As with a large number of other individuals, our interest in pyramid research was initiated the day we read "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain" and learned of the Czechoslovakian pyramid razor blade sharpeners.

At first we found it difficult to conceive that miniature replicas of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh would produce unusual phenomena. It just did not seem reasonable to believe that cardboard, wood or plastic containers could affect the edge of razor blades, prevent milk from souring, and dehydrate meat, vegetables and fruits. But how can you argue with success? We tried the pyramids. They worked.

Faced with the results, we turned to the literature on energy fields for a rationale. Thanks to the assistance of Riley H. Crabb and the Borderland Science Research Foundation, the writings of Wilhelm Reich, Baron von Reichenbach, John Pierrakos, W. A. Tiller, Buckminster Fuller, Marcel Vogel, to name only a few, we began to realize that fields within the electromagnetic spectrum with which we are familiar and more than likely many of which we are not familiar can be affected by the space which contains, captures, generates or enhances them. Years ago, Verne Cameron demonstrated that energy fields within cones behaved differently than those outside.

Armed with these gleanings, we started our research with pyramids. During a two-and-a-half-year period we tried pyramids of all sizes and composition — wood, plastic, glass, plexiglass, fiberglass, celotex, metal, etc. We tested pyramids in various environments, and we tried amplifying the field by pyramids inside pyramids, stacked and inverted pyramids, pyramids inside domes and domes inside pyramids. We ran hundreds of tests on seeds, plants, liquids, solids, animals and human beings who sat, meditated, slept and even lived inside of pyramids.

My explorations, with Ed Pettit, were compiled in a book, "The Secret Power of Pyramids", and published in August 1975 by Fawcett Gold Medal Books (paperback). Most likely the readers of the Journal of Borderland Research are familiar with much of the research with pyramid models; so in passing [15] we'll simply say that our research tended to confirm the explorations with razor blades, dehydration, etc. However, we would like to briefly mention several areas of research that we believe contribute some information on the subject.


For more than two years we observed plant movement inside of pyramids by means of time-lapse photography. While the control plants outside the pyramids failed to produce any noticeable rations, the experimental plants leaned to the west, made an arch to the south, then the east, and back to west again, repeating the cycle every hour and fifty-minutes. This activity indicated, we believe, the presence of an energy field separate from or in greater strength than that existing outside the space.

The presence of other objects of varying material did not affect the movement of the plants, except that when an aluminum screen was placed on the west side of the plant, the activity ceased. This led us to believe that some force was entering the pyramid from the west. Then, several months ago the plants stopped their east-west movement and started moving north-south. We checked the immediate environment for changes in force fields, found nothing, and contacted meteorologists, geologists, astronomers, NASA, etc., thinking perhaps some radical changes in cosmic rays, solar flares, sun spots, etc., might be responsible. No answers and at this writing the plants have nearly suspended their gyrations altogether We are looking for answers and are open to any useful information.

We found that polluted water could be purified after remaining in a pyramid for at least 14 days. Several laboratory tests confirmed this. Mrs. Pettit started using it on her face as a lotion, excluding all facial creams, and within six weeks her. friends started commenting on how young she looked and that her complexion was radiant. Another individual, a man in his sixties, found himself suddenly more virile after drinking pyramid water for a month. Perhaps the fountain of youth was not such an impossible dream after all.

Space will not allow us to mention only one other area of research and that very briefly. We found that cuts, bruises, etc., appear to heal in much less time when a person either sits inside a pyramid or places the injured area inside a smaller pyramid for 20 minutes a day. One woman with a painfully abscessed tooth on a Sunday morning and unable to reach her dentist sat inside a pyramid for half an hour. The pain left. She has not been troubled by the tooth for six months. Such healings tend to confirm the theory of increased energy fields inside pyramid space.

Cover of Bill Schul and Ed Pettit's The Secret Power of Pyramids (Fawcett, 1975).

"The Secret Power of Pyramids" by Bill Schul and Ed Pettit

"The pyramid has always held a strange fascination for man. For centuries we have marveled at its tales, its mystery and intrigue, its history, its size, its engineering, and most important, its reason for being. But then came the discovery that the shape of the pyramid itself had unusual powers. And a whole new adventure opened for all of us. Learn: How living plants thrive within the pyramid shape; how water can be purified within the pyramid; how certain foods are enriched by pyramids; how the energy found within the pyramid space influences such things as razor blades, metal screens, aluminum foil; how the possibility of rejuvenation through the pyramid has been established; how the pyramid may improve your sex life; how the pyramid helps to heal and control pain." (Fawcett Gold Medal, 1975)


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