No introduction on tape. It starts with Mr. Beck showing a slide illustrating the Left and Right hemispheres of the brain, apparently.

"This artist's rendition is almost the way we are when we are not encountering internally. Our Left and Right hemispheres have to be in conflict. The caption -- for those of you in the back row -- reads '(garbled) on tape'. The answer to that is that most of us act as though we are on tape, and the tape says, 'Self-destruct.'

"Now, I notice this little headline, 'Our reaction to stress, not the stress itself, is the cause of most sickness.' Everybody kind of agree with that? Now if any abrasive stimulus can low our threshold to this reaction, we are in great trouble. And this is one of the things that is happening today in Eugene, Oregon and in a few other places.

"Another discovery that has been found only in the last decade, is David Cohen's work with the SQUID, the Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices, and the New Miller Cage at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, where he detects these actual magnetic lines of force surrounding the human head, the human heart, etc. IN other words, man as a biomagnetic transmitter, transducer, does have these magnetic fields attending -- as you would expect -- brain wave patterns, EKG patterns, etc.

"Now, we mentioned the drummer. In 1952, a German physicist named W.O. Schumann, playing around with math as physicists are prone to do, postulated that the earth -- being a good conductor -- was surrounded a good dielectric called air and around this is another layer of a good conductor known as the ionosphere, the Heaviside Layer, and that this constitutes a potentially resonant system. All of you Boy Scouts know that your compass points to the North Pole because the earth itself is a magnet with a North and South Pole. Now that means that any energy trapped in this earth-ionosphere cavity -- like lightning storms, etc. -- will cause it to ring like a bell. But the surprise was that this signal frequency was the identical spectrum of human brain waves. I see we are getting some nods out there. Those of you who are [2] up on your current physics know about this. It had to be of irresistible interest to me to build an apparatus which would measure the earth's brain wave, and at the same time measure the Witch Doctor's brain waves, to see if there was correlation -- which we did.


"The fourth or fifth generation system is right here on the floor in front of you today. Now this publication, which is the Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Division of Radio Propagation, Volume 66, No. 3, May-June 1962, tells one of the early efforts where a government study, granted to Drs. Koch and Pitchum at the University of Rhode Island, had made recordings of the earth's brain wave; and those of you who know anything about Encephalography could almost diagnose the patient by these little squiggles. They look identical to human brain waves!"

Below, typical human brain waves from W. Grey Walter's "The Living Brain", page 87.


"Were you taking this reading off the apparatus yourself?" asked a member of the audience.

"We're reading the Magnetic H Wave which is the psycho-active component," replied Beck. "Any radio propagation wave has three components: the E Wave which can be picked up by an antenna, the electro-static component; the Magnetic component, the vector is 90° at right angles to it -- we'll get into it a bit later. It's a good question.

"Okay. So we built apparatus to test the thesis: Are there certain people walking among us today -- perhaps one person in three thousand -- who by dent of heredity, or training, meditation, or whatever it might be, is able to tune in to this magnetic component, which is down around one micro-gauss, one millionth of a gauss.


"Somehow they latch on to this cosmic carrier of information, transduce it into paranormal 'seeing' ability -- after Carlos Castaneda and his maybe-mythical Don Juan -- could this be the 'drummer' to which these psychics, healers, dowsers, etc., were entrained? The tentative answer to this is, yes. And we'll see how this has been developed into a weapon of war.

"Now, the brain wave spectra -- of even Dr. Hieronymous here, whom we measured at about noon today -- seems to center around that magic number of 7.8 to 8.0 Hertz (cycles per second). In other words we now have an objective test to see whether that person is tuning in to a paranormal state of consciousness, or whether he is getting disincarnate, making it up while he goes along, garbage.

"If we look at these curves (referring to a slide on the screen) at 8 Hertz, 7.8 Hertz, there is a tremendous node in the earth's brain wave. There's another one at about 14 Hertz, etc. Amazing! The same numbers which you get at the Alpha-Beta border, the Alpha wave, Beta, etc. Man is a bio-cosmic resonator. Let's get past this a little bit.

"Now, what are some of the factors which can alter human moods if this thesis is correct? Sun spot activity. Recall how solar flare activity totally disrupts radio communication on this planet? It also changes the frequency of the Schumann wave. Lunar tides. The same gravity forces that cause tides in our oceans de-tune the earth ionosphere cavity slightly, changing its frequency. How about this as a solution for 'moon madness'. (Aside to one of the audience) You are a gentleman and a scholar. I'll get that Green Dragon as it comes through, heh heh.

