On a Cassette playback instrument Bob Beck treats his audience to the audio harmonic of the Russian ELF broadcast, as picked up and recorded in Los Angeles, California prior to the Conference. There was an undertone to the sound.

"The growl was because we have a voltage control -- or rather the VFO on the receiver," says Beck. "That was at 5.340 megahertz and we were listening to -- in other words, since you cannot hear the fundamental (the actual ELF wave) we have the local oscillator on the super heterodyne receiver running. Yes, Mariam?"

Then follows a long and garbled conversation whose content is made clear by Mr. Beck's reply: "It is a global problem. Incidentally, for the engineers again, the attenuation rate of this signal is only about three tenths of a decibel to eight tenths of a db for a million meters. That means that this signal will go around the earth 4½ times before it is down a half of its original value. Nikola Tesla was right. With some of these frequencies you can excite the earth Ionosphere cavity, as though it is a huge bell, and ring it!

"In other words, the Russians have a thing here which cannot be stopped. It's practically not attenuatable by anything that we are familiar with in physics." He plays some more of the woodpecker sound again, and garbles another question from a listener. "In other words they changed all their power stations to 60 Hertz, heh heh."

"Okay, now a lot of this is ____________. What we don't know is how much of this is being originated domestically? How much of it is a second or third order pattern (?) effect? And what the real and what the virtual parameters are actually engendering?" (Another slide presumably.) "But these are some of the Soviet frequencies. I have a little paper here. If we can find a Xerox machine, we can paper you guys. But meanwhile, from the standard [18] textbook of physics, if we look at the E wave as being standard propagation wave form -- as being parallel with this screen -- the B wave or H wave, the magnetic vector, is at right angles to this and has to accompany it.


"When you strip off the E wave by shielding, by natural attenuation, you still have that H wave left; and that is the one against which you cannot shield. It goes right through you, everything else, can trip certain neurons in your head. I don't know why God designed us this way but here's something else to worry about. 150 years ago it was smallpox, diphtheria and Indians. I guess some of you turkeys are as old as I am and remember when we were trying to dig fallout shelters in our backyards. It's always something, but this is the one that appears to be the most insidious.

"This report is from a previously classified document done by Dr. Wortz and Dr. Erkins, of Garrett AiResearch for the Central Intelligence Agency showing the 'windows' that could be the stimulus for ESP, paranormal, Russian Psychotronic research. Does that look familiar?

"We got a peek here," observes a listener.

"We got a peek here," repeats Beck. "If you move that down about two Hertz, you ain't got a psychic, you got an epileptic." (looking at other data on the slide illustration) "Ah, we gotta skip that. Some of the propagation paths of the various nodes. The whole earth Ionosphere cavity rings like a bell. At certain frequencies you can put a little energy in here and under the same conditions get the same amount, or even a little more out, somewhere else. Tesla was right. (another illustration)

"A little Soviet love letter, U.S. Patent, Nov. 20, 1973, Apparatus For the Treatment of Neuropsychic and Somatic Diseases with Heat, Light, Sound and Electromagnetic Radiation -- a trial balloon to see how much we knew about what they were doing --"

"I'd like to have that patent," said one of the listeners.

"I'll give you a copy," replies Beck. "It's #3773049, and among these words they hid their little gift, which you'll come across when you read the whole patent.

"We have developed frequency counters by taking standard units and pulling a times-one hundred multiplier so we could see frequencies down to a hundredth of one Hertz. We couldn't find anything that we could carry. The big Hewlett-Packard weighs -- what? -- 20 pounds, plus a cost of $13,000; so we had to build the instrumentations systems for mapping these things almost from scratch. We published the circuit diagrams for all of these things except the psycho-active frequencies and apparatus. We were requested to delete this by a chap who visited us and said, [19] 'You'd better take the apparatus apart and put one piece of it one place and one in another and go back and burn the paper work you have on it because terrorist groups could build a little box like this and paralyze --' Now this is real. This is not in the same range as psychotronic, radionic, psychic, magick, witch-craft, etc."


So, what's new about registering human molecular vibrations down to the hundredth decimal place? Dr. Albert Abrams, grandfather of Radionics, was doing it at his clinic in San Francisco 60 years ago! Recently, one of the later models of the Abrams Oscilloclast was brought to our headquarters here in Vista. On the front of it was a row of Ten Buttons. Each one of them represented a group of diseases whose vibratory rate is in the 43 megacycle range. That's below Channel 2 on your TV set, 54 megacycles. and the wavelength is about 7½ meters, crest to crest.

Button Zero, 43.000 meg, covers Cataracts, Adhesions, Radium Burns, X-Ray Burns. Button 1, 43.245 meg, covers Malaria, Staph, Mumps, etc. Button 2, 43.296 meg, covers Chicken Pox, Hay Fever, Strep, Impetigo, Psora, Lues (syphilis), etc. Button 4, 43.338 meg, Arteriosclerosis, Asthma, Goiter, Catarrh, etc. Button 5, 43.346 meg, Arthritis, Hay Fever, Influenza, Tuberculosis, Undulant Fever, etc. Button 6, 43.350 meg, covers Fermentation, Carcinoma (cancer), Eczema, etc. Button 7, 43.354 meg, covers Acute Inflammation, Pneumonia, etc. Button 8, 43.354 meg, covers Cataracts, Infantile Paralysis, Pyorrhea, etc. Button 9, 43.356 meg, (no classification under this number). Button 10, 43.357 meg, Chronic Inflammation, Chronic pain, Radium burns, etc. The full listing of the rates and description and schematics of the Abrams Oscilloclast are in BSRF No. 33C, "ERA The Electronic Reactions of Dr. Abrams".

