A Borderland Sciences CQ&C piece in 5 parts.


Adapted from a tape recording of a 35mm slide presentation by Bob Beck
at The 1978 U.S. Psychotronic Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Commentary by BSRF director Riley Crabb.

Int. art: A. Presman, 'Electromagnetic Fields and Life' (1970)

Part I: The Psycho-Magnetic Component • The "Entrainment" of Psychic Healers • Solar Radiation and Stock Prices • Locked in the Magnetic Embrace of the Sun • The Magick of The Priests • Yesterday's Magick Is Today's Science! • Prediction of Attempted Global Manipulation • The "Secrets" of the Occult • Censorship: CIA? KGB? Or Impecunious Students?

Part II: That Magic, Occult Number • Man-Woman - The Bio-Cosmic Transducer • How Are You Actually Affected By ELF Waves? • How To Manufacture A Psychic

Part III: The Magnetic "H" Wave Penetrates Everything • The Phase-Array Antennas Of The Russians • Dr. Puharich's Sophisticated Faraday Cage • There Ain't No Hiding Place Down Here • "Prior To The Total News Blackout"

Part IV: "San Francisco Hit By Mystery Radio Waves" • The Government Coverup • "You Don't Need An Instrument"

Part V: Why Did God Design Us This Way? • Down To The Hundredth Decimal Place • ELF Wave Counter Measures • The Ludwig Relaxation Oscillator (Or Magnetic Pacer) • You Are Extremely Sensitive To Coherent Frequencies