Diagram of the Scribner Solarama Board, provided by Dr. A.N. Onymous.

"Please accept this schematic and details as a donation to the BSRF reference library, for those members who may be interested in this type of electronic device, since it is entirely different from Radionics in its approach to to certain kinds of therapy. It is placed on the floor under the bed, or under the mattress, and plugged in to the 115vac house current, with the flower design up (the No. 4 top board) and left on as it draws practically no current."

Dr. A.N. Onymous

Scibner, left, and the lower, graphite-coated layer of his 'electronic smoke generator'.

The Solarama is composed of two sheets of asbestos, 2 ft. square by ¼ in. thick. Above the two sheets of asbestos are two sheets of 1/8" Masonite.

1. The bottom asbestos sheet, on its upper surface, has 2 strips of 1 in. wide aluminum foil cemented in place, roughly 1¼ from the edges of the sheet as shown in the sketch. The entirety of the upper surface (with the exception of a 3" width on the short foil side of the sheet) has a solid, continuous application of graphite which appears to have been sprayed on.

2. The top asbestos sheet has 1" aluminum foil cemented to its upper surface 1¼ inches in from the edges, and with the "L's" reversed from the bottom sheet, as shown. No electrical connections are made to [23] these aluminum foil strips.

3. The third sheet in this unit is 1/8" Masonite and its upper side is enameled white as might be used in a shower stall. A 3/4" hole in the center allows for the centering of an automatic reset overload safety unit. This unit is numbered 7 and numbers 6 and 8 are mounting terminals for the safety unit. A small spacer block of 1/8" Masonite is mounted around the safety unit for its protection, sketch 3.

4. The fourth and top sheet is dark 1/8" Masonite and has no holes. The "sandwich" is bound together with furnace tape. Plastic bolts are used to connect the wiring to the aluminum strips on the bottom sheet and to mount the safety unit on the lower Masonite sheet.

5. This capacitor represents the composite capacity of the aluminum strips on both asbestos sheets.

6. Six and eight (8) are terminals for the safety overload unit (7).

9. Represents the resistance of the graphite (carbon) coating overlaying the aluminum foil strips on the lower asbestos sheet. This resistance measures 1000 ohms.

10. This is the receptacle plug. The entire unit was enclosed in a pillow ticking material with a design indicating the upper side.

Looks like another borderland gadget well worth building and testing, Doc. Meanwhile, those of you interested in learning more of Solarama, write to The Heritage Store, PO Box 444-B, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23458. In his 1974 catalog proprietor Tom Johnson offers a 28-page booklet on Solarama for 75¢, probably higher now. The phone number at the Store is 804-428-0100.

* * *


Black and white clipart of a man wearing a sombrero walks in front of a woman carrying a child on her back, a leaf in the background.

In the hands of a White Magician, of course! And in other places, other times, Jimmy Scribner would have been called a sorcerer with his electric fire and the resulting "smoke" of billions of free electrons rising up continuously through the body and aura of his subject. Adepts of the ancient Toltec civilization in this part of the world made use of the natural smoke to cleanse and balance the auras of their students. Carlos Castaneda learned of this when he apprenticed himself to a Yaqui Indian sorcerer in northern Mexico, the pagan magician, Don Juan, descendant of the Toltecs.

On page 267 of Castaneda's fifth book on pagan magick, "The Second Ring of Power", fellow student and teacher La Gorda reveals some of the deeper meaning of the magickal smoke technique: "Smoke is like fog. Fog is of course better, but it's too hard to handle. It's not as handy as smoke is. So if a sorcerer wants to see (clairvoyantly) and [24] know someone who is always hiding, like you and Josefina, who are capricious and difficult, the sorcerer makes a fire and lets the smoke envelop a person. Whatever they are hiding comes out in the smoke!


Black and white illustration depicting La Gorda.