"A lot of previously anecdotal, but very well documented data, is going to seem to fit this model of: why is man sensitive to these cosmic events? Here are some photographs of solar [4] flare activity -- of the Earth, drawn to the same scale as some of these tremendous bursts of energy, is this little dot right here. Tremendous bursts of energy from outer space alter the earth's ionosphere cavity therefore changing the frequency slightly; therefore it can retune our nervous systems, electro-magnetically."


We don't have Mr. Beck's film strip but we do have a battered copy of the classic in this field, Dewey and Dakin's "Cycles, the Science of Prediction", published in 1947 by Henry Holt & Co., New York. Below is a reproduction of chart 9, page 144:

On page 142 Dewey and Dakin write: ". . . in 1934, two Harvard research workers, Carlos Garcia-Mata and Felix Shaffner, re-examined the Jevons studies (on crop cycles) and checked them; they ended with the conclusion that sunspot phenomena showed no correlation with agricultural production, but -- the solar phenomena showed a remarkable correlation with industrial production, business activity, and with stock market prices. Since this particular outcome of this studies apparently left them a little surprised and aghast, the two students threw up their hands and passed the problem over to the biologists and the psychologists."

Who weren't particularly interested, we might add, but Russian physicists were! They later proved in their own way that the 4th Kingdom in Nature, the human kingdom, reacts immediately to the magnetic changes of the sun, and offered this knowledge for the [5] practical and tactical use of the Military Maniacs in Moscow.


"Again," continues Mr Beck, "that little dot on the solar flare is the size of the earth. Now we wont go into the physics of the H Layer and the I Layer, etc., but basically the ionized particles that are emitted by the sunspot activity eventually arrive at Earth, are trapped at the North and South Geomagnetic Poles, and cause all sorts of electromagnetic anomalies right here, where we live, our own little space ship.

"This film strip was put together to catch more technical audiences; so we're going to skip a lot of this -- like the inner magnetosphere, the solar winds, the outer magnetosphere, etc. But some of the things that we are familiar with that are triggered by this energy coming in from the sun are the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. These reveal the tremendous amount of energy that comes in and ionizes the rare gasses, creating the luminescence, Nature's light show.


"What if the ancient people realized that on certain days of the year, the solstices, the equinoxes, etc., these frequencies change; and what if the priesthood decided to build observatories like Stonehenge and the ones all over Central and South America, Europe, England, to predict these so the people could be either freed or implanted all over again.

"I don't know the answer to that. It is a totally hypothetical question. But it was terribly important to them to predict these seasons and for reasons beyond the usual ones given, which were usually agriculture, etc.

"Neal, I know you'll love this one: The Influence of Planetary Position on Solar Activity. The top curve is the disposition of Jupiter, Earth, Venus and Mercury relative to the Sun. The lower curve is sunspot activity. One to one correlation. Now, how about an electro-magnetic basis for Astrology? As the positions of these planets create gravity tides, and influence sunspot activity, it cannot help but change the frequencies in which [6] we are bathed daily, which are occult.


"Now, let's think about this word 'occult'. It comes from the same root as occluded. That means hidden. You probably realize that half of Europe in the Middle Ages died every few years because of Bubonic Plague, Black Plague, etc., because Von Leeuenhoek hadn't invented his little microscope and looked into a drop of water. People like Pasteur had not yet decided that this was not the work of demons and devils but bacteria and microbes and fungus, etc.

"All these things had been occult prior to the invention of instruments that would reveal them to man's consciousness so he could potentially deal with them.

"If you don't believe in the germ theory of disease then apply this model to whether you get good wine or bad wine from France in certain years.

"But these mysterious (magnetic) forces had been occult prior to 1952 when the predictable effect of these electromagnetic influences had been discovered by a physicist, and in 1962 when they had been actually observed.

"Clyde Tombaugh observed the planet Pluto years after it's presence had been predicted by its permutation of arcs.

"Now for some of the figures you'll get out of your medical and physical textbooks: Why does man, a biocosmic resonator -- I think we are going to skip this. These are just how your nervous system acts as a receiver.

"This number was predicted about ten years ago by a brilliant researcher, that 8 Hertz would be the psycho-physiological frequency for an altered state of consciousness. These come from standard medical reference plates.

"Man is unique in that the RNA in his brain has a dielectric constant K of 140,000. How many engineers are in here? Do you realize the significance of that figure? That one little cell, out of billions and billions in your cerebral cortex, can approach the liquid crystal boundaries, a quantum transducer that will respond to coherent energies in the neighborhood of one hundredth of a micro-gauss.

