Hypnotists of the World take note, the High Priests of Low Astral Mind Control have "graduated" from strobe lights and glittering pendulums to the Magnetic H Wave as a means of surreptitiously getting inside the subject's -- or victim's -- mind. For, as Mr. Beck told his Atlanta audience: "We abandoned that (the flashing light idea) and began using the magnetic, the H wave.

"We began using little boxes, about half this size; you'll see a picture of one in the middle. It would alter that person's state of consciousness, and I was doing this before I began to realize the consequences of it. After while I'll tell you why we're not doing that any more. The little box is on the left.

"After we found that this thing could alter moods, the questions came up: Is this hypnosis? Suggestion? Am I a magician? Am I doing it? So it occurred to me that I'd carry this thing around with me in my pocket.

"Now, I'm a bachelor. I've been divorced for twenty-some years; so I eat out three meals a day. So when I went to Denny's Coffee Shop on Sunset Boulevard I put this thing in my pocket, and occasionally I set it at a specific frequency that I'm not going to mention -- because I've been asked not to by the people who can ask other people not to do things. And pretty soon the waitresses would start dropping coffee into the laps of the patrons. The babies would start screaming. People within a 10 or 12 foot radius -- that's a 20 foot room -- would begin freaking out.

"I'd surreptitiously turn this thing to two Hertz higher in frequency. Hahhhhhh (a simulated sigh of relief), you could hear the room calm down. If you had a pocket Radio Shack decibel meter, the cocktail level effect, the volume of the conversation will drop, noticeably, in decibels.

"Okay. We had something here and we knew that the Soviet research had gone underground. At least the papers were no longer being published at the same rate that they were --"


"Is this the magnetic field you're putting --?" interrupted a listener.

"The magnetic field only!" replied Mr. Beck. "Like a single side-band. You strip all of the E and I, you leave only the B and H (magnets?). We're not going to go into that too much more deeply."


"Our own government was playing at that time -- God, I guess with the multi-billion dollar Project Sanguine. Their purpose was to communicate with submarines under water, with Extremely Low Frequency magnetic fields. The project was kicked out of Wisconsin, Michigan, and a few other places by people who had a certain nervousness about environmental disruption. They’re trying to use power lines as antenna systems, surreptitiously." (Short colloquy with a listener who apparently lived in one of the affected areas.)

"Let's look at what they were about to do so they could talk to the submarines this way. There is a better way of doing it. Frequency less than 100 Hertz. How's that for coy? The total antenna length could be up to 1600 miles long, antenna line current 150 amperes, total power required -- watch this number -- 20 to 30 megawatts; and they'd need 300 to 500 acres just for the transmitter site, antenna rights-of-way up to 4400 acres. This is our answer, using brute force to communicate with underwater submarines because nothing in the world will shield the magnetic H wave, at these frequencies. Nothing. Multiple new metal cages, Faraday cages, lead, you name it. These magnetic waves, not the E or I waves but the magnetic H factor goes through anything including the earth itself. Like you saw in the model, in Tom Bearden's slide earlier this afternoon. Nobody is safe from this type of radiation." (Mumbled observations from the audience.)

Safe, Humpf! If we were not all vulnerable to the Power, Wisdom and Love of the Logos, there would be no Involution and Evolution! These electronic sorcerers have apparently stumbled on the area of radiation or vibration by which all Life on the planet is kept under control. Now we have sorcerer's apprentices in Washington and Moscow who want to use this new-found power for their own selfish purposes, guided by gleaming eyed monsters from some Astral Hell beneath the nations' capitals.

"Anyway, the caption says: 'The hour is nigh. Prepare to meet thy doom; Any particular rush?" (Laughter from the audience.) "Anyway, maybe it's later than we think. And this one: We know times are bad when every time you call Dial-A-Prayer, you get a busy signal. Okay?" (more laughter)

"Any of you turkeys wake up about four o'clock in the morning and can't get back to sleep until sunup, then sleep 'til noon? Let's see it. Let's see hands for four o'clock in the morning. [14] Okay. You know why? We've been getting some very strong Russian transmissions. There is a particular anomaly that's the same as the Dawn Chorus -- if you’re familiar with atmospheric propagation research. It makes you particularly vulnerable at that time. Notice on this top curve this 8 cycle per second, the thing on which we want to latch if we're pure, spiritual and psychic -- whatever that means. Four o'clock in the morning the bottom drops out and whatever is left is going to get you, baby!


"I won't embarass a couple of our guests here by asking them where this thing really is, but the first estimate of the Soviet transmitters that were causing the problems were at Riga and Gomel. Kathleen Joyce donated her drill to the project and we drilled two little holes in a globe and put those two little tacks in it (a globe of the earth?); so you have a historical little item there.

"If you draw a Great Circle route between these phase-array antennas, that Tom Bearden described so brilliantly -- by the way, Tom, I never want to follow you again. That was one of the best papers I have ever heard in my life! How about it." (Applause from the audience)

"I don't know," replies Tom Bearden. "You're knocking me out!"

"If you draw the Great Circle route, you are in the areas around Timmins, Canada. Now there may have been some tremendous disturbances up there about a year ago that were traceable to this particular problem.

