The environment of the planet has become increasingly filled with man-made electromagnetic waves in the last few decades. Most of the signals and power levels of the waves serve useful purposes for mankind and other living systems. Unfortunately, there also has been an increase in the power levels and numbers of signals which produce significant interference to the lawful and needed communications and navigational systems and the electronic products upon which our civilization has become so dependent.

Many of the electronic products, such as computers and medical instrumentation systems, are extremely sensitive devices; yet compared to the delicate complex electric and chemical systems in human and animal brain and cardiac systems, these electronic products are relatively unresponsive. Electronic components of the central nervous system govern many behavioristic patterns in living systems.

Magnetic Pacer - Environmental electromagnetic pollution countermeasure.


Magnetic Pacer - Environmental electromagnetic pollution countermeasure.


The combination of high intensity ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) magnetic signals from both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. reported by the Planetary Association for Clean Energy over the last few issues of their "Newsletter", may be significant enough to produce effects on humans as well as other living systems. Such effects, when they exist, would not normally be perceived by the individuals affected because the electrical activity of the central nervous system would be altered. Since human perception is a direct result of the chemical and electrical activity of the brain, one would not [24] normally be able to determine whether perception has been altered.

Special biological instrumentation systems can detect alterations of biological electrical activities, however, and thus provide a means by which one may monitor alterations in behavior patterns not otherwise observable. A simultaneous comparison of illogical signals with external magnetic and electric signals in the environment has shown that human electroencephalograms will occasionally lock on to some of these external signals, or otherwise show external modifications. Robert Beck and Andrija Puharich noted such correlations in the ELF range in 1977. William Bise found similar patterns in a research study with microwave frequencies in 1975 and verified the finding in the ELF range in 1978-79.


Considerations of the implications of the above noted information led to the development of the magnetic pacer which is currently under test. Some earlier scientific studies have been conducted, notably by H.W. Ludwig of the Federal Republic of Germany, into the feasibility of developing devices pulsed within the ELF range which reportedly were beneficial for some people (especially that country's diplomatic community), and sold under the trade name.

The purpose of the Pacer unit is to reintroduce a natural field into a localized area of about 1 meter radius. A 7.8 Hertz frequency lies near the base of the range of natural frequencies known as the Schuman earth-ionosphere resonances. This 7.8 Hertz frequency has appeared to be able to pace the human heartbeat and affect the brain wave patterns of some people; it may be useful for inducing relaxed or sleep states. The higher frequencies may be useful in enhancing alert states in some persons. A pulsed south polar field has been seen to more easily affect males while a north polar field has been seen to more easily affect females. Placing a pacer next to the left chest, pulsing at 7.8 Hertz has shown that the heart will respond in some persons when at rest sitting quietly.

Studies have shown that specific low level electric and magnetic field frequencies have profound effects on almost all biological systems on this planet. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that alterations of natural fields may produce alterations in biological system response; thus a method of reintroducing approximate natural field conditions may be able to produce what was once a natural biological system response. It should be clearly understood that this magnetic pacer is an experimental unit and that no claims whatsoever are made regarding specific effects which may, or may not, occur to individual experimenters. Wm. Bise.

A special text including parts list, notes and construction details of the Magnetic Pacer is available from the Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc., 100 Bronson Ave., Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ont. K1R 6G8, Canada (613) 236-6265, suggested donation $2.50. Subscription/membership to the "Newsletter" is $20 a year.


Death Rumors Are Not All They Seem

"I note with interest that Les White of Nelson, New Zealand, mentions the 'death of Stan Deyo' here in Australia. A lot of us here have been early pushers of Stan's tapes and later sold many copies of his first book. We feel that his death may not be all it seems. There is some doubt on the genuineness of the statement, with an opinion that he has once again 'gone underground' as things got too hot for him to handle. At any rate, whatever the truth is, it will give good publicity to his 2nd book even if he reappears when the pressure is taken off his personal life. You can put this in your magazine if you think it is advisable."

Graydon Harrington Rixon, Editor, Vibretics
192 Hawkesbury Road, Springwood, NSW 2777
Australia, phone 047-54-1413

After reading Rixon's informative letter I got out the old Tarot deck and laid out a five-card Spread with the question in mind: "Is Stan Deyo, author of 'The Cosmic Conspiracy', still physically alive?" The answer was a definite "Yes."

