Is there censorship of literature on Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) waves and Electroencephalograph Entrainment? Apparently!

Mr. Beck told his Conference audience that in the early days of ELF wave research he found 182 references to the effects of ELF Electro-Static and Electro-magnetic fields on human performance, moods, etc, but later when he sent one of his students to the bio-medical library of the University of California at Los Angeles to look up some of these references, the student found that many had been sliced out of the text with a razor blade!

"How about the relationship between the Mean Annual Magnetic Activity and the number of Sunspots? Again, man is a bio-cosmic transducer. We know we live on a planet that has fairly well predicted (7, 21, 11, etc.) cycles.

"What about this curve of magnetic storms, that's the top one, and mortality from nervous and cardiovascular diseases? A guy with a 25-watt transmitter -- with the Luxembourg effect (which means a circularly polarized antenna aimed at the ionosphere), with a few Hertz frequency difference from a 50,000 watt broadcast transmitter can mood-manipulate an area of about 200 square miles. Dangerous? Hell yes!

"How about comparison with daily periodic changes and the earth's electric E and magnetic H fields, and rhythms of living organisms? Circadian rhythms? All of these graphs which you are going to see for the next few minutes, incidentally, are from medically accepted literature, from the medical journals themselves. The dielectric constant of water, the magic transducer." [17] (To Tom Bearden) "I'll give you a copy of this in print, Tom, you don't need notes."


"7.8 Hertz. Any of you people know Dr. Ed Maxey, Stanton Maxey, in Florida? Okay. About the time I was playing with it he did a interesting very experiment. He took a little coil, a few turns of wire, put it on the floor underneath the operating table -- what do you call those damn things that they have in the Electroencephalographic room? Where they check for epilepsy, etc.? He found that by turning this thing on at certain frequencies a large percentage of the people tested had brain wave entrainment.

"Entrainment simply means that their brain wave -- the firing of their neurons -- latches on to this magnetic field coming from this little coil putting out micro-gauss. You can't even measure things this low unless you have highly sophisticated equipment. It is occult. It is invisible. It's tasteless, odorless, etc. This is in a paper that he presented to a geophysical society meeting not too long ago. He too came up with the magic number that I have: 7.8 Hertz. He found that exactly four seconds after this field went on, the subject's brain waves would lock on exactly, on frequency and phase.

"How about this for a covert, manipulative tool?"

""7.8?" asked a member of the audience.

"7.8 is the number he used," replied Beck. "We've refined that down to three decimal places."


"A lot of people, a few years ago, began looking at the possibility that Man is a Bio-Cosmic Transducer; not only a transmitter, but a receiver; and that somehow his brain waves can lock on and modulate this (the earth's) field, and this might be the medium for ESP. Some good work that was being done at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) in their brain research group.


"Dr. W.R. Adey was on another government grant sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, into the effects of these (in this case pulsed) very high frequency fields that were pulsed with a very low frequency modulation. His published papers, and this goes back several years, show that this could influence the brain waves of cats and monkeys; and he didn't talk about the work that was done out there with human beings because by now this was fairly sensitive. They knew it worked. They didn't know why. So a lot of time, money and effort went into finding out what in the human brain was beginning to respond to this."

At this point the reader might well ask: What is the Navy doing looking into electro-magnetic modification of human behavior? And, if this is for the defense of the nation, why be so secretive about it? Unless of course the real target of the psycho-political warfare is the people of the nation.

"Now, a few German physicists were looking into the possibility that this may have been the mechanism that we have lived with for thousands of years. The name of this paper is 'The Biological Effect of Extremely Low Frequencies in the Atmosphere'. In other words, if we live in a natural ELF environment could this possibly be the key and mechanism for mass accidents, mass suicides, etc.? All of the people who did this work independently, Tromp in Holland, Koenig in Germany, found, yes, when they went back through the weather records, this had to be the mechanism that caused all of these admissions to psychiatric hospitals on certain days, all of these homicides. The data is beginning to become massive.

"James R. Hamer -- or Hammer. He was working with human subjects, and he has disappeared, as have a few others. He did some extremely interesting work, and this was way back in 1968. At that time he was with the Space Biology Laboratory Brain Research Institute, University of California. The rest of his papers that I managed to gather about ten years ago are now classified. You can't get them for love or money; they have been up-statused.