"La Gorda said that the Nagual (Don Juan) used smoke not only to 'see' and know people but also to cure. He gave Josefina smoke baths; he made her stand or sit by the fire in the direction the wind was blowing. The smoke would envelop her and make her choke and cry, but her discomfort was only temporary and of no consequence; the positive effects, on the other hand, were a gradual cleansing of the luminosity.

"'The Nagual gave all of us smoke baths,' la Gorda said. 'He gave you more baths than Josefina. He said that you were unbearable, and you were not even pretending, like she was.'

"It all became clear to me. She was right. Don Juan had made me sit in front of a fire hundreds of times (over the years of his apprenticeship, described in his earlier books). The smoke used to irritate my throat and eyes to such a degree that I dreaded to see him begin to gather dry twigs and branches. He said that I had to learn to control my breathing and feel the smoke while I kept my eyes closed; that way I could breathe without choking.

"La Gorda said that smoke had helped Josefina to be ethereal and very elusive, and that no doubt it had helped me to cure my madness, whatever it was.

"'The Nagual said that smoke takes everything out of you,' la Gorda went on. 'It makes you clear and direct.'

"I asked her if she knew how to bring out with the smoke whatever a person was hiding. She said that she could easily do it because of having lost her form, but that the little sisters and the Genaros, although they had seen the Nagual and Genaro do it scores of times, could not yet do it themselves. I was curious to know why don Juan had never mentioned the subject to me, in spite of the fact he had smoked me like a dry fish hundreds of times.

"'He did,' la Gorda said with her usual conviction. 'The Nagual (na-whal) even taught you fog gazing. He told me that once you smoked a whole place in the mountains and saw what was hiding behind the scenery. He said he was spellbound himself . . .'"

Carlos Castaneda, "The Second Ring of Power", published by Simon and Schuster's Pocket Books of New York in 1977. Interesting to find confirmation of the effectiveness of Solarama Board in the pagan magick of the 3rd Atlantean subrace, the Toltecs.



"Though the enclosed news clip is now 'Yesterday's News', we hope it will help to explain the lateness of our Christmas Greetings (April). We were evacuated at 4:00 A.M. of that memorable Remembrance Day weekend (November 1979). Motels were filled; so we had to drive fifty miles before finding one available, where we remained several days. And of course our printers and publishers had to leave, along with the whole city's population. As a result, our calendars, cards and many art projects were greatly held up. But sending the enclosed calendar now -- hoping it is better late than never. While very thankful there was no loss of life, we are still feeling the repercussions of the mass evacuation. Friends and relatives have been calling and writing from near and far. It was a very strange event -- like many war-time situations we have seen on TV but hoped never to experience."

D.M., Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Mississauga, a large suburb of Toronto, is southwest along Lake Erie, with about 250,000 people, all of whom were evacuated because of a train wreck involving both high explosive materials and extremely poisonous chemicals, threatening all life in the city. An editorial in the Toronto "Sun", Nov. 13, 1979 says: "Mississaugans can feel justly proud of their coolness, aplomb, poise in adversity and the unknown. Just as the police, fire department, civic officials, volunteers performed efficiently, expertly. And CBC Radio performed heroically, keeping citizens informed . . . The evacuation went smoothly. In fact the crisis and emergency may have made it easier in that everyone knew it wasn't fun and games -- not rehearsal, not a civil defense exercise. It was for real."

Dorothy and Bruce can be thankful they had a home to return to, quite different from those thousands who lost their homes to tornadoes in Grand Island, Nebraska or in Wichita Falls, Texas -- or from Fallout from an accident at some Nuclear power plant. A China Syndrome at the San Onofre nuclear plant 20 miles to the northwest of us here could make the Vista area uninhabitable for years. A mild earth-quake could set it off any time. So, in keeping with these times of unpredictable -- or predictable chaos -- as in the case of Mt. St. Helens -- we prepare a Getaway Bag with clothing, toilet articles, Xerox copies of important family papers, etc. We keep the camping gear handy and in good shape, with extra Propane bottles, the water tank always full -- and try to always keep at least half a tank of gas in the car, hopeful that roads and highways will be drivable if forced evacuation is necessary. At least this gives peace of mind that all possible physical preparations have been made for a hasty retreat, if forced upon us. The rest is up to God -- and to those Ministering Spirits who have worked with us over the years. They must be getting ready for big changes, too, as the Solar System moves into new regions of Space; where new vibrations will make those changes we characterize with the name Aquarian Age.