Rixon also enclosed a publicity sheet on his "Joy of Living", 3rd Mind, Body and Healing Festival, to be held in Morspeth, New South Wales in December 1980 (their summer down there). This is a 2½ hour drive from Sydney, in a 90-acre conference center. Rixon expects "in excess of 5000 people" to attend the week-long convention, Dec. 8-17. We wish them all success.


"Enclosed herewith is my subscription renewal fee for the Journal. Wish you'd give Rokafela (internationalized version of his name) part of the credit instead of only OPEC-Wall St. Looks to me as if Rokafela and his Trilaterals are at the bottom of the whole mess. Now Reagan has taken on Bush who is a Trilateralist; so guess even if JCII (Jesus Christ II) Carter loses, Rokafela still has control one way or another. The Devil certainly looks after his own!! The Republicans have as many members as the Democrats, practically all Trilateralists, Brock, everybody. I guess that much money can buy anything and anybody. Rokafela must have taken 20 billion out of Iran alone.

"As I see it, all the trouble started when the Federal Reserve (a European-style Central Bank) was established and they saddled the country with the un-constitutional income tax. The Fed is a private corporation with private stockholders, but even a letter to my senator gets nowhere trying to find out who the stockholders are! Wouldn't be surprised to find out it was Rokafela who owned most of the stock! Sometimes it occurs to me he is the Beast referred to in Revelations but that's just an emotional reaction because the term Beast signifies a major force in country or empire. As a child in church class I used to puzzle over the Biblical [26] statement that 'Israel would be a thorn in the side of the nations'. Israel as a-nation did not exist then but look at it now: Well, maybe I'll live to see more Revelations come to pass."

C.B.C., Madeira Beach, Florida

The revelations of Revelations are coming to pass, all right, and Israel is a thorn in the side of the Arab nations, because it is a modern nation with representative government, social services, dependable utilities and educated women who have the vote! All this is anathema to Arab dictators who hold power with the sub-machine gun. And the Israelis added insult to injury by electing a woman, Golda Meir, to run the country! Another prime minister, Rabin, voluntarily stepped down because his wife violated some minor Israeli law. What a horrible example to see for the oppressed Arab people, who can only get rid of a corrupt monarchy killing him.

It is true that physical plane agents of the ----, such as David Rockefeller, play both sides of the political street; but at least we can throw one corrupt gang out every eight years and give some new political hacks a chance to divide the loot. And if things threaten to get too far out of hand the Occult Hierarchy can bring in a Tulku to alter the course of history in the right direction. There is a hint of that in your giving the nickname "Jesus Christ II" to Jimmy Carter, the possibility that Rosalind may be entertaining a stranger in the White House?


"The subject of clones and drones in your July-August 1979 Journal was fascinating but nothing was said about Dr. Peter Beter's 'robotoids' who are presumed to have taken over the control of Capitol Hill. It would seem that a vast amount of pertinent information is being withheld from the public and we no longer have representative government. You have, of course, heard the tapes in which Beter states that Robotoids, complete replicas of the personalities copied, can be manufactured in a very short time and made to last for possibly as long as a few months before replacement is necessary. The brain is impregnated and duplicated with the same memory pattern but can be easily manipulated by a control center outside of the duplicate. As fantastic as this may seem, if factual, a good psychic should soon be able to determine if this so-called entity has a soul vibrating on its own. If a hoax, Peter Beter should be run out of the country and the thousands of his frightened subscribers so notified."

Lehmann Hisey, Sedona, Arizona

No, I haven't heard the Beter tapes nor do I care to listen to his Fascist propaganda. If there are any Robotoids in Washington, why not start with Dr. Peter Beter? He serves the Zodiacal Mafia very well; and of course he wont be run out of the country because he is too valuable to MIRO, in keeping thousands of people frightened -- and thus entombed in this maximum security planet [27] of the solar system. The 'robotoid' idea was put out by BSRA almost from the beginning in 1946! We learned from the Inner Circle and other UFO contact sources that Guardian adapts from other planets use temporarily materialized forms to carry out their missions. In some cases the form may be a mock-up of a here-living human being. The Godfathers of the Zodiacal Mafia have the same powers, used for evil purposes; but this is the only aspect of this mind-over-matter ability that you'll get from Peter Beter, sinister, sub-human robotoids taking over our government. That's why I call his output propaganda, only part of the truth is revealed, and that for sinister purposes.