When your editor read these rates off to a visiting scientist here a couple of years ago, he suggested that Abrams had been working with the higher harmonic of the disease, and that the actual base rate was much lower on the scale of vibration. Now I suspect that he was engaged in highly secret ELF wave research, an area of vibrations unknown and unsuspected at the time Abrams was developing the basis for Radionics or Psychotronics or Bioenergetics, as the Russians call it.


"Now what's happening about this?" continues Beck. "Well, Dr. Ludwig of Germany developed these little devices. Andy smuggled a couple of these into Los Angeles last October (Dr. L.O. Anderson, Anderson Research Foundation, 2942 Francis Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 90005, phone 213-387-9164) and I did an engineering analysis on them. I'm going to take the tape out of the Cassette for a second and I'm going to put this on play and activate this [20] on play and we're going to activate this little box. It only has a range of about a meter." (Just enough to envelop the head and vital organs if one wears it on the upper part of the body. He turns the Ludwig "Vitasette" on and the audience hears the "woodpecker" rat-a-tat-tat.)

"Sound familiar? Sound like something we've heard from Russia?" asks Beck. "Now, I'm going to change its frequency a little bit." (And the rat-a-tat speeds up.)


"Where did that come from?" asks a listener.

"It came from West Germany," replies Beck. "What it is is basically a -- we understand that about 900 of these have been built, and some of them are in the hands of people who have to wear them, in case of a hit. What they are basically is a little relaxation oscillator, driving a coil around a mu-metal core. The mu-metal has a permeability of over 3000. As the field collapses, it puts out a tremendous spike of magnetic H wave energy which, for this demonstration, we just picked up on the tape head of this recorder; because the tape head, as you know, will respond to magnetic signals that are on the ferrite in the tape."

"What is the device for?"

"That device is worn by people who want a beneficial frequency close to them. Fortunately, we live in a universe that works by the Inverse Square Law. If you don't like the Rock band that's putting out 2000 watts of audio on the stage, you can take a $2 transistor radio, tune it to another radio station, hold it up against your ear and it will drown out the Rock band. Okay? A field of beneficial frequencies which is close to you will override the effect of the firing or desynchronization of the neurons that can be entrained by a field that, in this case, is 7000 miles away. All right?

"And what this thing apparently -- certain neurons in the cerebral cortex act as frequency modulating discriminators. Any of you guys who have played around with radio know that you have a crystal set, and you hear several stations simultaneously, you get a garble. They are all overlapped. You can't sort 'em out; but the frequency modulation discriminator, like the Foster-Seeley, will latch onto the highest amplitude signal in the environment, override the others, and you'll hear that. If you are listening to Police Radio and a loud station comes in, overriding the other, you'll get one or the other. There's very little crosstalk. So what this thing does basically is that it puts out a little magnetic H wave field with a spike wave which we don't like. We like to work with a different wave form that I don't want to talk about. But this thing is apparently mildly psychoactive, but not nearly as psychoactive as the ones they used for the tests in Los Angeles, [21] the ones at the United Nations, and Ossining, New York, etc."

"Is that spike wave more effective than a sine or square?"

"It should be because Delta E over Delta C means that you inducing stronger current in the conductor nearby, and there are some other side effects which we don't like. It's rather abrasive. The other device that's in the picture -- and hopefully I brought it -- is disguised as a wee pocket flashlight -- and it actually works! It has a little nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery. It is frequency programmable on the back --"

"So what you are saying is that the West Germans are aware of this (ELF wave attacks from Russia) and are selling these?"

"They are not selling them, exactly, they are kind of giving them away to people that have a need for them and the answer to your question is, Yeah." (Again the "woodpecker" signal is heard.) "Now, what I'd like to point out to you is that in this very narrow frequency spectrum corresponding to the Alpha-Theta border of brain waves, you can change the excitation frequency by a fraction of a Hertz, and have an entirely different reaction. Now this was a big surprise. This is the thing that was not anticipated any more than the little germs were before Von Leeuwenhoek and Pasteur.


"One reason I feel that this effect has been missed by other researchers who were working with gross frequency inputs is that they were not defining their frequencies down to a hundredth of a Hertz. Now there's a tremendous amount of a supportive evidence in the neuro-physiological literature that certain molecules in our brain -- with dielectric constants of over 140,000 and other inductive capacitor parameters -- act as longchain, semi-liquid crystal dipoles that are extremely sensitive to coherent frequencies. Now coherent means to find out that they are a little bit further than most of the researchers have investigated.

"Where I think I have done original work is in building systems that can go out to that second, third and fourth decimal place, taking them to the coffee shop, testing them on my own head and seeing what they do empirically, and kind of sounding the alarm on what we are now experiencing. (another slide picture)

"Again, some of the Soviet frequencies. We'll take a break and see if we can get some of these in real time on the radio right now." (Apparently he gets a signal from the program director.) "Oh, I guess our vote has been cancelled. Okay, there are a couple of more goodies on here but I'm going to thank you fellows. I'm going to conclude it at this and take a break. If there are any questions, we'll handle them later. Thank you for listening." (A burst of applause ends the tape. For those of you who wish to contact Bob Beck directly, his address is 1538 Cassil Place, Hollywood, California 90028, phone 213-403-8901.)


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