"I will be attending a two week course on Homeopathy in Pennsylvania, June-July. Life here is peaceful as we work on our house and garden and I do emergency work in nearby Nelson. Mt. St. Helens certainly went boom? We heard it up here (425 miles) and volcanic ash fell on us. Something tells me that it is not the last volcano we will hear from in these troubled years."

Dr. R.S., Argenta, British Columbia


Those people who have lived in the Mt. St. Helens area the longest, members of the Yakima and Cowlitz Indian tribes, see the continuing eruptions as manifestations of "God's wrath, corporate excess and personal sin". Yakima Gary Young is curator of the Smartlo-Wit Indian Cultural Center in Toppanish, Washington.

"Mt. St. Helens, like all living things, is part of the Great Spirit. Many things are not right with how the white man has treated her -- logging, over-irrigation, contamination of the water by nuclear plants. The white man has built roads, put in electrical-lines; archaeologists are always digging into her to find things. The mountain is mad now. She's fighting back."

A Gowlitz squaw, Lisee, refers to the warnings of her grand-mother and elders of the tribe: "She told me that when brothers and sisters marry that it means the world is over. She meant that time when women start leaving their families -- their children with their husbands, who might not want them either. It isn't just the white people doing these things -- Indians do them too. Indian women go to taverns with their husbands now. They even go alone. I go. My mother's grandmother would know that the mountain is not pleased with us. That's why it is erupting."


A mountain is a living thing, says Gary Young, and Mt. St. Helens, by her very name, is feminine in nature. We don't have an astral-etheric view to further enlighten us, but we do have Geoffrey Hodson's "Fairies At Work And At Play". It contains his clairvoyant view of the masculine spirit of a mountain in Great Britain:

"There is a mighty Being whose abode is the mountain Helvellyn. He appears to me as a seated figure of human shape and enormous proportions. In endeavouring to study him, I find myself without any canons whereby his stature and his life may be apprehended. He appears motionless, and yet suggests great activity. He is quiescent, and yet obviously the unquestioned ruler of the life-side of the mountains existence. At the level of consciousness at which I am able to perceive him, the limitations of geographical space have no power, so that while from one point of View his form appears to be within the mountain's mighty mass, yet from another his head appears to reach up to the clouds.


"His immediate auric emanations are like no others I have seen. They consist of a large number of pointed tongues of flame, which radiate from him in all directions, reaching to great distances. Though these distances are beyond my conception of actual measurement, I should guess that they reach to at least 400 or 500 yards in all directions from his form, which is situated somewhere near the centre and suit of the Helvellyn group. Beyond these striations his aura extends practically over the whole mountain, whose girth is said to be forty miles. Such an extension can hardly be correctly described as an aura; it is rather the sphere of influence within which he can act instantly.

"He appears as if seated in profound meditation, motionless and expressionless save that the eyes are ablaze with power -- the power of a highly unfolded and awakened consciousness. Even at this distance (of three miles) they produce a decided effect upon my consciousness. They glow like twin lakes of fire. His consciousness is seated in the Eternal, and appears as deep-rooted and unshakable as the very mass of the mountain on which he resides. He remains motionless, firm as the mountain itself. From him great spiritual forces are flowing, radiating through his aura and out into space. He is surrounded by lesser devas and nature spirits, aerial beings whose movements give one the impression that they are in some cases messengers and in others servants, though I see no sign either of the receipt or despatch of a message or an order from the motionless God round whom this wondrous play of devic life is centred." ("Fairies At Work And Play", Theosophical Publishing House, 68 Great Russell St., London WCI, England, 1925)

Black and white photocopy of Richard Toronto's infrared photo taken during a solar eclipse.