Tom Bearden uses the term "tulpoid" for such temporary, or semi-permanent mental creations, and calls the adept creators of such forms Virtual State Engineers -- a term which is sure to become popular among astro-physicists and occult scientists in the years ahead. Bearden's magnificent opus, "The Excalibur Briefing" is finally in print and available, after many trials and tribulations. You can buy a copy direct from him for $9.95 (includes postage and-packing) or $10.50 foreign. His address is 1902 Willis Road S.E., Huntsville, Alabama 35801.

We like the Tibetan term "tulku" and discuss it at length in our Cabala lesson Series, No. 24-H: "Tulkus, A Tibetan Initiation", which reveals the technique of self-conscious reincarnation practiced by some of the Lamas. $2.75 postpaid.


"Your name and organization were mentioned in Richard Toronto's recent 'Shavertron' Newsletter. Enclosed is $2.00 for a back issue of your Journal (now $2.50) for the July-August 1979 number with the 'Clones of Enki' article. Do you know of Dr. Peter Beter who puts out a monthly tape message on current events? In case you do not, I'm enclosing part of an article about him and his claim that our President, Jimmy Carter, is a Robotoid, and explaining the new technique for doing it. Would you give me your thoughts on his scientific investigations?"

G.W., Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Beter is no scientist, but he is an excellent medium for the same Forces that overshadowed Goebbels in the 1930s, the propaganda minister for Hitler, and the goal is the same, to get the people so frightened of the Communist menace that they will welcome with open arms any right-wing dictators who promises them he can save them from Ivan the Terrible. Former President Nixon made good use of this propaganda line in his political campaigns. A key indication of the source of such slightly perfumed b---s--- is the underworld connections of his campaign manager, Murray Chotiner. When Nixon began his political career here in [28] California Chotiner was lawyer for the Mob; and, according to columnist Drew Pearson, by the time he had helped Nixon make it to the Vice-Presidency in 1952, Chotiner had represented the Mafia in over 200 court cases. By keeping the people's attention focused on the devil of Communism abroad, they overlook or ignore the devil of Fascism here at home. Here's a quote from Dr. Beter's tape message No. 47, sent to us for evaluation.


"Last month I revealed that the Russian can manufacture organic robotoids, which are almost exact carbon copies of real human beings. This is done by a process that simulates the genetic coding of the person to be copied. It sounds a little like cloning, but it's not. A clone of a human would itself be human, but an organic robotoid is NOT human. It's an artificial life form, like an animal in some ways but like a computerized machine in others. Every Russian robotoid has what is called a holographic brain. This brain duplicates essentially the entire memory of a person being copied. The key to doing this is a new technique called 'an ultrasonic cerebral hologram'.

"Using high-frequency sound waves, which are inaudible, a complete three-dimensional picture is made of a person's brain. This is a painless, non-destructive process, and under the proper conditions it can be done without the person even being aware of it . . . When an organic robotoid is made to simulate, for example, our late President Jimmy Carter, two major factors are involved."

This is an old Black Magick technique well known to the false Christ, Looeamong, and his astral plane henchmen, a perversion of the White Magick principle stated so clearly in the Bible: "When thou prayest, pray as though thou already hast that for which you pray." So, if the Black Magician wants somebody dead, he talks and acts as though that person already is dead, even to staging an elaborate funeral complete with buried coffin containing a "witness" of the intended victim.

"One factor is the genetic coding required to simulate Carter's appearance, voice, fingerprints, and so on. The other is a holographic image of Carter's brain at the moment the hologram is made. Therefore it contains all the memory and knowledge Carter had up to that moment . . . As a result, a Garter robotoid will automatically do certain kinds of things without the need for specific programming. For example, a Carter robotoid will seem to recognize old friends (so will a Peter Beter robotoid, or a Richard Helms robotoid!) That's because the computer memory of the robotoid reproduces Carter's memory of the friend. The holographic process puts it there automatically without the Russian programmers even having to know it's there.