"Now you'd have to be an engineer to follow that last thing and if you did you'd probably fall over dead. This has not been suspected until fairly recently. It means that we are not $2.40 worth of minerals and water -- as I learned when I was in the third grade. We are incredibly complex bio-cosmic transducers; and the things that we have been calling mind, or occult, or what have you, are today surrendering to scientific research on a rational basis. It means that we have within us probably one of [7] the most sensitive, quadruple-conversion, super heterodyne receivers that's ever been developed; and that we can respond to energy levels that almost appear paranormal.


"In fact some of the paperwork that came out of the secret files, and was declassified and hand delivered to me, pointed out that our own Central Intelligence Agency three years ago had given a research grant to Garret Air Research Corporation, El Segundo, California -- I want to get one of those to you, Henry -- in which Dr. Ed Wortz, one of my buddies in biofeedback research -- and Dr. Jed Erkins, had predicted the exact mechanism by which the Soviets are manipulating -- or can manipulate us globally.

"On this very data, that man, as a bio-cosmic transducer, can respond to things which had previously been called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) with known, physical mechanisms. That's what it means. That's part of it along with the translation.

"This was about a second or third generation Schumann detector. At that time there was one of these at the University of Rhode Island, another at the National Bureau of Standards in Colorado, and a third one was in the trunk of my 1970 Chevy, heh, he. But this was the basis of some of the research that we were doing. And like we did with Dr. Hieronymous and Tom Bearden -- and a few others today -- we can now carry a little tape recorder and a little box about this big -- the size of a king-sized pack age of cigarettes -- into the field and make Schumann resonance measurements, brain-wave measurements, put them on a C-60 cassette, take them back to a lab and do analysis that would have been considered previously impossible, even with equipment that weighed hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

"So now we have the equipment to which the occult is beginning to surrender 'its secrets' unquite. This was about our fourth or fifth generation Schumann detector. The wrist watch in the picture will give you an idea of the size of it. Now we can go out into the field and do some real research without benefit of a government grant.

"I know the colleges and universities that were working on this. We saw the amounts that went to the University of Rhode Island, hell, that would have kept me going for the next hundred years! Well, this is a do-it-yourself project.

"It was rather primitive but we did begin getting the results. This coil (another picture) oh, there's Dr. Bluejoy, Dr. Candless and some of us looking for a site for his Health Ranch, based on magnetic anomaly standing lines that would be beneficial for human habitation. How many thousands of years have the Chinese practitioners, using their own bodies as a transducer, been practicing Kung Schwei? Etc? What is propitious for human habitation?"



Yes, they will yield to the determined investigator, but what is his or her motive? Suppose it's only scientific curiosity? Or even lower on the scale of incentive, to sell the secret to the highest bidder? The CIA in America and the KGB in Russia? Their squalid morals are a matter of public record. In past ages such investigations were conducted in the strict privacy of temple priesthoods or occult Lodges, and the investigator was an Initiate, sworn to a certain code of behavior. If he or she violated the code the penalty was death.

Now we have scientists publicly investigating the Power of the Mind, and publishing abroad the mechanics of the manifestation of that Power in the emotional and physical worlds! Will the Ever-Present Creator have to initiate the whole human race to assure compliance to His Law? Yes, the initiation process began with World War I and is still continuing.

"This is like Carlos Castaneda's 'Place of Power'. Now the chap in the center had come over from India to observe some of our work. There is Dr. Jack Zimmerman and Emily -- some of the heavy heads in the Los Angeles area. This was about five years ago," continues Bob Beck.

"And again it’s in a primitive state of research, but I think we can turn you onto it as time goes on. (another slide) This is Oracle Rock in New Mexico. We painted it for a film that I was making years ago: 'There is no answer but keep looking!'


"Now, an interesting thing developed. A.S. Presman, Department of Physics, Moscow University, did this open literature survey of the work on magnetics and life a number of years ago. Then suddenly most of these references -- or rather the critical ones in Soviet literature -- went underground. Is this trying to tell us some thing?

"At the time I did my own literature search -- and I have a copy of the bibliography here, in which I found 182 references in the open literature to the effects of extremely low frequency electro-static and electro-magnetic fields on human performance, mood, etc. At that time all of these things were in the open literature. Now one of my students went around to the bio-med library at UCLA not long ago (University of California at Los Angeles) and he found a number of these had been sliced out of the text with a razor blade!

"That leads us to two conclusions. No. 1, were the kids too broke to put a dime in the Xerox machine? Or had some of these been removed? (To be continued in the next Journal)

Continue with "ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment" (Part II)


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