A knowledge of etherian physics permits no other conclusion than that Dr. Reich established the determinism of the chemical ether, and that his orgone energy is in fact the chemical ether of classical etherian physics. This discovery is an immense feat. Decades will pass before the sleepwalking men of earth can comprehend its magnitude.


Part of my work in recent years has been to extend Dr. Reich's work in weather control, since his official heirs and legatees are reluctant to face the crucial syntheses that will member his work into etherian physics - the science of the future. After many years in original work, followed by my association with Dr. Drown and my studies of Rudolf Steiner's legacy, it was easy to follow Dr. Reich's work. His total aversion to anything remotely pertaining to occultism or mysticism resulted in his making his discovery strictly through observation and experiment. He will be accounted one of the sharpest observers ever to walk the earth. That others did not find the chemical ether before him merely verifies that most so-called "trained observers" literally cannot see straight, usually as a result of neurotic blockings that they share with most of struggling humanity.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich is the only internationally-known scientist to have had contact with UFO's, to describe those experiences fully, and to disclose basic and accurate information concerning the power source employed by certain alien space ships. He was subjected to a full-scale attack by malefic aliens at his Maine laboratory, for these destructive, Life-negative entities against whom I believe I was the first to warn Ufology, knew he had unlocked a stupendous secret. He had found the key to all life and form, the chemical ether.

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Trevor James Constable - Ether Ship - A.


Trevor James's photographs always aimed at capturing UFO's in situ, which borderlanders will recognize is the invisible state. Such photography depends upon the administration of stimuli to the ethers that will attract such vehicles and bioforms. Development of the "cloudbuster" by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich opened to mankind the direct, mechanically-controlled stimulation and manipulation of the primary energy continuum, i.e. the ethers themselves. On this, the first occasion on which a cloudbuster was employed in UFO photography, an emergent UFO was captured near the draw tubes, the three pipes seen to the right of Dr. James Woods's head in this picture. The smaller, black object, "pushed under" in this reproduction to secure the larger object above, reveals itself through a grain magnifier as one of TJ's bioforms, an invisible living creature aimed right in towards the camera and the cloudbuster, Made with a Minoltaflex 120 camera, using Gaevert Infrared film, unfiltered. Fll, 1/50 sec. Time of day: 07:30 a.m.



Trevor James Constable - Ether Ship - B.
Trevor James Constable - Ether Ship - C.

Trevor James Constable - Ether Ship - D.

"B" (Upper left): Bioform captured on infrared film near cloudbuster at 1,000 Palm Oasis, Calif. Many such bioforms are bell-shaped elementals. They correspond to certain types of jellyfish that swing the underside of their organism toward a light source, as this one appears attracted to the cloudbuster. fll, 1/100 sec, Kodak Hispeed Infrared film.

"C" (Lower left): Glowing UFO, invisible to normal sight, immediately above the cloudbuster unit. This one is more likely a construct or vehicle than bioform. Photo made with infrared film exposed thru an ultra-violet filter. f8, 1/100 sec.

"D" (Right): First use of a tuned cloudbuster. On 7 Apr, 1970, TJ used a single-tube cloudbuster radionically tuned to vibratory rate of biological UFO's. This rate was established by the late Dr. Ruth B. Drown, and a Drown instrument was used to tune the cloudbuster. The object recorded is obviously an organism, but has the basic shape of a classical "flying saucer". Gaevert infrared film, f8 at 1/50 second, exposed thru an ultraviolet filter. Made at approximately 7:45am, at 1,000 Palms Oasis, Calif.


Dr. Reich used his weather control invention, called a cloudbuster, to defend himself, turning this device on the swinging lights that haunted the night sky around his lab. He was able to achieve a measure of relief by this means.

With my background in Ufology and etherian physics, and the overwhelming advantage of having studied Steiner, Wachsmueth, and Lehrs, it was not difficult to synthesize Dr. Reich's cloudbuster with my own work. I was able to use this simple yet incredibly potent device instead of the Star Exercise as a means of attracting UFO's for photography. The very first time I ever used a cloudbuster for this purpose, I got a fine emergent UFO above the tubes of the cloudbuster. (This is photograph A. in the attached display.)

Others followed, as shown. The enormous potency of the cloudbuster in manipulating the chemical ether depends a great deal upon the knowledge and character of the operator - and even moreso upon certain forces anchored in his will. One must know where the pieces fit, or vast damage can be done. On this account, nothing will be said here concerning the actual manipulations employed or the cloudbuster variants that I have devised. Surely it is enough that we have access by this agency to the power source of the ubiquitous discs. The photographic proof is there that the cloudbuster will attract UFO's, both biological and otherwise. The energy involved thus appears as biological and not electromagnetic. Herein lies the major blockage to orthodox science in its efforts to investigate UFO's.


This work with the cloudbuster proved that the chemical ether is the agency by which magnetism is produced. Pristine pipes from the hardware store, not bearing magnetic anomalies of any significance, acquired substantial magnetic nodes and antinodes after being used in the cloudbuster. These anomalies were sufficient on occasions to spin a compass through 360 degrees. The iron wire used as a former for plastic ducting in the cloudbuster acquired a magnetic charge sufficient to affect compasses two feet distant.

The UFO's have had many investigators wild-goosing after evidence of magnetic propulsion, just because their presence affects compasses and other scientific instruments that depend upon magnetic actuation. Almost all electronic measuring instruments do so depend on magnetism. The space ships are indeed ether ships, as Meade Layne so cogently pointed out in that dimming yesteryear. Employing the ethers in all their diversity, variants and combinations in their propulsion, they spin off these magnetic secondary effects just as does the cloudbuster.

These matters are all treated in great detail in my new book, "PULSE OF LIFE", which is due out in the spring of 1974. This interim report is to maintain contact with my many BSRAssociate friends. Perhaps it will suffice also to reaffirm our admiration for BSRA's founder, whose writings were rifled right into the truth of these matters - and at a time when there was a dearth of data.

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