"Robotoids (like Peter Beter) can be programmed for [29] self-preservation, but they are equally willing (if 'willing' is the word) to perform suicide missions, exploratory one-way missions into space. I've only one example of this: if a space mission looks too dangerous to risk the life of an experienced cosmonaut, a robotoid can now be used. The robotoid copy of the cosmonaut is already trained the moment it is made, thanks to its holographic memory.

"Organic robotoids look and act so much like human beings that it's hard for us to get used to the idea that they are not human; but the Russians decided several months ago that the stakes are too high not to employ them, and so the silent Russian invasion of America by robotoids is now well under way."

But you only have Peter Beter's word for it. There are no substantiating quotes from any other reliable source to confirm his wild tale; nor is there any indication of where the Russian robotoids are manufactured nor how they are gotten into and out of Washington. Even if it is true, what's new? Robotoid and Android creatures have been seen operating out of and on Flying Saucers since the earliest sightings. The propaganda aspect of the item is that the implication is that the Russians are the only ones who have or can make robotoids.


If you are interested in this aspect of occult science -- or want to be come a Virtual State Engineer, you would do well to read -- no, study! -- Chapter III of Madame Alexandra David-Neel's book, "Magic and Mystery In Tibet", and the related data on Mind-over-Matter techniques. One item will suffice, at the bottom of page 121: "Men, also, may co-exist with their magic progeny. King Srong bstan gampo and the warrior Chieftain Gesar of Ling are illustrations of this. In our own days it is said that when he fled from Shigatze, the Tashi Lama left, in his stead, a phantom perfectly resembling him who played his part so thoroughly and naturally that everyone who saw him was deceived. When the lama was safe beyond the border, the phantom vanished.

"The three men here mentioned are themselves Tulkus, but according to lamaists, that circumstance does not preclude the further creation of emanations. These spring from one another and there exist denominations for emanations of the second or third degree . . ."


Beter's paranoid output has found an enthusiastic endorser in the Cosmic Awareness Communications, PO Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507. This outfit puts out a "Robotoid Watch" and claims that all the Carters have been replaced by Russian robotoids, also Senator Teddy Kennedy and other prominent Washington figures. How ridiculous can you get? Your editor has a built in suspicion of any psychic communicator who hides his or her inflated ego behind [30] the facade of some grandiose, pseudo-impressive title such as 'Cosmic Awareness"; and now my suspicions are confirmed with this wholesale endorsement of Beter and his robotoid fantasies. Nevertheless, as in all propaganda, there must be a shred of truth for it to be effective, so in one paragraph of "Robotoid Watch" there is a hint of a personality change which may be significant:

Black and white xerographic copy of a photo depicting then-President Jimmy Carter waving.

"Jogging however, could be dangerous to the health of a robotoid. According to Dr Beter on his latest Audio Letter (No. 50), the Russians decided that they would eliminate Carter once and for all (maybe because he required so many robotoids), and programmed him in that well-publicized race, to run until he collapsed and died of a heart attack."

That was in August 1979, when the President did participate in a cross-country race in which he exhausted himself, partially collapsed, and had to be helped off the course by accompanying Secret Service agents. Was there a complete change of personalities at that time? With the original Carter actually giving up the body, to be taken over for good by another entity? This is one form of Tulku discussed at length in our Cabala lesson on body-ownership. Orthodox Christians are familiar with the idea of the Christ taking over the body of the young initiate Jesus for the three years of the Ministry there in Palestine. D.K. speaks of such "Overshadowings" of Dedicands and Initiates by Adepts in "The Treatise on Cosmic Fire", and we Associates are familiar with members of the Inner Circle only because they could and did take over Mark Probert's body for over 20 years of teaching and discussion of any and every subject We could think of. Your editor's first "instruction" on the subject occurred 40 years ago.