"Am enclosing a picture I made during the last big solar eclipse. Infrared film was used. Don't know if I really got something with this shot, but when I read what the Yada spoke about on page 8 of the March-April issue it seemed to ring a bell. The countenances of these two entities, or whatever they are, don't look too friendly, somehow. Pic was taken directly over my house, and two frames down from this shot. I can see two dark 'things' taking off to the right, fading out of sight. There were many other anomalies on this roll of film.

"I had just finished penning a letter to Trevor James Constable, asking about his present feelings on Richard Shaver and the Cavern World Mystery, when I read your blurb on [28] him. Trevor has told me that he had to break contact a long time ago with the Ashtar entity, and I'm not really sure how he feels about Shaver these days.

"From reading what you put in the Round Robin it would seem there is little we, as human beings, can do to stop all this madness that other entities are bringing to earth. It sounds as though it is as natural a happening as universal Law. We here on earth get it from the Deros below, the Space Mafia from above, and then in between by who knows what? Ourselves, I suppose. Is there any way we can shake off these things from earth? Or are we stuck with them?

"I'm putting together a special Dero issue for the next 'Shavertron', and after that a special 'Alternative 3' issue. Would be interested in your opinion of that book. The author claims that the US govt., working with USSR, has made a base on Mars."

Richard Toronto, editor of "Shavertron"
309 Coghlan St., Vallejo, California 94590

We are stuck with the Deros and the Lunar Mafia, and they are stuck with us! They have as much right to be here on the planet as we do. We are all products of the Creator, children of the One Life. Our destination in evolution? Perfection! And it's impossible to avoid it. How long we take, as individuals, to reach that goal is up to us. It's a grisly business, at this level of evolution, making Gods and Goddesses out of men and women, especially when we come to the end of an Age as at present, and the planet gets a general house cleaning.

That was a shrewd observation of Sir Francis Bacon 400 years ago, "God has hidden Himself in his creation" and we as individuals must rise to the challenge of piercing that Veil and finding Him. It isn't very thick, according to Dr. Andrija Puharich, writing in his book "Beyond Telepathy": " . . . that the barrier between the physical world and the mind consists of six to eight electrons, or about 18 electron volts. This is the strength of the wall that keeps out the sights and sounds of the world around us . . ."

Or, to look at it the other way, this is the strength of the wall that keeps out the sights and sounds of the Astro-Etheric world; but you, Richard penetrated it with your camera and infra-red film; and you have found that that "wall" is patrolled, by beings who are challenging your right to go through it. As long as you pursue the Shaver-Cavern World mystery with your "Shavertron" news-letter, ($1.50 an issue) these air elementals will keep you under surveillance. They will try to use you for their own purposes and, failing that, use any and all means to block your way.

We have a copy of Leslie Watkins' fanciful "Alternative 003" here. To your editor it's an interesting piece of science fiction. True, Watkins bases his tale on factual quotes from the daily newspapers; but the wild extrapolations are nothing but fiction as far [29] as I am concerned -- such as that claim of a joint Russian-American base on Mars. For me to believe that Watkins will have to present more solid evidence than his claimed "interviews" with scientists and government officials no one ever heard of!

The latest word we have here is that Russian, British and American made Flying Saucers are capable only of limited flights in earth's atmosphere and still incapable of making it to the moon and back, much less to any of the planets in the solar system! Nor will such restrictions be lifted until there is a great change in the moral principles of the MIRO leaders who have financed and encouraged Research and Development in Gravitics -- a super-secret, manufacturing program if there ever was one, staffed by personnel brainwashed into forgetfulness as a condition of acceptance before being allowed to participate in the program.