"Anyway, when Dr. Andrija Puharich was out here (in California) and Kathleen Joyce and I hosted him, we showed him the apparatus. This is probably the first he had heard of the psycho-physiological effects of the ELF Fields; and I recall on your living room floor, Kathleen, where he flexed his muscle near the coil, saw the spike readout on this little oscilloscope, and realized that we finally had a detector in human captivity that could see micro-gauss levels. In other words his EMG, the few micro-volts of potential, firing through the nerve impulses, through the conductive layers of his skin, was creating enough of a magnetic field to read out on this thing.

"He got very excited so we began showing him some of my research dating back for about the last eight years; and he decided that this was important enough to take back to the United Nations; so he contacted the chap who really runs the government. This man has survived about the last five administrations. He must remain nameless because he is in a very low-profile position. I can assure you he is no one that you have ever heard about or read about in the newspapers. I see we are getting a couple of smiles back here. He's just a normal bird watcher.

"They sent me an airline ticket and invited me to come back to the United Nations and -- it isn't that I really needed a [15] haircut; but the weather was so bad that weekend, the winds were blowing about 30 miles an hour; and it snowed six times in one day. The next day it was so hot that we damn near -- ! Anyway, we thought that weather manipulation was happening. It was most unusual for weather.


"Dr. Puharich and I were supposed to have about an hour. It ran into a two-and-half-hour briefing. Kurt Waldheim (Secretary General of the United Nations) was out of the country at the time; so our host and chap that we informed was the number two man in the United Nations, Rudi himself.

"Now, the experiments which caused all of the excitement. Any of you guys ever been in Ossining, New York and seen this Faraday Cage? (The home of Dr. Puharich, 87 Hawkins Avenue, about 40 miles north of New York City.) It's probably the most sophisticated cage -- yeah -- okay -- in captivity. It has three layers of copper and three layers of soft iron. In other words this is H Wave shielding, and copper shielding for the E Wave Faraday Cage. The thing probably has as much attenuation as the one at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the triple new metal cage."

"What is between those layers?" asked a listener.

"Uh, air," replied Mr. Beck.

"Do you realize you have a light (?) accumulator?"

"Yup. Okay, what we did here, we took this little box. Let's break it out here. This box has been disarmed. It is only mildly psycho-active; we did this at the request of the people who tell you to do things, for damn good reasons. (Sounds of equipment being manipulated.) This is the one. We placed it outside the Faraday Cage. We sealed it up. Incidentally, the pickup, the magnetic pickup coil, is over here in this plastic garbage can filled with sand, to act as a microseismic damper -- so that we weren't seeing quite as much vibration.

"We worked with several subjects -- don't anybody take pictures of this today, please -- and this little box was run by one of Dr. Puharich's secretaries, outside. She was told to turn the dial a little bit. Turn it on. Don't tell us what's happening. Turn it off. Turn the dial to another number. Turn it on. Turn it off. Total double blind. No one inside the cage knew what was going to happen or when it was going to happen.

"The subject's brain waves were going to one channel on a chart recorder, with zero cross-talk. The other chart, with a tape recorder, was going to a magnetic pickup; so we could compare the brain waves of the subjects with what was happening magnetically inside of this absolutely airtight, secure environment . . . The chart was reading -- the one at the top and bottom were 180° changes of the magnetic pickup. The center portion of that chart was the human subject's brain waves.



"Now, if you're ready for this, I don't know; but over the range of 6 Hertz to 14 Hertz, with some subjects there was 100% entrainment of frequency and phase. Get that."

"They locked on," observed a listener.

Robert C. Beck - Behavioral Control Through Brain Entrainment.

"They locked on total! A little box the size of a package of cigarettes, when it uses the neural (?) frequency principle can entrain the brain waves of a subject inside a totally shielded room, without his knowledge, consent, etc, That's what this is all about."

And now Dr. Puharich had an inkling of the mechanical basis for the entrainment that he, Ila Ziebell, Sarah Bursak and Uri enjoyed? suffered? in Geller's apartment in Tel Aviv in December 1971. Do advanced Elementals on the Lower Astral Plane also have their Little Black Boxes as they carry on their work for the false Gods of Mankind?

"What we're saying here by entrainment," continues Mr. Beck. "If you look at the shape of this wave, they all fall on the same time rate. Starting from a half a second to four seconds, after the box goes on, the brain waves, the neurons, are being totally driven by this little magnetic oscillator." (Mumbled observation or query from listener.) "I can't answer that." (Another mumbled question.) "It is down below 25 Nano Teslas at the source. A nano is one billionth of one Tesla. A Tesla is 10 to the fourth gauss.

"Okay. When we hit a particular magic number frequency, that's what happens. Anybody seen a petit mal attack on the screen lately? (On to the next slide)


"Back in March, the 26th and 27th of this year (1978) a chap named Mike Thoele, who is a journalist for the Eugene Oregon 'Register Guard', decided to take his life in his hands and write about some of the things that had been happening up here. I have copies of these and many, many other articles that appeared in the public press prior to the time of the total news blackout.

"There were a few articles for a few days, Associated Press, in the Los Angeles 'Times', the Santa Monica 'Outlook', the Santa Ana 'Register'. I have copies of everything that appeared, the San Francisco 'Chronicle'. A day after this one there were the denials, by the FCC, the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. Totally predictable, right? And I have a tape here of some of the signals that have been recorded." (Continued in the next journal)

Continue with "ELF Waves and EEG Entrainment" (Part IV)


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