- "Vitic Force" - and Radio Waves From Space -

(Interesting Comments and Conjectures by
our Contributing Editor, David D. Dagmar)

(Editor Dagmar first assures us that he accepts the premise of the "Vitic Force" discussion - that there is some kind of force or energy connected with the carbon which has a rejuvenating effect on the nervous system and the glands. "We all accept the fact that the atom is composed of electrical forces" and likewise, of course, all matter including the human body. Experiments with the Kilner screens, as well as the distinguished work of Dr. George W. Crile, supports the concept that "the entire fabric of human life is electrical." "From this basis, other went on to demonstrate that all glands, organs and nerves in the body correspond to a radio-wave length, and that the wave length for the same gland remains the same in different people. If a gland was diseased its wave length was distorted" - and this opened up the way for both diagnosis and treatment by electrical means. The rapidity and accuracy of diagnosis by means of electrical apparatus now in use, is fully proven and most astonishing ... )

The machine for treatment is called a quantometer; it takes an ordinary A.C. current and converts it into radio-type waves. The length of the latter is so adjusted as to set up a cross-current wave unlike the wave emitted by the part being treated. The faulty body radiations can then be "interfered" or overlapped by a counter-current. And when the counter-current to (say) tuberculosis has broken down the body emanation to zero, the bacilli are dead. Now, aside from the treatment of disease this wave-treatment has a stimulating effect on the nerves in general; and it is quite possible (in connection with "Vitic") that the ancients knew something about this and had their own means of producing similar effects... And if the 'scepters' or 'rods' shown in the hands of statues and paintings from ancient Egypt were (as some authorities claim) symbolic of some source of energy and power, not of authority, then the Vitic theory gains weight. (The identification of the rods with carbon cannot, of course, be conclusively established, but experimental work with hitherto unrecognized properties of carbon may go far to verify it. ML).

Is it not possible that when a carbon stick is held in the hand, it picks up radio waves out of the cosmos and directs them thru the body, setting up a cross-current of a nature to cancel out discordant and abnormal wave lengths - in other words, doing naturally that which radionics accomplishes artificially?

Most 'radionists' consider their radio waves to be in the realm of sunlight waves or 'white light'; but I shall venture that in reality they come from the 'dark side' of nature. Or at least I will venture that rays picked up by the carbon Vitic force tests are the 'night side' forces spoken of in all books in Atlantis - forces which the Atlanteans seem to have harnessed to do practically everything we are now trying to do with atomic energy. Is this night force a "reflected sunlight", stored somehow in the earth and released at night in a different form?

Wireless from
Nowhere - )

About these mysterious radar or radio waves, and, lately, radio type waves apparently originating in the constellation Cygnus, where there is seemingly no planet, but possibly dark stars - a point that interests me is their possible tie-in with legendary Atlantis, certain prophecies of Pythagoras, and the time element involved in transmission and reception of radar waves sent from our earth to remote stars or planets. The Atlanteans are generally believed to have reached a high point of scientific development, and perhaps were even able to record the brain-wave pattern of human thinking; such a pattern could perhaps be played back into the mind of another person, reproducing [13] there the original thoughts. It is believed, too, that they possessed very powerful radar apparatus, much exceeding our own in range of operation. Let us suppose, too, that there is truth in reiterated legends, that the Atlanteans foreknew their fate, and furthermore, knew that they would be reincarnated in this twentieth century (not too incredible, now that precognition is accepted by many scientific workers). Is it not probable that the Atlanteans would seek some means of preserving their knowledge and of making it again available? The cave man carved his messages upon rocks, and we record ours in books which hardly outlast a generation; but these ancient folk had perhaps a better way. Suppose they transformed certain thought patterns and ideas into radar impulses, and directed this ray against a remote sun or planet. Suppose this celestial body were distant from us by the known and correct number of light years, so that, allowing of course for the return time of the wave, the original wave, the original thought-pattern would return to our planet during this 20th century. Thus the reborn Atlanteans now among us would recover their ancient knowledge, though perhaps without having any inkling of how and whence. Their minds would be attuned, and perhaps long-lost memories would awaken.

This hypothesis, utterly fantastic at first glance, grows less impossible as one reflects upon it. Our own government, in radar experiments, has bounced a beam off the moon, picked it up on its return trip (after about 8 minutes), and is said to be seriously contemplating the use of the moon as a reflector for all radar transmission, to eliminate the need for radar stations across country. One has only to extend, in speculation or imagination, the knowledge and the principles we already possess. We need, and already have, apparatus for directional projection of radar signals to a great distance, and also for picking up these strange incoming pulses from outer space. And the "energy" of thought can even now be measured electrically, i.e., reconverted into electrical impulses... The distances involved are of course unthinkable. A celestial body which returned a radar wave to the earth in one year would be nearly one and a half trillion miles distant; after ten thousand years, ten thousand times as far. Yet the distance of many suns is reckoned as being many times greater.

The "rays from space" were first discovered about 15 years ago, by Dr. Karl G. Jansky of the Bell Laboratories. They come in on the wave band of 14.2 megacycles - and sound "like a combination of gravel on the roof and the howling of wolves." But perhaps, if these could be filtered to the proper frequencies, something intelligible might be made out of it. This problem is not out of the reach of our numerous radar and radio-enthusiasts. They should study it closely and see if any uniformities can be detected which might give us a clue to their real nature.

This possible significance, of these rays and sounds from space, calls to my mind the puzzle of the "film of faces" received in 1926, and reported in several publications by Vincent Gaddis. They were believed to be "messages from Mars", and the story about them is complex and fascinating.

A prediction attributed to Pythagoras is to the effect that in a later age (believed to be our own), a device would be perfected which pick up radiations from space, the flickering of the stars and the light of the moon, and convert them into music - a symphony of the universe, some fragment of the music of the spheres. This symphony, we can be sure, is all around us, and in us and through us and all our visible world. We have not attuned our ears to it, but perhaps our minds have to be attuned first. Perhaps the road to it is thru technical and intellectual achievement, and Science, counted so practical and slow-footed, will be the Opener of the Doors and the Scaler of the Wall.