"This experience occurred while we were on an extended vacation trip to Mexico City in 1940. Sanborn's was the accepted place to go there for Yankee cooking and products but we also were delighted to discover an ice cream shop that served malts, sundaes, and sodas, Yankee style. And most unusual for Mexico City at that time, the proprietor was an attractive, unmarried woman in her 30s. Single, upper class Mexican women just didn't start businesses on their own, not in those days at least. But then we learned, in talking to the gal, that she wasn't really Mexican -- which helped to account for her excellent English. She was a Tulku! And she knew it! Her Teachers had given her the opportunity to take over the body of this dying Mexican girl several years earlier. Her mission was to show Mexican women the way to independence. She [31] to set up this little shop in downtown Mexico City, for all to see. Young Mexicans of both sexes were patronizing the place.

"Of course the sudden change in the character of their daughter was a great shock to her 'parents', but what could they do? As far as the State was concerned this body was still their daughter; so they reluctantly went along with her radical ideas about Women's Lib.

"Tulku or Avesa was a radical idea to us then, too, but we had read some examples of the Doctrine of Consciousness Transference in the extensive occult literature of the Theosophical Society at the Lodge library in Minneapolis, Minnesota; so we had been mentally pre-conditioned to accept the shop owner's story." (from BSRF No. 24-H, "Tulkus, A Tibetan Initiation", 54 pages, $2.75)


April 13, 1980 members of the "Rainbow Ray Focus" group in Sedona, Arizona were discussing the disturbing "robotoid president" claims on the Beter tapes, and wondering if it was true, when one of their number fell into a trance and channeled this message:

"It is well you are centered in this Vortex Center this morning and I am spokesman for the Solar Council. I am Ariamas Avantarii, in Space beyond your comprehension. I -- we -- have a message of great importance this day, and it concerns all Earth people on your planet; and it also affects all planets.

"Would you believe that what happens on this beloved Earth affects all planets? Would you believe in the various galaxies that nothing can happen to one planet that does not affect all? Since all is ONE, and you all have been indoctrinated with the ONE -- Oneness -- there is only ONE.

"Now we, of the Solar Council at a recent meeting, discussed plans for evacuation. The time has come to discuss it -- to bring it out into the open. We, you, can no longer hide behind it or from it. Things have come to a pass that can no longer be tolerated by Us, your BROTHERS, who are watching every move of your governments of the world -- not only the U.S. government, but the governments of the world; and we find the President is not the President? Then who is he? Are you not being made aware of 'walk-ins'?

"All right, then, who was it that 'walked in' this frame, typical of President Carter? Who? Would you be surprised to learn that it was a BROTHER who is not going to be led around by the nose, by those who formerly had led around the Carter? (An oblique reference to David Rockefeller and his Trilateral Commission? RHC) Now, it may not seem this way to you as you watch the current news. It may not seem like that.

"But, beloved ones, would we in charge of all the happenings, [32] would We allow one of the Dark Forces to enter the body of the President of the United States? WE LOVE AMERICA! We work with America. We work with all countries. However, America is the LEADER and shall continue to lead! and be not disturbed by what seems to be happening; for should things come to such a pass as seems very close now -- our Crafts are ready. Our Crafts are ready! And there shall not be a total destruction. There shall not be that which has been predicted. No! There shall not be that.

"I shall not go into it any deeper this day -- merely to make you aware of it. Oh, watch your news media, and radiate, radiate, radiate, radiate LIGHT to this beloved AMERICA. Hold Her! Hold Her! Hold Her in the LIGHT. I am Ariamas Avantarii talking. I shall leave now."


"Beloved children of My family, I come to you this morning to plead with you to send more LIGHT and LOVE to the Elemental Kingdom and to the Space Brothers. They are all working overtime for every one of you. I, like Ariamas Avantarii, know that the great Space Craft are waiting patiently to help, and ready to pick up those who are to work with the Love of Mighty God. The others shall be taken care of according to their place, according to what they want to know, and those who refuse shall receive care and be given time to come into this ONENESS of Light and Love that are necessary for our Celestial Heavens to be in harmony with you children. All is ONE. There is only ONE."

The editor of the "Rainbow Ray Focus" reminds his readers of the visualization and decree rituals suggested by Sananda for daily use by men and women of good will. This is the simplest and most direct way Of counteracting the tides of selfishness and evil which threaten to engulf the planet this Christmas:

"Visualize a high wall of steely, white Light around the borders of the United States of America. You may start with the West Coast and Canadian border. Visualize the wall of Light across the Canadian border to the East coast, then down the East coast and around Florida and the Gulf on to Mexico, then along the Texas border, New Mexico, Arizona and California, then along the West Coast to the Canadian boundary.