From Tom Bearden's latest issue of "Specula": "I wish to alert all my fellow researchers into paranormal phenomena -- and particularly into psychotronics and Tesla effects -- of what appears to be a deliberate, carefully orchestrated campaign against us. What is happening seems to be deliberately designed to turn each of us against the other, stir up enmities and petty jealousies, etc. I wish to accent: In my opinion this is a deliberate campaign waged by especially trained, highly skilled practitioners. Each of us is considered to be a 'pawn' in this game. In practice it is being conducted as a 'whispering campaign'. I.e., somehow one of us gets the information that 'so and so said such and such, quite derogatory about you'. The intent is to get the recipient this nasty little tidbit quite excited, upset, and very angry at 'so and so'. Far too often we are falling for this divisive tactic and really getting mad at one of our fellow associates . . ."

Yup, if you have an uncontrolled vice, it's an open door through the Veil, that 18 electron—volt wall which protects average people from too much manipulation by malignant Spirits, human and non-human. But once you decide to "roll away the stone" of your physical tomb and cooperate with others in an attempt to expand consciousness, then the subtle, or brutal, attacks begin. The Mephistopheles attacking or trying to manipulate you may be your own evil self, your Dweller on the Threshold; but he or It may only be an astral plane agent for other, more powerful Forces. ("Specula" is the Journal of the American Association of Meta-Science, PO Box 1182, Huntsville, Alabama 35807. $15 a year.)


"Enclosed is a dollar for a copy of 'Retro Me' for protection as I write the third of my UFO articles on the Cavern World and the Dero-Tero. There has been much UFO activity especially in 1976, 77, 78 and some in 79. In one natural bowl here where there is an isolated hydro—electric plant they had 156 sightings in 1978! Stealing [30] power from high voltage lines? Thanks for all the information!"

Rev. Milton H. Nothdurft, Box 5432,
Aqua Fria R.B,, Prescott, Ariz. 86312

Of course the Lunar Mafia are stealing electric power for their spacecraft. They are also stealing blood and certain delectable -- to them -- parts from mutilated cattle and other live stock. Of course we humans feed off of beef cattle, too; and when our elemental passions are aroused we can be just as brutal and immoral as the Lunar Mafia. A major difference between us is that they are still on the downward Involutionary Path and we are on the upward Evolutionary Path. They are of only one element, probably Air, while we are struggling to balance all four elements within us. We are capable of self-reproduction; they are not. An important part of this major difference is the heart and the blood circulation system, which gives us the potential of developing love and compassion, in the birthing and care of our children. One of the goals of Evolution is, through the experiences of many lives in the flesh, to expand personal, family love into impersonal understanding and respect for all life, and thus to recognize the One Life behind all creation.

Rev. Nothdurft was an Associate with Meade Layne from the earliest days of borderland research on Flying Saucers and related matters in the 1940s, when he was minister to a Methodist church in Iowa. All success to you, Reverend, in your efforts to bring enlightenment to your parishioners and to your readers.


Black and white photocopy of Dawn and Ran-Del, captioned 'HEAVY CRATE in which they were later locked is examined by Dawn and Ran-del.'

From the March 18, 1980 "National Enquirer": "On Dec. 17, 1979 Ran-Del and Dawn -- who live on the estate of the late, great master magician, Harry Houdini -- were led into a jail cell (in Redondo Beach, Cal.), handcuffed and locked, before witnesses, inside a wooden crate which was secured by four official city padlocks. None of the padlocks was alike and each was inspected before hand by police officers.

"The crate was wired with a sensitive alarm device which would betray any attempt to force the lid, then locked inside a cell which was itself inside a maximum-security cell block. Police officers guarded all three exits to the building, which were also locked.

"'There were no other exits of any kind that they could have used, Police Capt. Schrader said.


"After 20 minutes, officials went back inside the cell block and were shocked to find that the crate -- though still padlocked -- was empty. 'I was just -- amazed!' a thunderstruck Mayor Hayward marveled.'

"Cap. Schrader recalled, 'The next thing we knew, we got a call from El Segundo. The magicians were in the Xerox building in El Segundo; nine miles from here, where they had made their presence known to a receptionist. They were dressed in their magicians costumes, with a pair of handcuffs dangling from their arms. The receptionist called the local police.'

