- yes, Doctor?"

"Could they be having one frequency which they want to work with and the others are just to mislead us?"

"Yes," replies Dr. Beck, "they have phantom frequencies. They are reconstructing heterodynes. Let me tell you why we're getting it and they are not: We are on a 60 Hertz power grid. They are on a 50. Get that? That's why they're immune. Every civilized industrial center in the Western world -- except one little segment still, near Chicago, which is on direct current -- and one which is on, I think 50 Hertz, in Arizona -- is a potential re-radiating weapon of this Psychotronic ELF Field.

"In other words, why should they build antennas, re-radiating systems, when all of us have 110 volt systems in our homes; and we are also served with gas pipes, miles and miles of conductors, [18] cold water pipes, etc."

'Mysterious Radio Signals May Be Harming Health', Columbia Record, Monday, March 27, 1978.

"What about the _________________ system?"

"That's way out of range. Yes. Okay. Now here it is. Just in case we can't get it (the Russian ELF signal) live here (in Atlanta), I recorded this in Los Angeles just before we left. This is what it sounds like. This is the real thing that's causing the problem -- yeah?"

"Is there a quick explanation of why 60 cycles will pick it up instead of 50?"

"Right. It's a harmonic!" replies Mr. Beck, and turns on his recording of the audio part of the Russian broadcast "at 5.340 Megahertz". (Concluded in the next Journal.)

Continue with "ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment" (Part V, Conclusion)


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