"Hamer found that in a 9-Hertz signal the reaction time was definitely shortened. You were more alert. If you changed that signal down a few cycles per second, 3 to 5 Hertz, look what happens to the reaction time. This applies to human beings, monkeys, cats -- apparently all life forms that have brain waves. Tromp did the same thing independently. Some more of the paper that was generated on the Office of Naval Research grant at UCLA.


"(Another slide) This is another of the papers which was subsequently classified. At that time he was doing this work openly at the Northrop Space Laboratory and this was an inter-office memorandum which survived the classification process. If you'd like to see that I'd be happy to share it with you.


"Let's get out of here and into other things. Solar activity and incidence of cerebral spinal meningitis. Tom Bearden was talking about Carrier possibilities? We don't know whether the waves lower your resistance, or you can actually put the information on them and it is re-created inside the nervous system. Crest days of weather pain and the relation to sun spots and magnetic disturbances, etc. Mortality diseases of the nervous system and the lower curve of sun spot activity. In other words, we are looking here at natural ELF phenomena before it began being manipulated. Sun spots and earth's magnetic activity. Again epidemic meningitis.

"Okay, now it gets really interesting: Socio-political mass disturbances, 1923 to 1927, in Europe, related to Full Moon axis. Remember, the full moon modifies the tides. It modifies these frequencies. In this case the tides are in the Ionosphere and the Heaviside Layer and their position above the earth. Double daily deaths from angina pectoris, and combined groups on the Lunar axis. What if we could manipulate this? Whole populations would be subject.

"Tuberculosis. What? Does it influence those germs, those little microbes, as well? I don't know, but there it is, positive correlation. Cholera in Russia, from 1823 to 1923, versus solar activity in the same period. Maybe all of the life forms on this planet are locked in to this electro-magnetic energy, just as the Radionics and Radieathesia people have sensed, for quite a while. Epileptic attacks, of course, totally predictable. Suicides. People tend to go unconscious on this because it's frightening and it's a little heavy, technically.


"Again, here is an artist's conception which I have adapted to show this synchronized brain wave activity, the stranger within. Okay, if psychics are people who have a particular brain wave pattern -- we don't know which comes first here, the chicken or the egg -- can you make a psychic by driving his brain wave to that particular frequency? Marvelous question, don't you think? Brilliant, wish I'd thought of it first.


"Our first attempt at manufacturing psychics and radionics operators and healers was to put these little light bulbs in an empty eyeglass frame. On the left is an incandescent bulb and on the right is a little cold cathode indicator, like on your FM radio tuner. We flashed these little lights in real time to the Schumann resonance (we picked the Schumann resonance up on a coil), filtered out everything except that wave to which the psychics would entrain and fed them this little flickering light. If you flash a light in a person's face you get an evoked potential in the occipital cortex. That's the photic response. And you know that if that is at a certain frequency you are going to turn that person onto epilepsy. You'll have a petit mal seizure. Remember all these night clubs in New York, these psychedelic clubs, that were having these lawsuits against them because the operators would get the strobes in around a thing which was the second harmonic of the Delta spiking rhythm you see in epilepsy?

"Okay, when they test for epilepsy in the hospital, they flash lights at your head at a certain frequency, or they give you a drug which will over stimulate the firing of the neurons. But, if you put in a beneficial frequency, you can probably cause an evoked response of the brain wave at that frequency.

"Now that was marvelous, except for one thing. It takes about one hundred milliseconds from the time that light flashes for the signal to cause an evoked potential, and that hundred milliseconds varies for most human beings. In other words, you can test IQ with this little box. The longer it takes that flash to get out here as an electrical signal, the dumber that person is because the slower his system is responding.

"You are aware of Hurtle's work in Canada that found non-culturally biased IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests for cats, dogs, babies, people who couldn't speak English, people who couldn't read or write, etc. So what was terribly wrong with this brilliant idea was that the light didn't get there to the brain for everybody at the same time; so we abandoned that idea and began using the magnetic H Wave."

Continue with "ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment" (Part III)


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