"The call came just 25 minutes after the incredible escape attempt began. Mayor Hayward echoes the feelings of everyone who participated: 'I don't understand how they did it.' But Ran-del and Dawn are happy to explain how they did the seemingly impossible.

"'By tuning our brain waves to five to seven cycles per second we were able to dematerialize and then re-materialize our bodies.' Ran-del told The Enquirer. 'How else could we move through concrete and steel and travel nine miles?'"

To use the ELF wave terminology, Dawn and Ran-del "locked on" to the Magnetic H wave which, as Bob Beck says, goes through anything and everything. This is not stage magic but real magick, but to assume that the two go through de-mat and re-mat without the help of powerful earth elementals who control matter would be a dangerous mistake. Harry Houdini admitted as much when he returned from the grave to talk to Dr. Carl Wickland at a seance in Los Angeles in the 1920s. It is likely that their elemental helper was assigned to them when they were pagan magicians in a previous life, and members or initiates in some priesthood or occult school. These attachments carry over from life to life and help account for the magickal powers of the New Age children researched by Dr. Andrija Puharich. Magick is an art and like any other worthwhile skill must be practiced every day. Also, these "Devas of the 6th Order", as the Master D.K. calls them, have a strict code of ethics which must be observed by the magician -- as Max Freedom Long learned in his-extensive studies of pagan magick in Hawaii in the 1920s.


Recovering The Ancient Magic, page 281: "Naturally enough, I questioned the fire-eater about his use of Magic. I also questioned his wife who walked on sharp swords with her bare feet and climbed a ladder of them. The fire-magician was perfectly willing to try to explain the nature of his Magic; but like all individuals who attempt to describe a part of what is discovered in Realization, he was handicapped by lack of words to describe the superphysical.

"He had been born in India of English parents and left an orphan at an early age. He had fallen into the hands of a Hindu fire-magician who befriended him and taught him his art. The training was long. For hours the lad was made to sit before the flame [32] of a butter lamp and endeavour to see and feel the 'god' behind and in it. One day he became aware of the god. It had 'swallowed' him as his teacher had predicted it would, and he had become the fire itself. With more training he became able 'to become' fire at will and so was able to handle fire or fire-heated objects as a part of himself without being burned.


"I was especially anxious to learn whether or not this magician had been deep enough in Realization to see past the ascetic dogmas of modern India. I questioned him on that point.

"'At first I couldn't do anything but pray and watch my flame,' he explained. 'Everything was a sin from which I must be purified by passing through fire under the protection of my master. But after I came to know fire and that I was a part of it, I found that I was a part of everything. That knowledge set me free. There are only two things which I cannot do and continue my work. First, I cannot injure anyone in any way, and second, I nust never give up my practice for more than a few days at a time.'

"I asked why he could not injure anyone?

"'Because to injure anyone in any way or cause them sorrow makes it impossible for me to become a part of fire. I do not know just why, but it seems that to injure someone automatically makes me afraid. I become afraid of fire and so I cannot become fire or touch it without being burned. Twice I had to go back to my master and get him to put me through the fire to purify me so that I could get away from the vague fear that I could not overcome otherwise.'

"I asked how he went about his daily work -- whether he invoked fire or not?

"'There are invocations, but one gets past them in time. I have worked so long that just to come near anything hot changes me to a part of fire. While I talk to my audience I have another part of me that is fire, but which never shows itself. It is in the air around the top of my head. If I get out of practice -- like I have done a few times between engagements -- I have to use the old invocations for a little while until I get so I can become fire again whenever I wish to.'


"The little wife of the magician was eager to tell me of her training in Japan under her Master. She showed me his picture and I have never seen a more serene face or one with such an impression of wisdom and power. She had been taught Realization by a peculiar method which she failed to describe very well, but the results of which was an ability to identify herself 'with the god in me'. She became that 'god’ as she worked, knowing with serene faith that it would keep her from being cut by the [33] sharp swords.