"Then visualize a high wall of Blue Light around the Wall of White Light, across the Canada-USA border through Maine, and down the East coast and along the Florida coastline and Gulf states, and then along the Texas-Mexico border and westward to the Pacific ocean, and on up the West coast to Canada.

"Then visualize White Light covering the entire U.S.A., within the walls of Blue Light, covering all the land, buildings, people -- everything within the borders of this country. And always [33] qualify all this Light with Protection.


"Then to the Space Brothers, who are doing all possible for our world and its affairs: Send Them a radiation of Light (28 times), Love (28X), Joy(28X), Peace (28X), Perfection (28X), Faith (28X), Freedom (28X), Encouragement (28X), Victory (28X), and whatever other Attributes you feel led to send Them. They can multiply your Light so many, many times, and place It where it will do the most good. And They are so grateful for this service from all of us. Please remember, every day!

"Please remember the Elementals too -- so much in need of Light! You may have your own decrees; however, we give you what Beloved Eolia has requested of us. And when we have finished with these decrees, the Elementals come into our Focus and just dance with Joy and Thanks.

I Am integrating the vegetable Elementals with the I Am that I Am.

I Am integrating the Mineral Elementals with the I Am that I Am.

I Am integrating the Human Elementals that have gone astray, into the I Am that I Am.

I Am integrating the Animal Elementals into the I Am that I Am.


"Fire-Flame-Light-Love (4 times), Ruby and Christos (4X), Helios and Vesta (4X), Hercules and Amazon (4X), Archangel Michael and Faith (4X), the God Pan (4X).

"Devas, Angels and Elementals, we thank you for all your manners and means of protecting us.

"We thank the Gnomes for protecting us from Earthquakes, and for providing us with all things of Earth.

"We thank the Sylphs for protecting us from storms and for providing us with all things of Air.

“We thank the Undines for protecting us from floods and for providing us with all things of Water.

"We thank the Salamanders for protecting us from Fire and for providing us with all things of Fire.

"In appreciation of the Elementals, we nourish them with: Father-Mother Fire-Flame-Light in Action."

From the Open Letter of the "Rainbow Ray Focus", Garman Van Polen, Drawer 1188, Sedona, Arizona 86336


"I'm sending in my sub. now. One time and another I have been quite taken up with the messages from Ashtar. In one publication I observed that we are told not to try to contact them as they will seek us out and make the contact first. This, I take it to mean that if you are favoured with an approach you will be expected to assist them in some practical way. Just [34] what on earth we as ordinary individuals can do in the perilous military and economic situation I do not know. Even so, I would still like to meet up with these people. It could be that in our own limited sphere we can do something to mitigate these problems that surround us. Meanwhile, more power to your elbow."

J.B., Leeton, N.S.W., Australia 4

Ordinary individuals like us can spend a couple of hours a day pouring out love and Light to help counteract the flood of hate, greed, selfishness, bigotry, prejudice and other assorted evils coming from the hearts and minds of the unawakened. If you can't originate your own mantra, use the material given by Sananda and Bella to the Rainbow Ray Focus group in Sedona. Australia, too, needs protection from Armageddon. The war between Sun and Moon forces for control of the planet rages above Australia, too, and in the Cavern world beneath your feet. The Elementals of Australia, too, would like some loving appreciation and recognition for the work they do for mankind on your continent. Any unselfish service you give along this line will be returned to you a hundred-fold, and every day will be Christmas. After all, the life you save and the planet you save are yours!


"I was elected the new president of the Psychotronic Association at the last conference. Next year's conference, 1981, also at Dayton, Ohio needs researchers; and I am hoping that you and your Journal can interest people who are discovering new technology to contact me. I need lecturers and researchers in all areas of paraphysics, metaphysics, etc. The membership of our organization has grown into the largest U.S. organization in the field, but avidly welcomes new people and ideas."

J.G. Gallimore, U.S. Psychotronics Association, 5627 E. Julian,
#16, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Eeman Screen.


