"Huna works part of the time and doesn't seem to do anything for certain conditions. I believe the Low Self (the Unihipili -- Oo-nee-hee-pee-lee) is the primary messenger to the High Self (the Aumakua -- Ow-oo-mah-koo-ah) in making the Radionics unit work; but as I mentioned I seem to only hit about 50% of the time in accomplishing the healing. My healing prayers work for some and not for others. I have helped certain sensitive people to expand their psychic ability to a point, but can't seem to get them past certain barriers.

"I have taken work from William Finch and use the pendulum regularly for determining cell salts, vitamins and mineral deficiencies, and personality analysis. Have given Bio-energy exorcism to four persons and have only had one keep her aura clean -- and her only after a second cleansing. The others apparently just didn't care enough to keep and maintain a clean slate. I've found this most discouraging as there is always a risk of picking up these peoples' extra entities when working on them. Distance exorcism has been only partially successful as my projection doesn't seem strong enough at this time.



"One of my present problems is that I haven't found any treasure to date; however, I have learned that a person's greatest treasure is good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!

"I seem to set up a certain fear in some individuals when I am near them. It is not my desire to do this; and I'm pretty careful about doing any mind prying; but I still get their reaction from certain individuals. One in particular has never forgiven me because I inadvertently stated to him that we had been enemies in some past life. He projects hate any time I am near him in spite of my efforts to be friendly. This is most disturbing to me as I consider it a direct barrier to my advancement. Also, when I am around people in general there is a certain attitude expressed silently that I am something of an abnormal curiosity; and people guard their attitudes like I am trying to take something from them. This is also disturbing.

"Would you care to take the time and trouble to work on my problem areas and help me in progressing to a higher level? I would be more than willing to make a contribution to your and your organization for your efforts. I have the greatest respect and know you will never exploit people when using your advanced abilities for others' welfare."

Thanks for the expression of confidence in our abilities and moral principles, whatever they may be. I hope the confidence is deserved! Thanks also for the order for BSRF literature. The information in Psychic Self-Defense, Part I (BSRF No. 24-K. "Pre-Conditions For Attack", $2.50) may be helpful in understanding the origins and causes of some of the psychic static coming your way.

The MK4 Copen instrument you mention isn't listed in the old Copen catalog we have here but it's good to know you are putting this New Age therapeutic technique to good use. By now you should be experienced enough to know that not everyone who asks for healing help really wants it -- not if it means giving up their pet vices! Or give them the benefit of the doubt and say they don't really realize what is involved, for them, in the way of fundamental changes in their living patterns.


Suppose one of your patients has an ulcer, caused largely by a nagging wife. But the cause of her nagging is the fact that she knows he has turned to his secretary for the intimate consolation he isn't getting at home. Neither Radionics, nor dowsing, nor the pendulum are going to resolve a situation which calls for marriage counseling. What your patient's wife needs is more understanding. If he could be persuaded to give her [10] that, she, in gratitude, would probably give him more sex; so with the real cause of the ulcer gone it would heal itself.

Your Invisible Helpers know this; so they wont waste energy trying to heal a physical disease which will continually be recreated by the negative mental and emotional states of the patient. Your Helpers will bring people to you for two reasons: First, because they can be healed; Second, for your education.


In healing work you are coming up against the Sin Body or Dweller on the Threshold of the one who asks for help. This is the Lower Self or Unihipili, and this entity will resent your interference in the personality's indulgence of its vices of bigotry, racial prejudice, jealousy, criticism, gossip, love of power over others, and will strike back at you. This is why you must do your cleansing and protective rituals night and morning -- not to mention leading a comparatively clean and blameless existence yourself!

A 50% healing rate is good, in my estimation. You'll have to force yourself to take more satisfaction and feeling of achievement from your successes -- if only to sustain a more positive emotional condition which helps keep you free from psychic attacks. For heaven sake don't attract negative forces by your own feelings of guilt and inadequacy! Failures are an important part of the educational process because they develop the necessary humility. You aren't going to save the world! You will be lucky if you can save yourself!

To force healing on someone who doesn't really want it is Black Magick. Anyhow, the Lords of Karma are infinitely stronger than you, and your Helpers; and if someone must experience extended suffering because of deliberate wrongdoing in this or a previous life, they WILL go through that suffering regardless of anything you can do; and you'll get little or no help from your Helpers in such cases. Remember the Healer's motto: "Not my will but Thine, O Lord."

One thing to keep in mind when helping others, or yourself, to psychic development, is that early successes may be really only a reviving of latent talent developed in previous lives where thousands of laborious hours of meditation, concentration and practice were expended. The "certain barriers" reached by your students are an indication of where the work was interrupted by death, or other reason, in the past. Now it becomes a grind again because new ground has to be plowed and cultivated, and the growth of the precious plant of self-consciousness cannot be forced without great danger. Part of that "certain barrier" might be lack of moral development in one area. Your, or their, Guides deliberately hold back any more psychic development until that part of the character is [11] strengthened and thoroughly tested, to make sure the personality can carry the load without without bending or breaking. The "load" is often temptation, temptation to use the psychic powers for personal gain, such as treasure-hunting. This puts one under control of the Lunar Pitris, rather than Solar Pitris.

Of course there is always the risk of picking up another person's entities, earthbound spirits so fearful of the astral dark they will cling desperately to you rather than face an unknown future alone. They had no strength of character in this life; so they have none on the other side either. This is true of some of those you try to help. Close the astral door for them and they open it again as soon as you or your help is gone. They feel lonesome too, without their "eating companions".


If you treasure your freedom of choice, or free will, don't jeopardize that freedom by taking the free will of others away from them -- including the person who hates you. That's his right. But there is no law I know of that says you must be a martyr to his hate. Wall him out of your life as much as possible and go your way, concentrating your energies on those who come to you for help. With so many sick people in the world, your Helpers will find plenty for you to do! And they will see to it that you have the means to carry on your work and service, no more, no less; and it isn't likely that they are interested in treasure-hunting. That was a gimmick to spark your interest in developing your psychic powers for service. Your living should come from the people whose gratitude you have earned.

How come so much unwelcome attention and suspicion? Have you been boasting of your ability to pierce the Veil of Ignorance which blinds most men and women to the Divinity within? If so, you should be reminded of another important motto: "To know, to dare, to do, and to be silent." Here again you apparently are having to waste energy defending yourself from antagonistic thoughts and feelings directed at you by others who are envious or fearful. What are the circumstances that have brought this about? Who is responsible? If you are, better make some changes. Assume that your daily protective rituals are throwing a cloak of invisibility about you and your work, that it goes forward with as little opposition as possible.

We'll put your name and letter on the Prayer List for a month or so. Our combined Forces should be able to help you solve your problems in time. It is most encouraging to have this kind of letter from an Associate, from one who is a practical mystic, putting borderland science to good use. Keep up the good work. Aloha.


  1. PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE - Part I: Preconditions for Attack. "Lesson 15 (of the KABALISTIC STUDIES course by Riley and Judith Crabb). Examines the obsessive ideas, the neuroses, the psychoses, which open us up to psychic attack. The Kabalistic Cross and Middle Pillar exercises are diagrammed and explained as balancing and protective rituals." (BSRF No. 24-K.)