"'At first I was often cut,' she related, 'but my Master called silently to the god in me and it healed me before a drop of blood came. Soon I learned to do my own calling. When I walk on my sharp swords I am not myself. I am my god.'

Black and white photocopy of the Master of Masters.

"She lived by the same rules of non-injury to others as did her husband, and for the same reason. In the days of her training, her 'sins' had been 'forgiven' by her master. He had spoken the formula of forgiveness, while she had rolled on splintered glass. When she came to him bleeding, he did heal her with a single word.

"In the information given by the fire-eater and his wife can be seen the important matter of draining off complexes of guilt. Their masters used fire and splintered glass as the physical stimulus accompanying the words of forgiveness. The other elements of Magic are enlightening. The 'fear' was caused by a complex of guilt in the unihipili -- this without a question." (Oo-nee-hee-pee—lee. Hawaiian for Low Self or Dweller, or The Shadow, as Carl Jung called it.)

A "serene face of wisdom and power" can be found in Manly Hall's book, "The Guru". Mark Probert was so inspired by the reproduction of the painting in the Hall book that he painted several large oils of it himself. Apparently this is the Master of Masters behind the Inner Circle of guiding spirits and thus also of Borderland Sciences Research Associates. We're all headed in this general direction and the ladder of spiritual growth goes something like this, according to Dion Fortune: Seeker, Server, Dedicand, Neophyte, Brother, Adept, Master, Master of Masters, and Star Logos. That's the Way, or Tao.

We have one Associate, Komar, who was born with the ability to fire-walk and has made a career of it in this life. This is the Way of the Faqueer, with emphasis on the development of the physical will. The others are the Way of the Monk or Nun, devotion; the Way of the Yogin or Cabalist, mind; and the Way of the Sly Man or Adept, which combines them all. These Ways are discussed and illustrated at length in our lecture series on the Cabala, BSRF 24 A thru M. Send a dollar for our catalog describing the lessons more fully.



For today may be your last -- in the flesh in this life -- and an orderly withdrawal means fewer regrets on the "other side"! Read along with us: "We had a goodly experience with Dorris Van Tassel. We spent 4-5 hours with her one evening, and the next morning with her, until we had to leave. Van came through from the 'other side'. I was not expecting to be the channel. It was only afterwards that I realized this was the main reason I felt urgency to visit her.

"He made two main points: 1. That he was sorry for the things he had not done and sorry for what he had done. I cried quite a while with this; 2. That should Dorris want to release the Integratron -- it would be taken care of. In the morning Dorris said that 'they', meaning the Space people, had begun it, and who would be taking care of things? I had the impression that all was in order and told her so. She said that in a month or so she would be making decisions. Of course it is all up to her: however, I was very definitely impressed with the feeling to let it all go.

"My impression also was that Van had broken his part of the contract (with the Space people) by letting the airstrip and Giant Rock go, and by some other irregularities in his living habits. There was more but that's enough for now. Sorry you are not coming for an informal talk with a group of Light students here. We thank you for your contribution to mankind."

F. and G.B., Sebastopol, California

Yes, "breaking a contract" with the Masters -- whether those Adepts are from outer space or from the occult hierarchy of the planet -- is serious business; because the right to Their protection is forfeited; and the Satan-Molochs of the Lower Astral work their destructive will on the wayward student. Your "impression" that Van wants Dorris to let the Integratron go coincides with my advice to her that, at her age, does she really want to take on the administrative load of trying to resurrect the Giant Rock air strip combination? And tie it in with the completion of the Integratron? Or does she want to be free to continue doing what she likes doing most, healing, teaching and lecturing?