"A report on the use of Eeman Screens and the Vitic Device. Age Spread, 76 years to 2½ years, 2 male and 2 female. Three of the four were experiencing 'onset of flu' symptoms. The 76 year old male and 2½ year old female went from the Screens to the Vitic Device with no problems and reported a change for the better. Both were given stress level doses of Vitamins A,D,E,C,B comp. and zinc for three days along with the magnetic treatments. Neither developed the flu. The 76 year old male, by the way, was putting in 16 hours a day. The other female (38 years) could not tolerate the Eeman Screens for even a minute! Demagnetization and reversal of Screen polarity did [35] not help. She was tested via the Kinesthesic mode and the flow pattern was found to be reversed. Corrective adjustments were performed. This time the Screens were not only tolerated but an extension of time was requested by the subject. Then the Vitic device and vitamin results were positive. This woman has a get of 20-month old twin boys.

Vitic is a kind of catch-name given to a force or energy released by hard carbon when held in the hand, in conjunction with a permanent magnet, and which is apparently stored in the nerve centers, and affects the normal deflection of the galvanometer.

"Be sure to never use the Vitic device prior to going to bed, unless you like to toss and turn, or wish to experiment with energy transmutation prior to sleeping. Yours truly has been using them to help work thru a second job, which it seems is needed these days just a to be able to continue to eat! But it should be noted that days off under these conditions were used for complete rest. Don't abuse the Temple!"

V.A.L., North Miami, Florida

BSRF No. 11, MAGNETIC VITALITY or VITIC, illustrated . . . . $2.75
BSRF No. 26, EEMAN SCREENS, The Balancing Circuits  . . . . . $2.75


"On April 23, 1980 the Carburetor Club of America sponsored a 100-mile-per-gallon Seminar in San Gabriel, California. At the break in the meeting we all went outside for the actual demonstration of 'vapor' running a Ford V-8 engine mounted on a test stand. At that time I was served with a letter from the District Attorney of Los Angeles County. It was signed by a Richard P. Kalustian, Head Deputy, Consumer and Environmental Protection Division. He demanded that all come to his office April 28th or he would secure an injunction against me for 'false advertising'. I was leaving for Greece on the 3rd of May, so I phoned him to get the appointment date extended until I came back. He allowed me three days after I returned May 29th. I again called to delay the meeting until June 10th. At that time he advised me that he would not accept affidavits from 15 or more people who alleged they were getting 100 mpg.

"I told him I would install a metering system on my truck and take him for a ride, to prove the mileage. He stated: 'That would only prove that it worked on your car. The only proof I will accept is by our scientists in a laboratory.' When we went in to see him June 10th our meeting lasted only about 1½ minutes. Our attorney and I turned on our tape recorders when we were seated [36] at the table with Lem Ward and Gordon Startup.

"When Mr. Kalustian saw the tape recorders he said in a loud voice: 'Turn those recorders off! (three times) I'm here to ask questions, not to answer them!' At that point, John Matonis, our attorney, stood up and looked him straight in the eye and dared the State of California, Governor Brown and the District Attorney's office to 'stop us' from sponsoring and putting on 100-Mile-per-Gallon seminars. WE DO NOT INTEND TO STOP! Is 100 miles per gallon of gasoline possible? The major oil companies say no! Our own state government says no! Why then has our federal government issued over 1,000 patents on Vapor Carburetors, are we being held back?"

Derald "Mor" Miles, Carburetor Club of America
PO Box 304, Whittier, Cal. 90608, (213) 698-1479

Club members are learning the cold gasoline-to-vapor trick by converting their power lawnmowers first. For plans send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.

"ABRAMS' METHODS OF DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT" — By Sir Francis Barr. Definitive discussion and analysis of the Electronic Reactions of Dr. Abrams, now called Radionics, also explanation and schematic of the Abrams Oscilloclast for treatment. Published in London in 1925, 122 pages, illustrated.

Happy Holidays - The JOURNAL of BORDERLAND RESEARCH, A Publication of: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation PO Box 549, Vista, California USA 92083 - Bulk Rate U.S. POSTAGE PAID, Vista, Calif. Permit No. 42


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