The mystery of VITIC or the Carbon Force was one of the original concerns of the BSRA, the subject first broached in the premiere issue of the Round Robin in February 1945 as a matter worthy of study, inspiring a broad group of associates -- including E.C. Krieger, Verne L. Cameron, and A. Goeke -- to conduct experimental work through the decades that followed. The following articles and brochures are made available to equip you to begin your own research into this fascinating area of borderland research.

VITIC — Alchemical Vitality

A compilation of B.S.R.F. documents relating to the Vitic Research Project. Gives many angles on the use and effects of carbon, with and without an accompanying magnetic field, as well as complementary data on the use of magnetic fields by themselves. Includes ideas on various magnetic arrangements used in research, including plans.

"Carbon Force - Vitic"01021945March
Clips and quotes from Brian Brown, A.E. Baines, A. White Robertson and comment by Associate E.C. Krieger on the matter.
"VITIC AGAIN"01031945April
A letter from Associate E.C. Krieger, proposing varying postulates as to the nature of the Vitic force.
"VITIC (Increasing interest and various correlations)"01101945November
Notes from interested readers and responses by Meade Layne on the continuing research effort and experiments with hard carbon and magnet.
David D. Dagmar, contributing editor, discusses his conjecture that the carbon rod channels cosmic radio waves through the body.
"A Note Concerning Vitic"05051949August
Mark Probert's seance communicators offer their say on the matter of the Vitic force.
Research with Carbon and Magnet07021951July & August
Associate V. L. Cameron reports on his work with the Vitic force and his own conclusions.
"VITIC -- WATER COMPASS" (HRA Bulletin 65)07041951November & December
An overview of BSRA understanding on the Vitic in response to Max Freedom Long's Huna Bulletin article on the subject.
Riley Crabb summarises and expands on the early Vitic research, including an accounting of Count Stefan Colonna-Walewski's knowledge of Vitic (from "A System of Caucasian Yoga") and channeled details for the construction of Anton Mesmer's Vitic device. Follow-up CQ&C includes a letter from an Associate who "Prefers Vitic to MWO"!
Revisiting the Mesmer Vitic device of the previous issue, with details direct from the channeled personality of Anton Mesmer himself, courtesy Associate Doris Heather Buckley and her husband, the medium Dan Buckley.
Experiments with Carbon Rod and Magnet21021965March
Associate A. Goeke recounts his own experiments with Vitic, reporting the results of pendulum readings before and after exposures.
Galvanic Electricity of the Vitic Device57012001Annual
Associate James Borges conducts a Borderland Experiment with the carbon rod and magnet.