The Satan-Molochs running the Medical Trust from the Lower Astral plane almost succeeded in destroying the NHF recently, through a physical plane agent named McNott. This vicious attack on the Federation is proof that that organization is becoming a real force for good, for progress in the treatment of human ailments, for membership doubled from 20,000 to 40,000 in the past year. In the midst of this increase the dedicated NHF leaders hired McNott, at $30,000 a year, as a financial expert; but they discovered to their shock, that McNott was dedicated to building his own personal empire. Details are in the NHF "Public Scrutiny" newsletter of July [35] 1980. The doubling of the membership was accomplished by the well known Viguerie Company with a direct mail campaign, financed by this highly successful outfit -- in other words, an interest-free loan to NHF, paid back as the membership/subscriptions came in. A national campaign of this size doesn't come cheap so there was at times an outstanding debt of thousands of dollars. Marshall McNott and Dr. John Yiamouyannis, NHF Science Director, used this as an excuse to charge that NHF was going bankrupt and needed a change of leadership -- with them as the new leaders! This after the two were terminated in March for financial reasons. This action saved the Federation $60,000 a year in salaries.


McNott went to court, brought suit declaring the Federation bankrupt and having himself appointed "Executive Officer and Executive Director" and firing Executive Director Clinton Miller, on the job for 16 years. He tried to move in, and force the established officers out and taking over the NHF bank account in "his own" name! The NHF leaders refused to give up and counter-attacked in court, proving that Federation assets were far, far in excess of current indebtedness; and the judge threw the McNott case out, en toto!

So; the torch for freedom of choice in medical services is still burning brightly at National Health Federation headquarters, 212 West Foothill Blvd., Monrovia, California 91016 (PO Box 688). The "Public Scrutiny" newsletter is monthly, tabloid size and $6.00 a year. In addition to the current campaign to get Laetrile legalized in California, the Federation is backing Dr. Charles Whitehouse, Virginia chiropractor in his fight with the State medical Molochs, to keep his license to practice. Dr. Whitehouse's "crime"? Using Radionics and color therapy to heal the illnesses of disadvantaged children in his area, for free, in a lengthy and well planned research program on the effectiveness of these New Age therapies.


We have finally finished reprinting "Abrams' Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment" by Sir James Barr. Dr. Barr braved the scathing attacks and ridicule of the Medical Molochs of England and the United States by writing this definitive discussion and analysis of ERA, the Electronic Reactions of Dr. Abrams. It was originally published by William Heinemann Medical Books in London in 1925, 122 pages, illustrated. Consider Chapter II: "Reply to unfavourable criticisms of the Abrams system: The Question of theory; [36] description of Abrams' diagnosis and treatment employed in conjunction with recognised medical methods." Chapt III has 45 pages of Reports on successful use of radio diagnosis and treatment of most known diseases, without use of drugs or surgery: TB, Cancer, Goitre, Colitis, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Ulcers, Hay Fever, Catarrh, Cerebral Palsy, Asthma, Cataracts, Angina Pectoris, Epilepsy, etc. Chap. IV is an illustrated, technical discussion of the Abrams Oscilloclast, the electro-magnetic device which accomplished the cures, of cases given up by orthodox MD as incurable! Abrams practitioners were the last resort!  . . . . . .


Associate William L. Moore has finished his manuscript on the well-documented crash of a Flying Saucer in New Mexico, July 1947. He interviewed ex Air Force personnel who participated in recovery of the debris and of the humanoid bodies of the crew, removed to the nearest air base under strictest secrecy. How nice to have confirmation, 33 years later, of BSRA reports that there were crashed Flying Saucers in government possession. This latest Moore opus is published by Grosset & Dunlap this fall at $10 a copy. You can order one direct from Bill, PO Box 1845, Prescott, Arizona 8630, add $1.25 for postage and handling. Bill tells us he saw photographs of humanoid bodies at a Spacecraft convention this summer, claimed to have been taken at an air base. The current movie, "Hangar 18", is an excellent dramatization of the political and scientific problems posed by such an event.

"THE MYSTERIES OF THE SPACE ACE" is the theme for a Space Age convention planned for Saturday, Oct. 25, 1980 at the Astara convention center, Upland, California. We have been invited to give our illustrated lecture on "Flying Saucers and America's Destiny". Fred Perry is handling arrangements for "Understanding", sponsors of the gathering. For more details write to him at PO Box 851, Yucca Valley, California 92256.

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